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Georgia - Abkhazia



Breakaway republic of Georgia; efforts for independence supported by Russia
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.8 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 300,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: Georgia: Lavrov's Abkhazia Visit To Shore Up 'Illusion' Of Legitimacy 04/20 Political analysts associate Sergey Lavrov's visit to Sukhumi with parliamentary elections in Abkhazia 04/20 The Daily Vertical: Russia's Virtual Empire (Transcript) 04/20 The Daily Vertical: Russia's Post-Soviet Protection Racket (Transcript) 04/19 Russian Foreign Minister's Planned Visit To Abkhazia Angers Tbilisi 04/18 NATO condemns illegitimate elections and referendum in Georgia's occupied territories - Statement by the NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu 04/10 Bibilov Wins South Ossetia Vote Denounced by Georgia, U.S., And EU 04/10 South Ossetia Says Bibilov Leads Vote In Election Condemned By Georgia, U.S. As 'Iillegitimate' 04/09 South Ossetia to Ignore US Position Amid Republic's Presidential Elections 04/09 U.S. Condemns 'Illegitimate' Elections In Georgian Breakaway Regions 04/08 South Ossetia to Ignore US Position Amid Republic's Presidential Elections 04/08 The perfect time to go for a poo on a plane revealed 03/28 Russian UN Envoy Says Georgia May Wreck Geneva Talks on South Ossetia, Abkhazia 03/28 Agrba's office states violations at elections in Abkhazia 03/27 Georgia Aims to Derail Geneva Talks With Claims on Abkhazia, S Ossetia - Moscow 03/24 U.S. 'Condemns' Russian Move To Integrate Breakaway Georgian Region's Military 03/15 Apart From Former President, Composition Of New Abkhaz Parliament Still Unclear 03/15 NATO Not Recognizing Abkhazia's March 12 Parliamentary Elections 03/14 Baku not recognize so-called parliamentary elections in Abkhazia 03/14 Georgia Says Elections In Abkhazia Are Illegal 03/13 EU, Georgia Shun 'So-Called Elections' In Breakaway Abkhazia 03/13 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events on March 6-12 03/13 Russian Woman Jailed Over SMS During 2008 Russia-Georgia War, Released From Prison 03/12 Pardoned treason prisoner freed in Russia 03/12 Georgia’s Breakaway Region Of Abkhazia Holds Parliamentary Elections 03/12 Former Abkhaz Leader Seeks Election To Parliament 03/11 Abkhazian President Says Confident of Peaceful Conduct of Sunday's Elections 03/11 HRC “Memorial” demands to release Bagavutdinova and Polyudova 03/08 Putin pardons woman sentenced to seven years in penal colony for text message 03/07 President pardons Oksana Sevastidi sentenced for high treason 03/07 Sevastidi’s defence intends to cancel the verdict 03/07 Putin pardons woman convicted of treason for text messages 03/07 Statement by the NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu on developments along administrative boundary lines in Georgia 02/28 Abkhazian veterans oppose Ankvab’s participation in elections 02/28 Moscow Dismisses 'Speculations' About Review of Abkhazia, South Ossetia Status 02/28 EU member states back visa-free travel for Georgia 02/27 Abkhazia completes accepting documents for participating in parliamentary elections 02/21 Inside Joseph Stalin's lakeside summer home on Abkhazia 02/08 Tbilisi Blasts South Ossetia For Jailing Georgian Man 02/06 HRC "Memorial" declares Sevastidi political prisoner 02/03 Georgian Leader Congratulates Abkhazia, Ossetia With EU Parliament Visa Decision 02/02 UN points to lack of significant progress in Karabakh conflict settlement 02/01 Freedom House recognizes South Ossetia and Azerbaijan as non-free 02/01 Russian Air Defense Units Train Electronic Missile Launches in Abkhazia 01/28 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Nortern Caucasus in December 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 01/19 Mother of Shogenov, defendant in "Caliphate case" insists on his alibi 01/14 Makhachkala residents complain about sudden exercises 01/14 Azerbaijani woman states torture in police 01/14 Georgian Patriarchate requests UNESCO monitoring in Abkhazia 01/14 Motorists complain about problems with registration of GCE in Makhachkala 01/13 Participants of hearings demand to correct draft rules of Sochi improvement 01/12 Defence of Donchi-ool states they have grounds to sue law enforcers 01/12 Abkhazian MoD has no plans to house Russian military training ground 01/11 Georgia Condemns Russian Demolition Of Church, Polish Cemetery In Abkhazia 01/11 After detentions in Tsotsi-Yurt, Kadyrov replaces head of Kurchaloi District 01/11 Russian MoD Denies Georgia's Claims of Firing Range Construction in Abkhazia 01/10 Blogger Mekhman Guseinov detained in Azerbaijan 01/10 The Daily Vertical: Putin's New Year (Transcript) 01/09 Oleg Miskhozhev's mother reports to Court about torture of her son at police station 12/29 The Daily Vertical: A Rough Year Ahead In The Neighborhood (Transcript) 12/27 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in November 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 12/27 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of December 12-18 12/19 Abkhaz Leader, Opposition Step Back From The Brink 12/16 Abkhazian journalists state tighter control over Russian financial aid 12/14 Witness told about work with Shagid Gubashev 12/14 Abkhaz Leadership, Opposition On Verge Of New Confrontation 12/14 EU Monitoring Mission In Georgia Prolonged Until December 2018 12/12 Seven Years For An SMS: Activists Alarmed Over Southern Russia Treason Convictions 12/06 Russia Reportedly Detains Abkhaz Oppositionist Following New Demand For Khajimba's Resignation 12/04 Russian Woman Jailed For 'High Treason' Wants To Appeal Sentence 12/02 Vladimir Putin: Russia seeking friends, not enemies 12/01 Russian Foreign Ministry Denies Rumors of Military Buildup in Abkhazia 11/26 U.S. Criticizes New Russia-Abkhazia Military Force 11/22 Russian Lower House Ratifies Agreement to Combine Forces With Abkhazia 11/02 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in September 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 10/31 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in Quarter 3 of 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 10/31 In Russia's "Frozen Zone," a Creeping Border With Georgia 10/28 Man blows himself up at Abkhazia television centre: Report 10/17 Man blows himself up in Georgia's breakaway region 10/17 Man Blows Himself Up In Abkhazia's Capital 10/17 Man blows himself up at Abkhazia television centre: media 10/17 Man blows himself up at TV station in Abkhazia 10/17 Atambaev Says His Country Supports Georgia's Territorial Integrity 10/13 The Daily Vertical: Others Cease, Russia Fires (Transcript) 10/04 Georgian President Urges Russia To Stop Meddling In Ex-Soviet Republics' Affairs 10/03 Pope Francis does not mention Russia or 'occupation' on visit to Georgia 10/01 In ex-Soviet Georgia, pope issues veiled criticism of Russia 09/30 Video: Abkhazia, a land in search of identity 09/30 Pope makes subtle dig at Russia on arrival in ex-Soviet Georgia 09/30 Pope visits Georgia, Azerbaijan with peace message 09/29 Georgians Honor Soldiers Killed In 1993 Abkhazia Conflict 09/27 Russia takes Mediterranean under control 09/27 Women demand to stop "honour killings" in Abkhazia 09/27 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in August 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 09/26 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict brought in focus at UN General Assembly 09/22 Forgotten lives 09/18 Svetlana Gannushkina invites Ramzan Kadyrov to take part in debates on TV 09/08 Residents of Shamil District refuse rally in connection with murder of shepherds 09/08 Rostov-on-Don: Gukovo miners demand meeting with Golubev 09/07 HRW speaks in support of journalist Geriev 09/07