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Senegal - Casamance

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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 70.9 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : IDPs 10,000 to 70,000
WFP Hunger Map: 22 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B

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News up to: The Committee On Enforced Disappearances Considers Initial Report Of Senegal 03/08 Gambia: Senegalese Military Enters Banjul Safeguarding Barrow's Expected Arrival 01/23 Gambia: Thousands Flee Gambia As Crisis Deepens 01/20 Gambia: Jammeh Is Recruiting Mercenaries - Reports 01/18 Gambia: A Message to the Gambia - 'Build that Bridge' 12/09 Gambie: Après sa défaite, Jammeh annonce une retraite dans sa ferme 12/02 Sept variétés d'arachide homologuées en 2016 et cinq variétés de riz en attente, selon le DG de l'Isra 11/07 Senegal's Casamance gets tourism boost after France lifts warning 10/06 Sénégal-La reprise du déminage en Casamance annoncée pour lundi 10/01 Senegal: Senegalese Wrestle With Ethnicity While Reaching for Dreams of Success 09/29 Les quotidiens sénégalais s’intéressent aux secrets de la libération de Karim Wade 06/27 Bridge augurs new era in Gambia-Senegal ties 06/15 Ex-environment minister warns of illegal logging in Senegal 05/26 New technology launched to control charcoal burning 05/20 Senegal Gambia trade: Tired of taking the long way around 04/12 Ziguinchor apportera sa position de ville "historique'' au Forum des villes de l'UEMOA à Bouaké 04/10 From Senegal to Libya: an African student joins Islamic State 03/30 Gambia: Senegalese Referendum Holds On Sunday 03/18 Les quotidiens anticipent le discours du nouvel an du président Macky Sall 12/31 L’Ambassadeur Zumwalt en visite en Casamance 12/11 Senegal: Fighting Timber Trafficking - Will President's Measures Make a Difference? 10/06 U.S., Senegal conclude security cooperation training 09/29 Senegal: Fighting Timber Trafficking - Will New Measures Help? 09/11 Youth, Opportunity and Conflict in Casamance 09/09 Gambia: Revisiting the Dynamics of the Casamance Conflicts - Non - State Actors Perspectives 09/09 Les parlementaires sénégalais accordent un statut fiscal spécial aux entreprises touristiques de la casamance (sud)... 06/23 Dix milliards FCFA des Pays-Bas pour le développement du Port de Ziguinchor 06/08 Le maire de Kafountine appelle à de meilleures relations entre Sénégalais et Gambiens 06/02 Trip Tips: Music, beaches and "fromagers" in Senegal's Casamance 05/29 Des femmes bissau guinéennes organisent une marche pour la paix dans le sud du Sénégal 05/23 Africa On A Perpetual Misconception Of Poverty 05/21 Senegal: Migrants Leaving in Thousands 05/01 Peace Is Not a Boy’s Club 04/27 Africa: EU Leaders Agree to Triple Triton Funding in Response to Mediterranean Migrant Crisis 04/27 Rwanda: Our Burundi Brethren Need All the Help We Can Muster 04/27 Rwanda: Fleeing Burundians Granted Refugee Status 04/27 Gambia: GAFNA Supports Casamance Refugees in Gambia 04/27 South Africa: 'It's Better That We Go Home Before They Kill Us' 04/27 North Africa: Mediterranean - UNHCR Pledges to Help EU Tackle Enormous and Intensifying Tragedy 04/27 Africa: CPTA Discuss Torture Prevention in Africa 04/27 Divers sujets au menu de la presse sénégalaise 02/23 900 millions de fcfa de la suisse pour la politique nationale genre du burkina... 02/20 Senegal pledges $500 mln railway to southern Casamance region 02/20 TOURNEE ECONOMIQUE DU PRESIDENT MACKY SALL AU SUD DU PAYS 02/20 Macky sall subventionne de moitié les tarifs des bateaux desservant la casamance... 02/19 Senegal pledges $500 mln railway to southern Casamance region 02/19 Macky Sall veut faire de la Casamance (sud) un pôle touristique de référence 02/19 Ghana My Motherland-Land of Joy and Unity-Part 1 12/08 30 Million Trees to Be Planted 11/19 Gambia: Gambia Opens Its Land Borders to Citizens of Ebola Affected Countries 11/17 New Alternative Charcoal-Burning Technique Save Forests 10/09 Things fall apart, the past returns to haunt Arabs and Africans alike 10/04 Seven wedding guests killed by Senegal landmine 08/17 Gambia: Gambia Calls Off International Camp Amid Ebola Fears 08/13 Senegal: Warring Communities Unite Over Forest Conservation Scheme 05/16 Senegal's Casamance region : The next hot place to go on hols? 05/07 PEACEKEEPING: Making An Offer 05/05 Senegal: Penury Amid Potential in Senegal's Casamance 05/02 Senegal rebels declare a ceasefire 04/30 Senegal’s rebels declare ceasefire 04/30 Senegalese rebel leader declares ceasefire 04/30 Senegal: Rebel leader declares ceasefire, looks to end southern insurgency 04/30 Leader of Senegal's southern separatist rebels declares ceasefire 04/30 Senegal: Opening the Door to Peace in Casamance 12/06 Mangroves bring wildlife back to Senegal coast 09/22 Mangroves bring wildlife back to Senegal coast 09/18 Africa: Fulbe Africa Clocks One 09/03 Denel welcome release of workers from senegal 07/14 Ethiopian Airlines Says to Continue Flying Dreamliners 07/14 Last of kidnapped Denel workers freed 07/13 South African firm says workers freed by kidnappers in Guinea-Bissau 07/13 Rebels free 9 hostages in southern Senegal 07/12 Nine Senegalese freed by Casamance rebels: media 07/12 Senegal rebels free mine clearers 07/12 Gambia: Jammeh Accuses Senegal of Harbouring Gambian Dissidents 07/08 Three Senegal women freed after rebel kidnapping 05/29 De-miner hostages freed in Senegal 05/28 Senegal: Demining On Hold in Senegal's Casamance Region 05/25 Demining on hold in Senegal's Casamance Region 05/24 Demining on hold in Senegal’s Casamance Region 05/23 Gambia: President Sall's Envoy Holds Talks With President Jammeh 05/16 Red Cross visits 12 kidnapped by Senegal rebels 05/08 Senegal: Income-Generating Projects for Displaced in Casamance 05/08 Denel staff taken hostage in Senegal 05/06 SAfrican firm tries to free 12 workers in Senegal 05/06 Gunmen kidnap 12 mine clearance workers in southern Senegal 05/05 SA: No deminers missing in Senegal 05/05 12 deminers kidnapped in southern Senegal's Casamance region 05/04 12 bomb disposal experts abducted in Senegal 05/04 VIDEO: Female wrestlers fighting prejudice 04/08 Musical Cissoko couple treat Kampala to a night of the kora 03/08 Senegalese official: 2 killed by land mine 02/10 Landmine kills two in Senegal's Casamance 02/10 Landmine kills two in Senegal's Casamance 02/09 Two die in Senegal landmine blast 02/09 Iran, Senegal resume diplomatic ties: report 02/07 Four killed, including French man, in Senegal's Casamance 02/02 SENEGAL: French national killed in Senegal's Casamance region 02/02 Four die in Senegal's Casamance 02/02 At least five killed in bank attack in Senegal's Casamance 02/02