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Russia - Caucasus

Lingering insurgency in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan


Russian troops established control of Chechnya in large-scale fighting in 2000; from 2000 to 2009 an insurgency was active. The insurgency continues at a small scale.
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 79.7 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
WFP Hunger Map: 2 % undernourished (overall for Russia)
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BBB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Russia seeks arrest of former Ukraine prime minister 04/28 Ukraine Charges Russian Arrest Warrant For Yatsenyuk 'Politically Motivated' 04/28 Serbian Activists Protest Alleged Abuse Of Gays In Chechnya 04/26 Chechen law enforcers report on 16 militants killed during three months 04/26 St Petersburg bombing: Group says al-Qaeda chief ordered attack 04/25 Threats force Russian journalist into hiding 04/25 The Daily Vertical: The Tao Of Peskov (Transcript) 04/24 Grenade Explosion Kills Child At Computer Club In Daghestan 04/24 Process Of Elimination: How Do We Stop The Persecution Of Gay Men In Chechnya? 04/24 Refugees Speak of Chechnya's Violent Anti-Gay Purge 04/24 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of April 17-23 04/24 Who is left-wing firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon and what are his policies? 04/23 2 suspected IS adherents killed in Russia 04/22 Kremlin: No Reason to Believe Gays Abused in Chechnya 04/20 Kremlin: No Reason to Believe Gay Men Persecuted in Chechnya 04/20 Kadyrov: West will use every resource to bring Russia to its knees 04/19 CPJ: investigate threats to paper over Chechen gay torture 04/17 Gay men flee persecution and honor killings in Chechnya 04/17 Gay men flee persecution and honor killings in Chechnya 04/17 CPJ: investigate threats to paper over Chechen gay torture 04/17 Chechen Leader Decries 'Attack' Over Gay Persecution Reports 04/17 St. Petersburg bombing suspect detained by Russian police 04/17 Chechen leader decries 'attack' over gay persecution reports 04/16 Biden Says White House Should Prod Kremlin Over Abuse Of Chechen Gays 04/15 Urbanisation in Chechnya: Why Do People Leave Their Ancestral Villages? 04/15 Kremlin: no confirmed info on claimed Chechen gay killings 04/14 Chechnya anti-gay violence: Newspaper fears 'retribution' for reports 04/14 Russian Newspaper Seeks Kremlin Help After Angry Chechen Reaction To Report 04/14 Kremlin doubts reports of Chechnya gay killings 04/14 Kremlin: No 'Reliable Information' on Chechen Gay Killings 04/14 Biden Says White House Should Prod Kremlin Over Abuse Of Chechen Gays 04/14 Russia asked to end alleged killings of gays in Chechnya 04/14 Russian Newspaper Fears for Staff After Chechens Vow Vengeance 04/14 Chechen official and preachers threaten Novaya Gazeta journalists 04/14 OSCE urges Russia to investigate reports gay men tortured in Chechnya 04/13 ECHR finds 'serious failings' in Russia's handling of the 2004 Beslan massacre 04/13 Europe's rights court faults Russia over storming of besieged school 04/13 European court: Russia mishandled Beslan school siege 04/13 Londoners Protest Against Anti-Gay Violence in Chechnya 04/13 European Court Says Russia Failed To Protect Beslan Victims 04/13 Russia furious at European court’s ruling of how it handled Beslan school siege that left 330 dead 04/13 UN rights agency condemns abuse of gay people in Chechnya 04/13 Russia Urged to End Torture, Killing of Gays in Chechnya 04/13 Russia – Human Rights - Situation of LGBTI people in Chechnya (12.04.17) 04/12 Alleged IS militant from Chechnya arrested in Turkey 04/12 Chechnya accused of detaining and torturing dozens of gay men 04/11 Gay Chechens Give Accounts Of Roundups, Beatings, Extortion 04/11 Chechnya: concentration camps for gays? 04/11 Chechnya denies imprisoning, torturing gays, claiming they don't exist there 04/11 Gay men sent to 'concentration camps' in Chechnya 04/11 Italy Seeks Information On Alleged Antigay Arrests, Killings In Russia's Chechnya 04/11 Father of Turpal-Ali Muskiev exiled from Chechnya buried under control of law enforcers 04/08 Two policemen killed in Ingushetia 04/08 In Chechnya, public employees forced to take part in rally against terror, local residents report 04/08 U.S. 'Concerned' By Reports Of Arrests, Killings Of Gays In Chechnya 04/08 Two Policemen Killed In Russia's Volatile North Caucasus 04/08 EU's Mogherini Calls For Probe Into Alleged Chechen Antigay Campaign 04/06 Northern Caucasus: militants become much more effective on background of growing violence in Chechnya 04/06 MoJ admits absence of links of criminality with publications of Jehovah's Witnesses 04/06 Homosexuals Appeal For Help Fleeing Chechnya Amid Allegations Of Antigay Campaign 04/05 Gay men in Chechnya rounded up, tortured, and killed: report 04/04 Russia: The ghost of a terrorised past 04/04 Detained resident of Chechnya confesses of involvement in attack on “Natsgvardia” 04/03 Russian Rights Chief Urges Check Of Report Of 'Monstrous' Treatment Of Gays In Chechnya 04/03 Russian Police Arrest 100 Suspected Gays, 3 Killed: Report 04/03 Police in Chechnya — which claims to have no gays — reportedly arrest 100 gay men, kill three of them 04/03 Subway terrorism strikes Russia again 04/03 Police in Chechnya — which claims to have no gays — reportedly arrest 100 gay men, kill three of them 04/03 A timeline of major attacks in Russia in recent years 04/03 Why suspicion over St Petersburg subway bombing is likely to fall on Islamist groups 04/03 "Russian LGBT-network" offers to evacuate gays from Chechnya 04/03 Gay Men Are Being Rounded Up And Killed In Chechnya: Report 04/02 Report: Chechnya police arrest 100 alleged gays, 3 killed 04/02 The Eurasian Movement: an interview with Leonid Savin - Part 1 04/02 Russia Detains Suspect In Deadly Chechnya Base Attack 04/01 Russia detains man over IS-claimed attack on Chechen base 04/01 Chechen Spokesman Rejects Reports Of Persecution Of Gays 04/01 Publication on persecution of gays in Chechnya causes local authorities’ overreaction 04/01 Law enforcers detain suspected attacker of National Guard unit in Chechnya 04/01 Man wounded at shelling in Ingushetia 04/01 "Novaya Gazeta" doubts involvement of sniper in repulsing attack in Chechnya 03/31 To understand how the US approaches airstrikes in Mosul, look to Russia's war in Chechnya 03/31 Chechnya adopts law on girls' right to wear hijabs in schools 03/31 Native of Chechnya detained in Poland for involvement in IS 03/31 Two persons killed in Chechen mountains 03/30 Ramzan Kadyrov acknowledges law enforcers' fault in connection with attack on National Guard 03/30 "RBC": attackers on National Guard in Chechnya take advantage of violations of military discipline 03/29 Power agents fail to confirm escape of two militants after attack in Chechnya 03/28 Experts claim inconsistency of official version of attack in Naurskaya 03/27 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of March 20-26 03/27 Geidar Djemal’s commemoration party believes his works need further study 03/25 Relatives of militants killed in Naurskaya detained in Chechnya 03/25 Russia: 6 militants, 6 soldiers killed in Chechen firefight 03/24 Chechnya: Russian soldiers killed in clash with insurgents 03/24 Six Militants Killed in Attack on Russian National Guard Outpost in Chechnya 03/24 6 servicemen killed, several injured in militants’ attack on base in Chechnya 03/24 Russia says six of its soldiers killed in Chechnya base attack 03/24 Russia says six of its soldiers killed in Chechnya base attack 03/24 ISIL militants attack Russian National Guards in Chechnya 03/24 ISIS attacks Russian Guards in Chechnya 03/24