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Russia - Caucasus

Lingering insurgency in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan


Russian troops established control of Chechnya in large-scale fighting in 2000; from 2000 to 2009 an insurgency was active. The insurgency continues at a small scale.
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 79.7 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
WFP Hunger Map: 2 % undernourished (overall for Russia)
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BBB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Russia: 6 militants, 6 soldiers killed in Chechen firefight 03/24 Chechnya: Russian soldiers killed in clash with insurgents 03/24 Six Militants Killed in Attack on Russian National Guard Outpost in Chechnya 03/24 6 servicemen killed, several injured in militants’ attack on base in Chechnya 03/24 Russia says six of its soldiers killed in Chechnya base attack 03/24 Russia says six of its soldiers killed in Chechnya base attack 03/24 ISIL militants attack Russian National Guards in Chechnya 03/24 ISIS attacks Russian Guards in Chechnya 03/24 Russia reserves right to meet any French politician it wants to – Putin to Le Pen 03/24 Six Russian soldiers killed in gun battle with Chechnya militants 03/24 Six Russian Troops, Six Militants Killed In Chechnya Fighting 03/24 Russian soldiers killed in 'Islamic State'-claimed attack in Chechnya 03/24 Date for return of Ingush battalion from Syria announced 03/24 In case of Boris Nemtsov's murder, prosecutor demands to prolong arrest of defendants 03/24 In Chechnya, attack on National Guard becomes third armed incident since beginning of year 03/24 N Caucasus Military Police Battalion to Be in Syria Until May 10 03/23 How ISIS Sells The Militant Dream: ‘You Come Here To Live, Not To Die’ 03/22 Militants killed in January in Chechnya buried in nameless graves 03/21 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events on March 13-19 03/20 European Court Says Russian State Behind 2007 Attack On Rights Defender 03/14 Turkey-Netherlands war of words escalates 03/13 Northeast US braced for late winter blast 03/12 Children of Chechen woman killed in Germany return home 03/10 Prosecutor's Office link assault of "Nord-Ost" with death of hostages 03/09 Prosecutor asks court to sentence Khasan Zakaev to 23 years of imprisonment 03/09 Sum of claims in case on Dubrovka terror act reaches 100 million roubles 03/06 Russia: 1 dead, 3 detained in operation against IS cell 03/05 Native of Chechnya sentenced in Austria for involvement in IS 02/28 Thousands March In Moscow To Commemorate Slain Kremlin Critic Nemtsov 02/26 Thousands march in Moscow two years after murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov 02/26 Russian writer sparks war of words by joining Ukraine rebels 02/25 In Chechnya, law enforcers release detained Magomed Rashidov’s father 02/24 Russian film revives memory of slain Putin foe Nemtsov 02/22 Abu Bakr al-Shishani, native of Chechnya, declared killed in Iraq 02/21 Vitaly Churkin, Russia's Combative 'Diplomatic Maestro' At UN, Dead At 64 02/20 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events on February 13-19 02/20 Chechen soldiers and officers to stay in Syria for several other months 02/17 Evkurov announces women's council of killed militants’ widows 02/17 Less People Leave N.Caucasus to Join Daesh – Ingushetia Head 02/17 Militant's hiding found in Ingushetia 02/15 Court finds Caucasian natives guilty of plotting terror act in Moscow 02/14 Russia Sends More Military Police to Syria 02/14 Chechen Prosecutor's Office removes report about case against author of humorous video about Koran 02/14 Russia Sends Military Police Battalion to Syria to Boost Security of Personnel 02/13 Russia sends military police battalion to Syria, RIA reports 02/13 Military police battalion sent from Ingushetia to Syria 02/13 Zelimkhan Bakharchiev's father evicted from Chechnya buried in Ingushetia 02/12 In Shelkovsky District of Chechnya, suspected members of IS released 02/07 Chechnya reopens investigation into suspected militants' case 02/06 HRC "Memorial": hostage of Chechen law enforcers set free 02/04 Relatives of detained Makhma Muskiev evicted from Tsotsi-Yurt, residents of Chechnya report 02/04 Power agents got mixed up in their versions about armed skirmish in Shali 02/03 Law enforcers report on prevention of killings of policemen in northern Chechnya 02/03 HRC "Memorial": Chechen power agents take Ingush resident hostage 02/02 Russia Sends Chechens to Win Hearts and Minds in Aleppo 02/01 Seven residents of Chechnya detained on suspicion of trying to join IS 02/01 Case on attempt on head of Chechnya raises questions about Kadyrov's reconciliation with Yamadaevs 01/31 During 1.5 months, militants eight times clash with law enforcers in Chechnya 01/30 Three militants, two police officers killed in attack on Chechen police post 01/30 Two Police Officers, Three Alleged Militants Killed In Chechnya 01/30 Russian police kill 3 suspected militants in North Caucasus 01/29 Chechen soldiers among Russian military police in Aleppo to ‘ease interaction with locals’ 01/29 At Least 2 Policemen, 3 Militants Killed During Operation in Russia's Chechnya 01/29 Residents of Chechnya state no conflicts over school dress code 01/27 HRC stands for solving hijab issue at schools at regional level 01/27 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in Quarter 4 of 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 01/26 19 Chechen residents joining Syrian militants detected by MIA in 2016 01/26 Chechen soldiers to stay longer in Syria 01/26 Human Rights Watch submission to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in advance of its 60th pre-sessional review of the Russian Federation 01/25 Relatives cannot find out fate of militants detained in Grozny 01/25 In KBR, rights defenders ask Russian General Prosecutor to treat Syrian Circassians as compatriots 01/25 Video from Syria: Chechens tell about links with Kadyrov 01/24 Kadyrov Says Chechens In Russian Military Police In Syria 01/24 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of January 16-22 01/23 Russian police kills 2 suspected militants in North Caucasus 01/21 Residents of Chechen town of Shali decide to evict militants' family members 01/20 At rally, residents of Chechen village of Kurchaloi decide to evict militants' families 01/17 Three suspected militants detained in Chechnya 01/16 "Interfax": 60 suspects of links with IS detained in Chechnya 01/16 Resident of Ingushetia suspected of killing his son 01/15 Dangerous terrorist from group with ISIS links detained in Chechnya – Kadyrov 01/15 Russia's Chechnya chief says over 50 suspected militants detained 01/15 On January 9-15, 2016, seven persons killed in armed conflict in Northern Caucasus 01/15 Is a Trump-Putin bromance enough for a miracle in US-Russia ties? 01/14 Power agents report detention of militant who escaped after shootout in Chechnya 01/14 Power agents expand search area for militant in Chechnya 01/13 HRC "Memorial": information about murder of Madina Shakhbieva, detained in Chechnya, confirmed 01/13 Ramzan Kadyrov replaces heads of four Chechen District within two days 01/13 Source: one Tsotsi-Yurt casualty was earlier convicted militant 01/12 Russia's Chechnya chief says dozens of militants captured: reports 01/11 Chechnya's Kadyrov Says Police Killed Four Militants, Detained Dozens 01/11 Russia steps up military presence in Syria, despite Putin promise 01/11 Chechens burn photos of ISIS chief Baghdadi in capital Grozny to denounce terrorist group 01/10 Suspected Militant Extradited From Czech Republic To Russia 01/10 Chechen SAM starts receiving relatives of warfare victims 01/10 All relatives of those killed in CTO in Grozny released from police 01/07 Chechen residents protest against postponement of identification of human remains from mass grave 01/04 New Year celebration passed in Grozny under increased security measures 01/03 Algerian terror suspect wins 21-year-long legal battle to stay in UK 01/03 Two Militants Reported Killed In Daghestan 01/01