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Russia - Caucasus

Lingering insurgency in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan


Russian troops established control of Chechnya in large-scale fighting in 2000; from 2000 to 2009 an insurgency was active. The insurgency continues at a small scale.
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 79.7 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
WFP Hunger Map: 2 % undernourished (overall for Russia)
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BBB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Serviceman from Chechnya goes missing in Adygea 04/30 Boris Nemtsov's daughter appeals to ICRF with a request to question Ramzan Kadyrov 04/29 Nemtsov's Daughter Requests Questioning Of Kadyrov 04/28 Nemtsov's daughter asks to reopen inquiry into her father's murder 04/27 Snubbed by US, Afghan Warlord Looked to Russia 04/26 Resident of Grozny accused of armed support of Syrian militants 04/20 Creation of Russian National Guard Could Affect Kremlin Policies in the North Caucasus 04/18 Experts link attack on ROVD with activation of "sleeping" IS units 04/11 Panama Papers: Inside the shady world of tax havens 04/10 UK's Cameron publishes tax details as pressure grows 04/10 MIA: two militants' helpers detained in Chechnya 04/09 Is the migrants' deportation from Greece legal? 04/09 Ingushetia’s Authorities Face Double Threat of Militants Returning From Syria and Salafis at Home 04/07 How to go to Europe and receive an "escapee" status there 04/05 Nagorno-Karabakh: This ‘frozen’ post-Soviet conflict is heating up and fits right in with current global chaos 04/04 WATCH: First Ever Footage of Russia's Ka-52 Helicopters in Action in Syria 04/04 Kadyrov: Afghan Vice President Teared Up Over Peace Progress in Chechnya 04/03 Military Training Center in Chechnya Sponsored Entirely by Russia - Kadyrov 04/03 Ramzan Kadyrov Refutes Claims Democracy 'Non-Existent' in Chechnya 04/01 'Islamic State' claims Dagestan car bomb 03/30 Targeting Terrorists' Families the Norm in Russia 03/30 Another Car Explodes In Russia's Daghestan, Killing Police Officer 03/30 Barinov: harassment of militants' relatives will not help to conquer terrorism 03/29 Two Police Vehicles 'Explode' In Russia's Daghestan 03/29 The Daily Vertical: Kadyrov's Big Bluff Pays Off (Transcript) 03/29 With Putin’s Blessing, Kadyrov Continues to Expand Roles and Missions of Chechen Special Forces 03/25 SC finds no grounds for criminal proceedings on complaints filed by Klykh and Karpyuk about torture 03/25 Verdict in Trial of Ex-Republika Srpska Leader Karadzic Expected Today 03/24 Sufi-Salafist Tension Deepens After Attack on Salafist Cleric in Ingushetia 03/18 Islamic State Influence Grows in Russia's North Caucasus Region 03/18 Dagestani Insurgents Include Former Policemen and Other Officials 03/17 Russia Detains Three Suspected IS Militants In Daghestan 03/17 Author of report on jihad export offers Kremlin to strengthen counter-IS propaganda 03/16 ICG issues report on export of jihad from Caucasus to Syria 03/16 Kadyrov's Spokesman Wants Russian Opposition Leader Prosecuted 03/14 Was Ramzan Kadyrov Behind Attempt To Kill Ingush Cleric? 03/14 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of March 7-13 03/14 Car Explodes Near Mosque In Russia's North Caucasus 03/11 CTO in Andi preceded introduction of CTO regime in mountain districts of Dagestan 03/11 Two Gunmen Killed In Russia's Daghestan 03/11 Powerful blast near mosque in Nazran, Caucasus Region, casualties feared (VIDEO) 03/11 1 injured in blast near mosque in Russia's Ingushetia 03/11 Chechnya’s Planned New Oil Refinery Marks a Victory Over Rosneft 03/10 Masked men beat up journalists for reporting in Chechnya 03/10 ISIS 'minister of war' likely killed in US airstrike in Syria, defense official says 03/09 Islamic State war minister 'Omar the Chechen' likely killed in U.S. airstrike 03/09 U.S. military: Airstrike may have killed leader known as 'the Chechen' 03/08 ISIS 'minister of war' likely killed in US airstrike in Syria, defense official says 03/08 Over 500 Intelligence Troops Conduct Drone Exercises in North Ossetia 03/06 Experts: reasons of brawl in Borzoi are concealed by Chechen authorities 03/05 Chechnya's Leader Aspires to More 03/03 Arrest of figurants in Nemtsov murder case extended until May 28 03/01 Don’t Cry For Me, Chechnya: Colorful Campaign Begs Kadyrov To Stay 03/01 Resident of Chechnya convicted for helping militants 02/29 Moscow: participants of rally in memory of Nemtsov called Kadyrov Russia's disgrace 02/27 Chechen Commandant's Office: mass fight among soldiers caused by domestic reason 02/26 Kadyrov a ‘threat’ - Russia opposition 02/23 Kremlin opponent says Chechen leader is a threat to Russia 02/23 Putin ally is threat to Russian national security, says Kremlin critic 02/23 Ingush residents pay tribute to victims of deportation 02/23 Despite Harassment, Russian Opposition Leader Presents Scathing Kadyrov Report 02/23 Yashin's Kadyrov Report: '20 Unanswered Questions' For The Chechen Leader 02/23 Kremlin opponent says Chechen leader is a threat to Russia 02/23 Putin Critic Warns Over 'Chechen Caliphate' 02/23 Ingushetia Commemorates Deportation Victims, Chechnya Does Not 02/23 Report Blames Chechen Leader Over Killing of Kremlin Critic 02/23 A Year After Nemtsov's Assassination, New Threats Emerge 02/22 Chechen Leader Does U-Turn Over 'Spiritual-Moral Passports' 02/22 Russian Analyst Flees Country Fearing 'Persecution' 02/19 Court extends arrest of five figurants in Nemtsov's murder case 02/19 HRC "Memorial" treats Karpyuk and Klykh as political prisoners 02/17 Chechnya enhances security measures 02/16 Car bomb kills two policemen in Russia's restive Dagestan 02/15 Car Bomb Kills 2 Police, Wounds 19 in Russia's Dagestan 02/15 Car blast kills 2 police, injures 2 in Russia's Dagestan 02/15 Two Police Killed In Daghestan Car Blast 02/15 Car bomb by Islamic militants kills 2 police, wounds 19 in Russia 02/15 Are Chechen Special Forces Fighting in Syria? 02/12 Legal Case in Chelyabinsk Raises Specter of Regional Separatism in Russia 02/09 Authorities declare Chechen fighters in Syria to be volunteers 02/09 Chechen leader claims Russian spies in Syria to infiltrate Islamic State 02/09 Chechen commandos fighting in Syria alongside Russian troops, leader says 02/09 Putin ally says Chechen spies infiltrate Islamic State in Syria 02/08 Russian TV To Broadcast Documentary On Chechen Forces In Syria 02/08 Russia's Chechnya Strategy Blasts Aleppo 02/06 Podcast: The Importance Of Being Ramzan 02/05 Chechnya Leader Posts Video of Russian Opposition Politician in Sniper's Crosshairs 02/01 "RBC": Chechnya under Ramzan Kadyrov is uneasy and unattractive for investors 02/01 Chechen leader posts video of opposition in crosshairs 02/01 Abuse Victim's Sister Fights Uphill Battle For Justice In Russia 01/30 Resident of Chechnya accused of helping militant 01/29 Insurgents and Security Forces Continue to Battle in Dagestan 01/28 Tbilisi Rejects Lavrov's Claim About IS Training In Pankisi Gorge 01/26 Russia's Lavrov says Daesh militants trained in Georgia 01/26 Liya Akhedzhakova offered money by unidentified people for supporting Kadyrov 01/25 Russia, West Could Solve 'Middle Eastern Problems' If Efforts Combined 01/25 Thousands rally in support of Chechen leader Kadyrov 01/22 Thousands in Russia rally in support of Chechen leader 01/22 Salafists Join Ingushetia’s Government in Opposing Republican Mufti 01/21 Zhanna Nemtsova refuses to treat her father's murder as solved 01/21