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Colombia - FARC


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 89 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 4,361,360 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Colombia clears election path for ex-rebels 04/28 Colombia Militias, Venezuela’s Dire Economy Fuel Growing Border Crisis 04/26 Colombia's Guerrillas Come Out of the Jungle 04/25 Fears of military-grade weapons in wrong hands amid Venezuela unrest 04/25 Colombia's ELN rebels free two hostages: Red Cross 04/25 Russian escapes Colombian guerrillas by disarming, shooting his abductors 04/24 Colombia's FARC concealing weapons despite deal, intelligence analysts say 04/20 Resolving Internal Conflict Requires A Different Approach  04/17 Colombians Are Fed Up With Corruption, And Everyone Seems To Be Under Investigation 04/13 UN Mission in Colombia Completes Verification of FARC Rebel Group Disarmament 04/11 Hopes for a tourism boom in Colombia 04/11 Soldier killed, 3 injured in attack by Colombia FARC renegades 04/09 Colombian soldier killed, 4 injured in dissident FARC attack 04/09 Colombia: Rebel bomb attack kills soldier, wounds 3 more 04/09 Colombia peace deal: Soldier killed by renegade rebels 04/09 Colombia Tries to Tame FARC Guerillas 04/08 Out of the Jungle: Colombia Tries to Tame FARC Guerillas 04/06 Bogota, ELN Rebels Conclude 1st Peace Talks Round With Mine Clearing Agreement 04/06 UN envoy: Short window to set foundation for Colombia peace 04/05 Colombia: Prosecution Suspended on Army Killings Case 04/05 For Colombian Rebels, A Risky Shift From Armed Revolt To Party Politics 04/05 Colombia – Storms – Landslide in Mocoa (01.04.17) 04/03 When disaster brings reconciliation 04/03 Colombia: UN receives 7,000 weapons from FARC-EP as hunt for hidden caches continues 03/31 Colombia`s FARC rebels give up guns in disarmament camps 03/31 More FARC Rebels to Turn in Weapons, Move to UN Zones 03/31 The Farc fighter singing for peace in Colombia 03/30 Colombia's Congress approves police general as vice president 03/29 Will coca sabotage Colombian peace process? 03/29 Rights activists killed in Colombia 03/17 UN: Rebels turn in first 140 weapons in Colombia peace deal 03/17 Peace deal in Colombia gives way to murders of rights defenders, UN says 03/16 Dozens of rights activists killed in Colombia in 2016 03/16 National Center for Historical Memory 03/15 Colombia approves transitional justice system 03/13 Colombia has a peace deal, but can it be implemented? 03/13 Why Are These Rebels Having So Many Babies? 03/11 Pope to Make Four-day Visit to Colombia in September 03/10 Nurse accused of forcing abortions on Colombian rebels faces justice 03/10 Pope visiting Colombia after playing key role in peace talks 03/10 Violence, Displacements in Colombia Continue Despite Peace Deal - UNHCR 03/10 Colombia: terror continues against social leaders 03/10 Colombian fighting displaced more than 900 families since January - UN agency 03/10 UN: Despite Peace Deal, Colombians Forced From Their Homes 03/10 Colombia atrocities ongoing despite peace deal: Red Cross 03/09 Colombia: Baby boom follows FARC peace deal 03/08 Colombian rebels exchange rifles for rattles amid baby boom 03/08 Both guerilla and President Santos 'bribed' by Odebrecht in Colombia, prosecutor says 03/07 Nearly 400 people displaced by armed group in Colombia's jungle 03/07 Colombia And Former Rebels Are Trying To Build Peace, One Tent At A Time 03/06 Monuments Made of FARC Guerrillas' Weapons to Be Erected at UN Headquarters 03/06 In Colombia, ICRC receives children conscripted by FARC rebels 03/04 'Brazil's Odebrecht paid Colombian rebels protection money' 03/04 Colombia peace accord: FARC doubts grow as 'demobilizing' zones stumble 03/01 Colombia's FARC rebels begin disarming under peace deal 03/01 Colombia’s FARC rebels start disarming under UN supervision 03/01 UN Mission in Colombia starts verification as FARC-EP begins turning in weapons 03/01 FARC rebels begin disarmament in Colombia 03/01 FARC rebels begin disarmament in Colombia 03/01 Demobilising with the FARC's 18th Front 02/28 Can Colombia and the FARC Stumble Their Way to Lasting Peace? 02/27 Venezuela: Islamo-fascist sponsor of global terrorism 02/26 Carnival Opens in Brazil 02/25 FARC 'demobilization' —despite para terror 02/25 A Deadly Peace in Colombia as FARC Disarms 02/24 Granada, Colombia: An Emblem of War and Peace 02/24 Colombia's Guerilla Fighters Like You've Never Seen Them 02/22 FARC Rebels Will Surrender Weapons To Government March 1 02/21 Ex-Colombian FARC rebels to begin disarmament 02/21 Colombia FARC rebels to start disarmament process 02/20 Colombia's president visits rebels as they prepare to disarm 02/20 'Historic' day as last FARC-EP members gather to turn in arms – UN mission in Colombia 02/20 Last 300 FARC rebels to lay down arms 02/19 Last of Colombia's FARC rebels enter demobilization areas to disarm 02/19 Several casualties in Colombia bullring blast 02/19 Colombia's FARC rebels complete move to demobilization areas 02/19 Colombia's Farc rebels complete move to demobilisation zones 02/18 Gabriel Garcia Marquez statue unveiled in Cuba 02/17 A closer look at former Colombian president Uribe's murky past 02/17 Colombian army to boost efforts to fight crime gangs, official says 02/17 Colombia families flee illegal gangs as Farc leaves 02/17 'They had a lot of punishments': life of a FARC child soldier 02/14 Colombian president asks Trump to support peace deal in call 02/11 Abdullahi Mohammed Farmaajo declared Somalia president 02/08 Colombia and ELN in talks to end 52 years of war 02/08 FARC playing dominoes as drug cartels occupy Colombian villages 02/08 Colombia's government, second major rebel group begin formal peace talks 02/08 Colombia begins formal peace talks with No. 2 rebel group 02/07 Colombia Begins Peace Talks With ELN Rebels to End 52-year War 02/07 Colombia to open ELN negotiations, another step toward lasting peace 02/07 Colombia: Peace talks with ELN rebel group begin 02/07 Colombia and ELN rebels open peace talks in Ecuador 02/07 Colombia opens peace talks with ELN rebels 02/07 Colombia peace process: EU prioritises rehabilitation of child soldiers 02/06 Colombia set to start talks with holdout ELN guerrillas 02/06 About 300 rebels from Colombia's FARC have not demobilized, general says 02/05 Juan Méndez to Colombian Selection Committee 02/04 Marching towards peace, FARC-EP begins turning in arms - UN Mission in Colombia 02/02 Odin Sanchez freed: Colombia's ELN rebels release key hostage 02/02 Departure of US envoy who helped Colombia forge peace leaves a vacuum 02/01