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Chad - rebels

Sudan-supported rebellion in eastern Chad


Idriss Deby seized power of Chad in 1990. In 2005, a referendum was held discarding the 2 term limit and allowing Deby to run in the 2006 election, which was heavily boycotted. Despite revisions of the voting results, Deby won the majority in the official count.

Beginning in 1990, rebel groups, supported by the Sudanese government, have fought Deby’s rule. The main alliance, composed of 8 rebel groups, is known as the United Front for Democratic Change (FUC). Over 1,000 child soldiers are known to be involved in the FUC effort.

In February 2008, rebel forces moved into the capital of N’Djamena.and nearly wrested power from Deby However, after days of fighting, government forces were able to retake control of N’Djamena. Clashes over leadership of the rebels contributed to the coup’s failure, and the rebel movement has only made one more serious attempt since, suffering heavy losses. In January 2010, Deby and Omar al-Bashir signed a peace deal in which Sudan would cease support of Chadian rebels, and disarm them. With most rebel troops having defected, the power of Chadian rebels has dwindled.

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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.9 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 185,901 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 32 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
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