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Ivory Coast

Disputed election


Incumbent president Gbagbo refuses to step down after losing election.
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Coast start Nations Cup campaign against Togo 10/20 Ouattara’s parody of constitutional change 10/13 Ivory Coast Parliament Approves Constitution Change 10/12 Ivory Coast mulls draft constitution on who can be president 10/05 Ivory Coast Draft Constitution Amends Clause at Heart of Civil War 10/03 France remembers victims of terror attacks in Paris ceremony 09/19 Obama Lifts Sanctions Against Ivory Coast, Citing Progress 09/14 Africa: Kenyan Elected African Court on Human and People's Rights Vice President 09/06 Africa: Kenyan Named VP of Africa's Rights Court 09/06 Electoral fraud in Africa getting trickier- experts 09/05 Electoral fraud in Africa getting trickier – Experts 09/04 Despite advances, democracy in Africa hobbled by ‘rigging’ 07/25 Ivorian ex-militia chief says Simone Gbagbo bankrolled group 06/28 Cote d’Ivoire’s ex-first lady admits waging ‘oral’ battles 06/21 Why I Conceded to Buhari in 2015 Election - Jonathan 06/07 Ivory Coast's Ouattara Acts to Draft New Constitution 06/01 Ivory Coast opens war crimes trial against ex-leader's wife 05/31 Ivory Coast confronts brutal past with trial of ‘Iron Lady’ Simone Gbagbo 05/31 Ivory Coast Former First Lady Goes on Trial as Supporters Cry Harassment 05/31 Ivory Coast carnage claimed 3,000 lives - did former first lady plan the 2010 bloodbath after husband lost election? 05/31 Cote d'Ivoire: Simone Gbagbo Trial Begins 05/30 Ivory Coast Tries Former First Lady for Crimes Against Humanity 05/09 Equatorial Guinea leader looks to extend decades-long rule 04/24 April 10, 2016 presidential election in Chad republic 04/11 UN Experts: Ivory Coast Parliament Head Used Crisis to Stockpile Arms 04/04 Niger's president takes second term in office 04/02 ICTJ | World Report March 2016 – Transitional Justice News and Analysis 03/30 Use 'weapons of love' to fight evil of terrorism, pope says on Easter 03/27 Sarkozy condemns Ivory Coast attackers as 'barbarians' 03/18 Al Qaeda attack will not derail Ivory Coast revival, president says 03/16 Tensions Building Ahead of Republic of Congo Presidential Poll 03/14 Gunmen attack Ivory Coast beach, five dead 03/13 Record 33 Candidates Vying for Benin Presidency 03/03 The president versus the prisoner in Niger’s presidential run-off 02/28 Cote d'Ivoire: Ivory Coast - What the World Should Expect From ICC Trial 02/23 Ivory Coast soldiers get life sentences for killing ex-president 02/18 Uganda: Museveni Hits Out At ICC As He Attends Debate 02/15 Uganda's president slams 'partisan' ICC 02/14 US, Ivory Coast Officials Discuss Development Spending 02/11 Ivorian Opposition Says President Shielding Supporters From ICC 02/05 Ouattara supporters 'will not face ICC' 02/05 Africa’s leaders protect each other 02/04 Gbagbo forces 'shot unarmed Ivory Coast protesters,' ICC told 02/03 Shh! Talk of Gbagbo trial banned in Equatorial Guinea by his pal 02/01 Cote d'Ivoire: Gbagbo Accuses France of Helping Ouattara Topple Him By Force 02/01 Reign of terror relived 01/30 Gbagbo Trial Exposes Persistent Divisions in Ivory Coast 01/29 Ivorian ex-president pleads not guilty to war crimes 01/28 Ivory Coast ex-leader Gbagbo denies crimes against humanity 01/28 Ivory Coast's ex-president pleads not guilty as big test of Hague court begins (+video) 01/28 Cote d'Ivoire: Gbagbo Pleads Not Guilty 01/28 Ivory Coast's Gbagbo pleads not guilty in war crimes trial 01/28 Ivory Coast: ex-president denies war crimes 01/28 Ex-Ivory Coast leader pleads not guilty to atrocities 01/28 Prosecutor: Gbagbo unleashed 'unspeakable violence' in Ivory Coast 01/28 Ivory Coast's Gbagbo accused of war crimes in landmark ICC trial 01/28 Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Declares Innocence at Start of ICC Trial 01/28 Ex-Ivorian leader Gbagbo pleads not guilty to crimes against humanity at ICC 01/28 Former Ivory Coast Leader Goes on Trial at ICC 01/28 Gbagbo: ICC hears details of war crimes charges 01/28 Ivory Coast ex-president's trial to begin, in test for Hague court 01/27 Trial of I. Coast's Gbagbo to 'uncover' the truth both sides vow 01/27