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Fighting between North and South Korea


The roots of the conflict between North and South Korea go back to the division of the peninsula at the end of World War II.
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Korea’s nuclear program 03/25 A danger lies in dismissing Kim Jong Un as irrational 03/25 North Korea could strike Alaska: US commander 03/25 Major nations responsible for keeping world peace: China vice premier 03/25 UN Security Council condemns latest N.Korea missile tests 03/24 What’s China’s reaction to further U.N. inquiry into North Korean human rights alleged crimes? 03/24 DPRK's latest ballistic missile and engine test raises risk of regional arms race - UN Security Council 03/24 US reports activity at North Korean nuclear sites, may be preparing for new test 03/24 North Korea preparing for nuclear test at Punggye-ri, officials say 03/24 10,000 Riot Police Guard Grudge Match as China Whips Up Nationalist Fervor 03/24 US Sanctions 30 Individuals, Entities for Ties With Iran, Syria and North Korea 03/24 North Korea crimes to be documented for prosecution someday - U.N. 03/24 COLUMN-How to describe American military options in North Korea? Bad and worse. 03/24 U.S. sanctions 30 firms, individuals for aiding Iran, North Korea arms programs 03/24 North Korea crimes to be documented for prosecution someday: U.N. 03/24 World in Focus: Sputnik’s Daily Current Affairs Program | 24/03/17 03/24 US Sanctions Firms Working With North Korea, Iran 03/24 US imposes sanctions on China, North Korea entities, people 03/24 Inconsistencies in Trump's National Security Policies 03/24 Murder, Missiles, and Messages from North Korea 03/24 Should We Be Worried About North Korea, or Not? 03/24 US: N. Korea ready to conduct nuclear test 03/24 U.S. citizens warned against travel to French Guiana 03/24 North Korea ready for its sixth underground nuclear test 03/24 US sanctions 11 firms, individuals for transferring technology to Iran 03/24 Sanctions badly affect most needy in North Korea: UN report 03/24 US Navy Visits Republic of Korea Island for First Time 03/24 U.S. Issues Sanctions for Aid to Iran, North Korea, Syria 03/24 Iran, North Korea, and Syria Nonproliferation Act Sanctions 03/24 The Latest: S. Korea working to bring UK attack victims home 03/23 US-South Korea Drills Could Lead to Nuclear Disaster on Peninsula - DPRK Embassy 03/23 North Korea accuses Japan of espionage 03/23 Why Spend $54 Billion More on the Pentagon? To Start a War, Obviously. 03/23 10,000 Chinese police ready for trouble at football game between national team and South Korea 03/23 Help North Koreans ‘live in the truth’ 03/23 'Blind' Sanctions Unable to Solve N Korean Nuclear Issue - Beijing 03/23 Turkey to Seize Assets of Sponsors of North Korean Nuclear, Missile Programs 03/23 Seen This Before: North Korea Says Trump No Different Than Obama 03/23 Report: China suspended North Korea coal imports to not exceed quota 03/23 China rebuffs S Korea’s WTO complaint, says respects rules 03/23 Tourism: Visitors may shy away 03/23 North Korea will launch another nuclear test in next few days, officials say 03/23 John McCain is certified insane 03/23 Japan on Edge - In Japan, Russia and China Find Common Ground 03/23 London Subway Workers Respond To Terror Attack With Messages Of Hope And Defiance 03/23 UN condemns North Korea tests which contribute to nukes 03/23 Murder, Missiles, and Messages From North Korea 03/23 Sieren’s China: When two nations are at odds 03/23 Al-Shabab claims to kill 17 soldiers in Somalia attack 03/23 DPRK’s latest ballistic missile and engine test raises risk of regional arms race – UN Security Council 03/23 N.Korea has maintained readiness for nuclear test any time - S.Korea 03/23 Who dares piggyback on a dictator? 03/23 North Korea has maintained readiness for nuclear test any time - South Korea 03/23 North Korea has maintained readiness for nuclear test any time: South Korea 03/23 South Korea: North Ready for Nuclear Test  03/23 US' Urge to Get Rid of N Korea Could Destabilize Asia-Pacific Region 03/23 World Cup 2018: China and Syria keep dream alive 03/23 Russia Extends Ties With China Amid US THAAD Deployment in S Korea – Moscow 03/23 North Korea maintains readiness for nuclear test at any time - South Korea 03/23 Lotte Chairman: Why I'm Putting an Antimissile Battery on My Golf Course 03/23 North Korea missile test ends in failure, Seoul says 03/22 Why China stoking up anger over South Korea missile system is doomed to fail 03/22 South Korea returns Chinese soldiers` remains despite THAAD row 03/22 Seoul believes N Korea's latest missile test ends in failure 03/22 South Korea says North Korea's latest missile test has ended in failure 03/22 North Korea fails in new missile test: Seoul 03/22 North Korea's latest missile test 'ends in failure' 03/22 North Korea Launches Missile, but Test Appears to Fail 03/22 North Korean missile launch fails, says US military 03/22