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Kyrgyzstan - unrest


Struggle for control of Kyrgyzstan
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HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 2

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News up to: Pro-Government Kyrgyz Lawmaker Charged With Corruption 03/31 Kyrgyz Supreme Court Upholds Detention Of Opposition Leader 03/29 Clashes In Kyrgyzstan Following Jailing of Ex-Lawmaker 03/28 Kyrgyzstan: Growing Pressure on Media Groups 03/27 Another Kyrgyz Opposition Leader Charged With Corruption 03/27 Kyrgyz President Threatens To Sue RFE/RL In 'International Courts' 03/24 Kyrgyz President 'Ready' To Take RFE/RL Lawsuit To 'International Courts' 03/24 In Kyrgyzstan, Prosecutors Sue Media for Offending President 03/12 Kyrgyz Party Claims Leader's Arrest Is Linked To Plane Crash Probe 03/01 Russia tries to salvage Syria peace bid as Iran dispute flares 02/28 Kyrgyz court orders opposition leader kept in custody 02/27 Kyrgyz opposition leader arrested on eve of Putin visit 02/27 Hundreds Protest Opposition Party Leader's Detention In Kyrgyzstan 02/27 Kyrgyz Opposition Leader Tekebaev Detained Ahead Of Election 02/26 Kyrgyzstan officials detain opposition leader Tekebayev 02/26 Kyrgyzstan arrests opposition leader 02/26 Protests in Kyrgyzstan after opposition leader detained 02/26 Kyrgyz opposition leader detained ahead of presidential campaign 02/26 Kyrgyz Court Confirms Life Sentence for Journalist 01/24 Several Injured In Kyrgyz-Tajik Border Clashes 01/23 Kyrgyzstan votes on constitutional changes amid instability 12/10 Exchange Of Warning Shots Reported Along Kyrgyz-Tajik Border 11/28 Kyrgyzstan's Cabinet resigns amid political turmoil 10/26 Uzbek Delegation Visits Kyrgyzstan In Move To Mend Ties 10/26 Uzbek Delegation's Visit To Kyrgyzstan Signals Thaw In Complicated Ties 10/26 Kyrgyz Government Resigns After Coalition Collapse 10/26 Retrial For Jailed Ethnic Uzbek Activist Starts In Kyrgyzstan 10/04 Kyrgyzstan Releases Wife Of Tajik Opposition Activist On Bail 10/03 Will Justice Prevail in Kyrgyzstan? 10/02 Kyrgyzstan Detains Wife Of Tajik Opposition Activist 10/02 Kyrgyz Lawmakers Advance Bill For Referendum On Constitutional Amendments 09/29 Presence Of Activists' At OSCE Conference Sparks Protests 09/23 Kyrgyzstan's 2010 Interim Government Members Being 'Persecuted' 09/19 Putin: Washington keeping cease-fire details secret 09/17 Russia Casts Doubt on US Commitment to Syria Cease-fire Deal 09/17 Putin 'Positive' Over Syria Cease-Fire, But Calls For Transparency 09/17 Russian President Putin Accuses Syrian Rebels of Using Ceasefire to Regroup 09/17 Ukraine's Poroshenko calls for a "sustainable and comprehensive ceasefire" 09/16 Lavrov: Russia hopes no one in US trying to shield terrorists in Syria 09/16 Kyrgyzstan Sets Date For Retrial Of Ethnic Uzbek Activist 09/09 What next? Opaque Uzbekistan faces transition anxieties 08/30 Uygur factor keeps Kyrgyzstan on Beijing’s radar 08/30 Kyrgyzstan Jails Opposition Figure On Terrorism Charges 08/29 Members Of Kyrgyz Opposition Movement Go On Trial 08/26 Uzbekistan Closes Border With Kyrgyzstan Ahead Of Independence Day 08/22 Convoy In Kyrgyzstan Commemorates 1916 Anti-Russia Revolt 08/05 Kyrgyzstan Reviews Ruling Against Uzbek Activist Serving Life Sentence 07/11 Kyrgyzstan begins reviewing case of jailed journalist 07/11 Kyrgyz Supreme Court Reviews 'Politically Motivated' Conviction 07/11 Kyrgyzstan reviews ruling against Uzbek activist serving life sentence 07/11 Armenia Ratifies Joint Air-Defense With Russia 06/30 Kyrgyzstan's Supreme Court To Reconsider Ruling Against Rights Activist 06/22 Using Bread-and-Butter Issues to Try to Foment Political Change in the Former Soviet Union 06/18 Kyrgyz Politician Accused Of Sedition Sent To Detention Center 06/13 Kyrgyz Court Hearing Case Against President Atambaev 06/08 Prominent Kyrgyz Rights Defender Called In For Questioning 06/01 Kyrgyz Officials Move To Confiscate House Of Jailed Ethnic Uzbek Activist 05/30 Kyrgyz authorities arrest opposition activist 05/18 Kyrgyz Opposition Movement Member Detained 05/17 Kyrgyzstan Arrests Three Politicians Allegedly Plotting A Coup 05/14 President Wants To Amend Laws 'Undermining Kyrgyzstan's Sovereignty' 05/05 Kyrgyz Court Says It Will Revise Ruling Against Jailed Rights Activist 04/25 OSCE Joins UN Call To Free Kyrgyz Rights Defender 04/22 Kyrgyz Activist Sent To House Arrest In Tape Scandal Case 03/29 Kyrgyzstan: Uzbeks pull back from tense border area 03/26 Kyrgyz Opposition Leaders Detained Over Recordings 03/24 Kyrgyz security service accuse opposition of planning mass riots 03/23 Kyrgyz Opposition Cancels Mass Protest Amid Accusations 03/23 Kyrgyz Authorities Probe Opposition's Discussion On Ways To Overthrow Government 03/22 Thousands Of Police, 'Volunteers' Deployed In Southern Kyrgyz City 03/22 The Rest of the World Is Finally Noticing the Touristic Charms of Central Asia 01/28 Dolphin circus provokes animal welfare debate in central Asia 01/21 More Than 30 Kyrgyz Nationals Killed In Syria, Iraq In 2015 01/15 Terrorists From Afghanistan May Engulf Central Asia - Kyrgyz Official 11/11 Parliamentary Elections Confirm Kyrgyzstan’s Pro-Russian Orientation 10/16 Guards Killed In Kyrgyz Jailbreak 10/12 Four Islamists escape Kyrgyz prison, kill three guards: government 10/12 Pro-Russian party tops Kyrgyz parliamentary polls 10/04 Social Democrats Leading In Closely Watched Kyrgyz Vote 10/04 Kyrgyzstan set for closer ties with Russia after polls 10/04 Kyrgyz-Tajik Talks Progress On Easing Cross-Border Tensions 08/07 Central Asian Neighbors Seek Calm After Border Violence 08/05 US spies on Russia from its Embassy in Bishkek 07/30 Kyrgyzstan Accuses US of Scheming to Create Situation of Controlled Chaos 07/27 Kyrgyzstan to elect new parliament on October 4 07/26 Kyrgyz President Sets Parliamentary Election Date 07/25 Kyrgyzstan Says Terminated Treaty With U.S. Will Hit Aid Agency 07/23 Former Osh Mayor Myrzakmatov Sentenced In Absentia 07/23 Kyrgyzstan Terminates 1993 Cooperation Agreement With United States 07/21 Freedom Now Wins UN Bid Despite Russian, Kazakh Opposition 07/20 Kyrgyzstan protests over U.S. human rights award to dissident 07/17 Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry Summons U.S. Envoy Over Askarov's Award 07/17 Kyrgyzstan on the Brink of Denouncing Cooperation Agreement With US 07/17 SCO Member States Jointly Oppose Distortion of WWII Results 07/10 Refugees reached 60 million in 2014 as conflicts flared, U.N. says 06/18 U.N.'s Ban urges probe into Kyrgyzstan's 2010 ethnic clashes 06/11 Ban Ki-Moon Joins Kyrgyz Commemoration Of Victims Of Osh Clashes 06/11 Kyrgyz Leader Calls For Unity On Anniversary Of Ethnic Violence 06/10 Osh Anniversary: Uzbek Recounts Friendship Forged Amid Adversity 06/10 Memorial Service Marks Fifth Anniversary of Ethnic Clashes in Osh, Kyrgyzstan 06/10