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Lord's Resistance Army rebels in Uganda, South Sudan, and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) was begun under other names by Joseph Kony in the early 1980's, drawing initial support by the resentment among the Acholi of northern Uganda at the overthrow of ethnic Acholi President Tito Okello by Yoweri Museveni. Kony's methods include heavy use of Christian iconography and child soldiers. His army has been reduced to a few hundred fighters, and operates between Uganda, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Central African Republic. IRIN has an excellent backgrounder on the group.
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 96.1 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 869,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 18 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
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African Republic 09/15 Fitch withdraws rating on Ceylon Income Fund 09/14 Gen Aronda was a man of honour 09/14 Sudan says Ugandan president to agree on normalizing ties during visit 09/14 AU commission probing LRA activities arrive in Khartoum 09/13 ICC urges LRA rebel hearing to be in Uganda 09/11 La CPI abandonne les poursuites contre le chef rebelle ougandais suite à la confirmation sa mort 09/11 Uganda’s Museveni to visit Sudan next week, as Kenyatta holds talks with Bashir 09/10 ICC urges LRA rebel hearing to be in Uganda 09/10 LRA war claimants extend suspension of their leader 09/10 International Criminal Court drops case against Ugandan rebel after he is confirmed dead 09/10 Future, Survival of African Militaries Lie in Joint Operations, Arms Purchases 09/07 Reblog || The Kony Crossroads: Can the LRA outlast Obama’s presidency? 08/10 Activists: Now Is Time to Press LRA, Kony Fight 08/10 Will LRA victims get justice? 08/10 The Kony Crossroads: Can the LRA outlast Obama’s presidency? 08/07 Centrafrique : Pont aérien du HCR pour rapatrier les réfugiés congolais 08/07 Report: LRA Smaller, Still Active 08/07 Take Action: Congress Introduces counter-LRA Resolutions in the House and Senate 08/06 ACTION ALERT || Join the Resolution 08/06 The LRA Resolution || Be A Know-It-All 08/06 Africa: Six Years On, Congolese Refugees Who Fled LRA Return Home From CAR 08/04 UNHCR Helps Congolese Return Home By Air From Central African Republic 08/04 Africa: Kenya Among Top Five Countries With Millionaires in Sub-Saharan Africa 08/03 Uganda: Dominic Ongwen Could Also Be Charged With Sexual Crimes - ICC 08/03 Africa: Snags of Transformation 08/03 Deloitte Ethiopia Releases Human Capital Trend Report 08/03 UN airlifts DR Congo refugees out of C.Africa 08/03 Africa: Forget Obama's Speeches, Did You Notice the New Kenya? 08/03 KCB Group Half Year Gross Profit Increases By 13 Percent 08/03 Africa: Africa's Business Schools Must Champion Anti-Corruption Education 08/03 Taiwanese George Shoe to Erect New USD 120 Mln Plant 08/03 UNHCR helps Congolese return home by air from Central African Republic 08/03 ‘Food hygiene officers can help food safety compliance’ 08/02 Restaurateurs close ranks over PFA raids 07/28 Ugandan lawyer receives global human rights award 07/26 Gigaba 'hellbent on cleaning the rot' in home affairs 07/25 Don’t hinder ICC work - Acholi chief 07/24 ICC is not a donor, official tells Gulu bishop 07/21 The Hill Op-Ed: An evolving Obama success story in Africa 07/21 Uganda marks justice day in Gulu 07/19 Numsa planning strike against corruption 07/19 Ex-LRA commander Ongwen to face massacre survivors in Gulu 07/17 Uganda: LRA's Ongwen May Be Tried in Gulu - ICC 07/17 Former LRA abductees say stigma is hindering recovery 07/15 Uganda: For Children Born of War, the Struggle Continues 07/08 7 Long-Term LRA Escapees Report that Kony’s Health is Failing 07/07 For Ugandan children born of war, the struggle continues 07/07 Uganda: Kony Is Sick, Say Defectors 07/06 Government to compensate LRA victims 07/05 Lanka Rating licence lapsed yesterday 07/01 Bishops Condemn Insecurity in the Country 07/01 CONGO: Epic Slaughter Subsides 06/29 Uganda: How Goes the Hunt for Joseph Kony and the LRA? 06/24 Uganda: ICC Calls for Witnesses Against Ongwen 06/24 Introducing The New LRA Crisis Tracker 06/23 Keep Fighting Joseph Kony’s LRA || REBLOG: The Daily Beast 06/22 Forgiveness is the way forward 06/16 For Children Born of War, What Future? 06/16 Forgive and forget? Amnesty dilemma haunts Uganda 06/12 UN urges stepped-up action against Boko Haram and LRA 06/11 LRA says no conflict of interest in EAP debenture 06/11 W. Equatoria state urges local cooperation over rising insecurity 06/10 EBC to obtain fresh credit rating 06/10 Sister Angelique's bakery 06/09 Passing the Torch 06/08 Collaborating to Fight Terror in East Africa 06/05 Wesley Clark, Eneke the Ugandan bird and our billions in S. Sudan 06/04 Don’t stigmatise ex-LRA fighters 06/02 Amuru legislators to visit Ongwen at The Hague 06/01 The Girls of the Lord's Resistance Army 06/01 Magazine: The girls of the Lord's Resistance Army 05/29 Juba accuses Sudan of supporting new insurgency in Western Equatoria 05/26 The Resolve and Invisible Children Release New LRA Crisis Tracker Report 05/12 LRA Crisis Tracker: Trends in LRA activity from January-March 2015 04/30 COMING HOME || Reblog: Caring Magazine 04/27 How Acholi chief position came to be 04/25 Nun In Uganda Has Educated 2,000 Girls Victimized By Joseph Kony 04/22 Ongwen ‘wives’ report to UPDF in South Sudan 04/22 The Lords of Power, the Gurus of Politics 04/20 Une ONG américaine installe cinq stations de radio à l'est de la Centrafrique 04/17 RCA : marche de réfugiés de la RDC pour de meilleures conditions de vie 04/16 Killing spree shakes Judiciary 04/15 Court orders trial of former LRA rebel leader Kwoyelo 04/08 New Chairman for LIOC 04/06 Joint forces lure LRA rebel fighters with music 04/06