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Lord's Resistance Army rebels in Uganda, South Sudan, and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) was begun under other names by Joseph Kony in the early 1980's, drawing initial support by the resentment among the Acholi of northern Uganda at the overthrow of ethnic Acholi President Tito Okello by Yoweri Museveni. Kony's methods include heavy use of Christian iconography and child soldiers. His army has been reduced to a few hundred fighters, and operates between Uganda, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Central African Republic. IRIN has an excellent backgrounder on the group.
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 96.1 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 869,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 18 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Monthly Security Brief | March 2017 04/28 Uganda: U.S. Hunt for Kony Over, Justice for Victims Remains 04/28 The Daily Beast Reports | As US & Uganda Troops go Home, Kony May Make a Comeback 04/28 As UPDF ends Kony hunt, is peace still illusive in northern Uganda? 04/27 U.S. Forces to Pull Out of CAR Amid Ongoing Hunt for Kony 04/27 US forces to pull out of CAR amid ongoing hunt for Kony 04/26 US troops hunting LRA warlord Kony begin C.Africa pullout 04/26 US troops end hunt for LRA’s Kony 04/26 After six years, US troops end hunt for LRA warlord Kony 04/25 Joseph Kony: uncatchable, brutal rebel chief 04/25 East Africa: Why Ugandan Army Abandoned Seven-Year Hunt for Kony? 04/21 VIDEO: UPDF ends 9-year hunt for Kony 04/20 Uganda: Lord's Resistance Army Leader Kony is Ill - Defector 04/20 Central Africa: Army Ends Pursuit of Joseph Kony 04/20 US ends hunt for Joseph Kony as top rebels 'off battlefield' 04/20 U.S. says to continue training regional troops against Lord's Resistance Army 04/20 Why the U.S. Is Ending the Hunt for Warlord Joseph Kony 04/20 Kony is ill - LRA defector 04/19 UPDF withdraws from Central African Republic 04/19 Uganda pulls troops from mission to catch warlord Kony 04/19 Uganda ends hunt for LRA leader Joseph Kony 04/19 Africa: Uganda Withdraws From Central African Republic 04/19 Uganda withdraws troops from Central African Republic 04/19 Uganda ends anti-LRA military operation in Central African Republic 04/19 Uganda Ends Pursuit of Joseph Kony 04/19 Uganda: Kony's Wife Writes Book On Life in Captivity 04/13 Plan to turn Gulu airfield into airport still waiting 04/05 Reblog || To Punish or to Pardon? Perspectives on Dominic Ongwen 04/05 Uganda: Uganda Vows to Keep Hunting for LRA Leader 04/03 Uganda’s army hails surrender of senior LRA commander 03/31 Uganda: U.S. Pulling Out From Uganda LRA Mission 03/31 Uganda: Another Kony Rebel Surrenders 03/31 US Pulling Out From Uganda LRA Mission; AU Mulls Drawdown 03/30 Aide to warlord Kony surrenders as US pulls from mission 03/30 Another Kony rebel surrenders 03/30 Uganda vows to keep hunting for LRA leader 03/30 Uganda to continue mission against Kony despite US pullout 03/30 Swiss NGO to honour LRA victims 03/29 Sudan joins African Union anti-LRA meetings 03/28 US wraps up operations against Kony's LRA 03/26 US to end operations against Lord's Resistance Army in Africa 03/25 Operations against Kony's LRA 'coming to an end': US general 03/24 MONTHLY SECURITY BRIEF | FEBRUARY 2017 03/24 Ghandour discuss peace in Sudan with Cater Center 03/22 Five Years After KONY 2012 || How Have Things Changed? 03/16 East Africa: US Army Uses Mothers to Get Kony's Men to Defect 03/15 Cases against LRA’s Kwoyelo rise to 92 03/15 Former LRA rebel Thomas Kwoyelo to face over 90 charges 03/14 Uganda: First Kill Your Family - Story of The LRA's Child Soldiers 03/06 First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and LRA 03/05 Africa: Congolese Flee Into S. Sudan to Escape Rebel Attacks 02/28 ICC president visits LRA war victims in Uganda 02/27 Congolese flee to S. Sudan to escape rebel attacks 02/26 Early Warning Network helps save the life of a man in DRC 02/24 LRA CRISIS TRACKER MONTHLY SECURITY BRIEF | JANUARY 2017 02/23 Barlonyo massacre victims honoured 02/22 Who Cares About the ICC's Trial of LRA Fighter Dominic Ongwen? 02/18 Mama Koko // A Legacy of Resilience 02/17 Looking back; why Nigeria tripped at the AU 02/12 ‘Kony refused to sign peace deal over Shs360m’ 02/12 Peter Kidega Returns Home After 14 Years in the LRA 02/09 Central Africans Use Radio Network to Stay Safe From LRA 02/01 Uganda: Former LRA Commander Kwoyelo's Pretrial to Start 02/01 Security operative identifies Kony, Ongwen voices 01/31 Revise Operation Wealth Creation programme 01/31 The closing of The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative and what’s next 01/31 A message of gratitude from Resolve 01/31 Museveni Pushes for Joint Regional Operation to Flush Out Kony 01/31 LRA had talk schedule, Ugandan spy tells ICC 01/30 Ayena compensation remarks spark protests 01/30 The ICC Is Flawed. Is it Still Africa’s Best Hope for Justice? 01/30 Uganda: 'You Belong to Joseph Kony' 01/27 Kony gave Ongwen 200 strokes of the cane for defiance- Witness 01/26 Thank You to Our Supporters || Highlights from 2016 01/25 Signaller reveals LRA secret codes at Ongwen ICC trial 01/24 Don’t politicise compensations - leaders tell Ayena 01/23 Sanctions lifted, but is Sudan out of the woods? 01/21 In Welcome Move, China Announces Plan to End Domestic Ivory Trade 01/19 UK professor testifies against LRA’s Ongwen 01/18 Uganda: Internet Problems Stall Ongwen's ICC Trial Broadcast 01/18 Dominic Ongwen’s Domino Effect: A Fractured LRA Targets Civilians in CAR 01/17 Fracturing in LRA after Ongwen defection threatens Kony rule, heightens threat to civilians 01/17 Internet problems stall Ongwen trial broadcast 01/17 The Long Wait for Justice in Northern Uganda 01/17 Trump's Team Queries Fight Against LRA, Al-Shabaab 01/16 Donald Trump team queries fight against LRA, Al-shabaab  01/16 Bishop Odama awarded doctorate 01/16 Ugandans react to trial of former LRA warlord at The Hague 01/16 United States Lifting Select Sanctions on Sudan 01/14 On Progress in Sudan 01/14 Child Victim or Brutal Warlord? Uganda's War Crimes Trial 01/12 East Africa: Ugandan Army to Screen LRA War Movie 01/10 UPDF to screen LRA war movie 01/09 Uganda: Govt Criticised Over Militia Group 'Arrow Boys' 01/05 Time for Museveni to reconsider his unlimited support for Kiir 01/04 Capt Mukula attacks government over Arrow Boys 01/04 Uganda: Blind Former LRA Child Soldier, Breaks Stereotypes 12/31 Blessed are the Peacemakers // Honoring Father Benoit Kinalegu 12/22 UNSC adopts resolution condemning in ‘strongest terms’ human trafficking 12/21 Uganda: Legislator Regrets Lord's Resistance Amy Remarks 12/20