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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Power Sharing In Sri Lanka 04/27 Sri Lankan protest demands information on civil war missing 04/27 Lanka's Tamil parties protest in north and east provinces 04/27 India’s Planned Investment in Sri Lanka’s Trincomalee Port Gets a Push 04/26 May day; stirring dismay! 04/26 Nudge to Lanka on Tamil concerns 04/26 NDU delegation embarks upon week long visit to Colombo 04/25 In close rapport with reconciliation 04/25 Civil security department forces Tamil employees to protest against NPC 04/24 Sunday Island Carries Fake News: Gota 04/24 Garbage in, garbage out 04/24 The Damage Done By Ban Ki-moon To The Tamils In North-East Sri Lanka 04/23 Bringing In Gotabaya Rajapaksa: Playing With Fire? 04/23 A Sugar Quoted Caveat From India? 04/22 Trump administration may change rules that allow terror victims to immigrate to U.S. 04/21 Tissa calls for Rs. 3 million compensation for each dead victim 04/20 'Fate has forced us to grieve' 04/20 Sri Lanka battles labour shortage amid massive building boom 04/19 Some Conclusions On Tamil Casteist Racism 04/17 The EU: Sri Lanka’s Diplomatic Quadrum 04/16 British parliamentary group for Tamils will continue to demand Sri Lanka fulfils obligations says chair in New Year message 04/14 Sri Lanka: Colombo grabs private lands in strategic Vaakarai through long-term leasing 04/13 Sri Lanka will keep ports unavailable for military activity, PM says 04/12 May Day 2017 – SLFP & SLPP: Enemies, Rivals Or Allies  04/11 Collateral Damage Of Delaying The Transitional Justice Process  04/10 UN Human Rights Council, Sri Lanka & The Tamil People 04/10 Sri Lanka Must NOW Begin The Task Of Filing Charges & Establishing A Hybrid Court 04/10 Mahinda Rajapaksa's snap polls plan was ploy to win Indian backing: Report 04/09 Sri Lanka: Tamil people in Ampaa’rai prepared for protests, but not Tamil politicians 04/09 Leaders: Be Aware & Beware 04/08 Plight Of Northern Muslim IDPs In Sri Lanka 04/06 MDMK chief Vaiko sent to judicial custody for pro-LTTE speech 04/03 Sri Lanka health minister laughs off war crimes 04/03 ‘Yowun Puraya’, reflection of peace under new govt: Sampanthan 04/02 I will accept any Cabinet ministry: Rajitha 04/02 Divergent Trends In New-Populism 04/01 Sushma Swaraj’s Amnesia & Indian Duplicity 04/01 The clear path away from hybrid courts 03/31 Inquiry into war crimes: Govt. would never condone use of foreign judges - Minister Samarasinghe 03/31 Navy bids farewell to its iconic submarine hunter TU-142 03/30 The Great Betrayal In Geneva 03/30 Sri Lanka's leader backs arrests of 'official' killers 03/29 ‘Unable to protect those found guilty of killing media persons or sportsmen’: President 03/29 Fort railway station bomb blast: LTTE suspect sentenced to 20-years rigorous imprisonment 03/29 Sri Lanka signals arrests over high-profile killings 03/29 Fort railway station bomb blast: Twenty years RI for LTTE suspect 03/29 Primary school roof collapses injuring eighteen 03/29 Hidden factors behind: female terrorism 03/29 Decisive two years 03/29 Weerawansa ends nine-day hunger strike 03/29 Foreign judges is neither the sole obsession of govt.nor int’l community: FM 03/28 Gotabaya undecided on entering politics; says he’s studying Trump 03/28 President Sirisena Dismissed Muslims, When He Gazetted Lands Around Wilpattu 03/28 War crime probes will hinder Sri Lanka's reconciliation - ex-defence secretary 03/27 ‘Viru Daru Vidu Piyasa’ to be opened on March 29 03/27 Lankan troops will not be prosecuted for ending war: ex-Prez 03/26 Sri Lanka's justice minister says war crimes inquiry will harm reconciliation 03/24 Sri Lanka: Speeding SL Navy boat kills Tamil fisherman in Vidaththal-theevu, Mannaar 03/23 Indian government feels anguish over Sri Lanka's war crimes says minister 03/23 UN presses Sri Lanka to meet commitments on war crimes investigations, reforms 03/23 UN urges Sri Lanka to investigate civil war atrocities 03/23 UN condemns Sri Lanka over war probe 03/22 U.S. drone kills militant blamed for attack on Sri Lanka cricket team in Pakistan 03/21 Gotabhaya responds to ‘death squads’ allegation 03/21 Sri Lanka will not join ICC: PM 03/21 Former MP Sarath Weerasekera never sought meeting with UNHRC Chief 03/21 D.S. Senanayake's 65th death anniversary : Statesman without equal 03/21 US Warship Arrives in Myanmar for First Visit Since Second World War 03/21 Navy warship stops in Myanmar for first time since WWII 03/21 Sri Lanka: Colombo deploys Sinhala Military Intelligence personnel as CEB workers in Battialoa 03/20 The great betrayal 03/20 Avoid hysteria for UNHRC 03/20 Racism Still Haunts Humanity Despite International & Constitutional Guarantees 03/20 The Opportunity In Geneva For A Fresh Start 03/20 President expresses gratitude to China for its support 03/20 Vaiko arrested while attempting to besiege Lankan embassy 03/19 Mangala calls Sri Lankan Army General's book detailing war crimes 'biggest betrayal' 03/18 Former US ambassador calls for 'time frame and benchmarks' on accountability in Sri Lanka 03/18 SC grants leave to proceed with FR filed by Ukrainian captain 03/17 Writ petition filed seeking legal action against KP fixed for support 03/17 Geneva and the message of transitional justice 03/17 China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea 03/16 Sri Lanka: SL Military Intelligence wages shadow war against Champoor people 03/16 Media pivotal in forging national unity 03/16 Protest in Jaffna demanding international judges 03/16 Sri Lanka: Resettling families in Pulavuk-kudyiruppu complain about lack of assistance 03/15 Former LTTE cadre arrested in Wellawaya 03/14 EU court rejects case against Tamil Tigers 'terror' label 03/14 WEBCAST: A Voice from the Field 03/14 Exclusive: Japan plans to send largest warship to South China Sea, sources say 03/13 Japan to send largest warship to South China Sea 03/13 In huge show of force, Japan to send helicopter carrier Izumo to South China Sea 03/13 'Lanka seeks 2 more yrs from UN for LTTE war probe' 03/13 Japan sending largest warship for biggest show of force since WWII in S. China Sea – report 03/13 South China Sea: Japan to deploy largest warship 03/13 Japan to Send Warship to Disputed South China Sea: Reuters Sources 03/13 Trevor Grant Stood With The Tamil People Until The End 03/13 MSF On the Road: A Voice from the Field in Miami 03/13 TNA insists on international mechanism to probe war crimes 03/11 Sri Lanka: Sinhala homeguards grab lands for colonisation in Cheddi-ku'lam, Vavuniyaa 03/10