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Mexico - drug cartels

Drug cartels battling each other and Mexican government


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News up to: Mexican Congress approves use of medical marijuana 04/28 'El Chito,' leader of Mexican drug cartel, arrested in Juarez 04/28 CPJ to release report on journalist murders and impunity in Mexico 04/24 Is 'El Chapo' the new 'Narcos'? American television set to air series based on Guzman's life  04/23 Mexico kills Gulf cartel boss in Reynosa shootout 04/22 Top drug cartel leaders killed in Mexico near US border 04/22 Mexico says 2 top drug traffickers killed near US border 04/22 Mexico sees 2,020 killings in March, worst month since 2011 04/21 Mexico sees 2,020 murders in March, highest month since 2011 04/21 Mexican Navy kills Sinaloa Cartel bodyguard 'El Pancho Chimal' 04/17 Mexican ex-governor caught after 6 months on the run 04/16 Mexican navy guns down top bodyguard to eldest son of 'El Chapo' 04/15 Mexico marines kill man suspected in attack on army 04/15 Crime reporter shot dead in northeastern Mexico: website 04/14 Trump tweets: Shares report on arrest of suspect in Border Patrol agent's killing 04/14 Mexican official: Body of man thrown from plane unrecognizable 04/13 Witnesses see man hurled from plane, body lands on roof of Mexican hospital 04/13 Man’s body, seen tossed from plane, found on roof of Mexican hospital 04/13 Mexico: Dead body found on hospital roof in Sinaloa state 04/13 Man thrown from flying plane, body lands on hospital roof 04/13 Mexico arrests suspected shooter of border agent Brian Terry 04/13 Three people believed thrown from a plane, but Mexican police only find one body — on a hospital roof 04/13 Mexico to extradite accused gunman to U.S. for 'Fast and Furious' slaying 04/13 Trump tweets: Shares report on arrest of suspect in Border Patrol agent's killing 04/13 Mexican authorities arrest fifth suspect in 2010 murder of Border Patrol agent 04/13 Man's body, seen tossed from plane, found on roof of Mexican hospital 04/12 Alleged Mexican drug lord wins appeal to delay extradition 04/12 Mexico, US Aim to Try Mexican Ex-official in Both Countries 04/12 Mexico, US will try Mexican ex-official in both countries 04/12 Mexican Court Blocks Drug Lord's Extradition to US 04/12 Man's body, seen tossed from plane, found on roof of Mexican hospital 04/12 3 bodies thrown out of plane in suspected Mexican cartel turf war 04/12 The Latest: Sessions outlines border enforcement plan 04/11 During border visit, Sessions outlines immigration plan 04/11 Mexican Ex-Governor on Run 5 Years Arrested in Italy 04/11 Ex-Mexican govenor accused of helping cartels arrested in Italy 04/10 The 'Dolls of Culiacan': New Plastic Surgery Craze Sweeps Mexican Cartel Land 04/10 Ex-Mexican Governor's Long Flight from Justice Ends 04/10 Captured Mexican governor could be extradited to U.S. or Mexico 04/10 Fugitive Mexican ex-governor charged with drug smuggling captured in Italy 04/10 Fugitive Mexico ex-governor Yarrington caught in Italy 04/10 Mexican drug lord gets his own miniseries, made in Colombia 04/10 Murder and Chill? Netflix Mini-Series to Focus on Notorious Drug Dealer El Chapo 04/10 Mexican prosecutors: ex-governor Yarrington nabbed in Italy 04/09 Mexico arrests alleged lieutenant of Jalisco cartel 04/09 Silencing journalists in Mexico 04/08 Mexico media battles impunity 04/08 Ex-ally of 'El Chapo', whose arrest set off a drug war, sentenced to life in prison in US 04/08 Exclusive: Mexico opens up its heroin fight to U.S., U.N. observers 04/07 Donald Trump voter shocked as her husband is deported to Mexico 04/07 Azerbaijan benefits from OPEC's decision 04/06 Mexican drug cartel leader 'El Mochomo' sentenced to life in U.S. prison 04/06 Mexico rights group: no final count of clandestine graves 04/06 Mexican top anti-drug officer allegedly protected cartel, lied to the DEA 04/05 Mexico says corrupt cop obstructed drug cartel probe 04/05 Mexican police commander charged for impeding U.S. narcotics probe -statement 04/05 Top Mexican Official Said to Tip Drug Cartel About US Probe 04/05 Mexican Drug Lord Beltran Leyva Sentenced to Life in US Prison 04/05 Mexican drug trafficker sentenced to life term in US 04/05 '¡Adios!' Mexican paper where slain reporter worked closes over lack of security 04/04 With Murders On The Rise, 2017 On Track To Be One Of Mexico's Deadliest Years 04/04 28 tourists en route to Mexican Mayan ruins robbed at gunpoint 04/04 Journalists in Mexico killed in record numbers – along with freedom of speech 04/04 Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’s’ arrest sparks homicide surge as factions fight to fill vacuum 04/01 Drug Cartels Blamed for Mass Graves in Veracruz 03/31 Mexico court orders drug lord Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo freed 03/31 "El Chapo" arrest sparks homicide surge in Mexico 03/31 Al Jazeera reporters attacked in northern Mexico while working drug-related story 03/30 'El Chapo' prison conditions worst in U.S., prevent proper defense: lawyers 03/30 The US-Mexico border wall: What's at stake? 03/30 Drug cartels in Mexico being taken over by ruthless, but charming, women 03/30 Mexican state attorney general arrested at U.S. border on drug trafficking charges 03/30 Shooting wounds Mexican journalist; 2nd attack in 2 days 03/29 Mexico: another 'narco-grave' found in Veracruz 03/29 Mexican state attorney general arrested in San Diego on drug charges 03/29 14 inmates still at large after mass tunnel escape in northern Mexico 03/27 Mexico governor says Chihuahua too weak to fight cartels 03/27 Mexico transfers Zetas cartel leader to border prison 03/27 Mexico arrests Knights Templar Cartel leader linked to 35 murders 03/27 Mexico transfers Zetas cartel leader to border prison 03/27 Mexico captures 'one of last' Knights Templar cartel leaders 03/25 120-foot-long escape tunnel found under Mexican prison 03/24 Mass escape: 29 suspected cartel members break out of Mexico prison through 120-foot tunnel 03/24 US prosecutors oppose easing jail conditions for El Chapo 03/21 Mexico drug war investigators unearth 47 more skulls in mass graves 03/20 Another Journalist Slain in Mexico's Violent Veracruz State 03/19 More Than 250 Bodies Found In Mass Grave In Mexico 03/17 Mexican parents, not authorities, led search for drug-war mass grave 03/17 Mexican parents find drug-war mass grave, expose official indifference 03/17 Son of Mexican drug lord escapes from prison 03/17 Son of Sinaloa drug lord missing from prison in Mexico 03/16 Mexican Cartels Moving Drug Crops Into Oaxaca State 03/16 Deadliest beat: Reporting on Mexico's war on drugs 03/15 Drug lord ‘El Chapo’ is hallucinating and may be ‘going crazy’ in solitary confinement, lawyers say 03/15 Mexican official says 250 skulls found in alleged cartel mass burial ground 03/15 ‘You could see an ear, or recognize part of a face’: 250 skulls found in mass burial ground in Mexico 03/15 Mass grave in Mexico points to drug cartel murders: 250 skulls found 03/15 Over 250 human skulls found in central Mexico 03/15 Prosecutor says Mexican body dumping ground may be world's largest 03/14 Mexican official: 250 skulls found in clandestine graves 03/14