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Philippines - MNLF

Rebel group in southern Philippines led by Nur Misuari


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News up to: Philippines Struggles to Reach New Power-Sharing Deal in Restive Muslim Region 03/08 A terrorist who abandoned his wife and young child to fight with Isil has blamed Brexit for his radicalisation 03/03 Abu Sayyaf releases video of German hostage's beheading 02/27 Duterte pleads with Philippine rebels to rebuff Islamic State advances 01/27 Abu Sayyaf militants free S. Korean captain, Filipino crew 01/14 South Korean and Filipino hostages released by Abu Sayyaf 01/14 Philippine Islamist militants free Korean and Filipino from cargo ship 01/14 8 fishermen killed in suspected pirate attack in Philippines 01/10 Pirates attack fishing boat in Philippine south, eight killed: coast guard 01/10 Eight Philippine fishermen shot dead at sea 01/10 8 fishermen killed in suspected pirate attack in Philippines 01/09 Gangster-killing Philippines president Duterte claims some of his cousins may be in ISIS 01/04 Philippines' Duterte threatens to 'burn down' UN 12/25 Duterte threatens to ‘burn down’ UN building in America 12/24 Talks, not war may solve Philippine conflict: Duterte 11/26 Pirates kidnap 6 Vietnamese sailors off Philippine coast 11/11 Philippine rebel leader emerges from hiding to meet Duterte 11/03 Can Philippine President Duterte be a peacemaker? (+video) 11/03 Philippine president wants foreign troops out in 2 years 10/26 Three more Indonesian hostages released by Abu Sayyaf 10/02 3 Indonesian hostages released in southern Philippines 10/02 Southern Philippines rebels free three Indonesian hostages 10/02 One more Indonesian hostage freed by Abu Sayyaf 09/22 Islamist militants free Indonesian in southern Philippines 09/22 Stop talking about ransoms, minister demands 09/20 Philippine militant group frees Norwegian hostage 09/19 Three Indonesian hostages freed by Abu Sayyaf, fourth to follow 09/19 Philippines: Abu Sayyaf frees three Indonesian hostages 09/18 Freed Norwegian, 3 Indonesian hostages handed to Philippines 09/18 Norwegian says his Philippine kidnapping was 'devastating' 09/18 Norwegian hostage in Philippines freed after one year 09/17 Militants in southern Philippines free Norwegian hostage 09/17 Philippine Abu Sayyaf militants free Norwegian hostage 09/17 Norwegian hostage, held by militants in the Philippines, is free 09/16 Relations with US ‘rock solid’ despite president’s calls for troop withdrawal - Philippines military 09/13 Philippines' Duterte to meet fugitive Muslim rebel 08/31 Philippine leader rejects emergency power vs extremists 08/31 Abu Sayyaf weakened by military offense: Minister 08/23 Indonesian hostage escapees probed by authorities 08/19 TNI chief confirms two Indonesian abductees escaped Abu Sayyaf 08/19 BRIEFS 08/19 Philippine’s Duterte warns terrorists he can be ‘10 times’ more brutal than Islamic State 08/16 No release of hostages in sight as ransom deadline falls 08/15 Philippine leader wants to talk with 2 rebel groups, China 08/12 Philippines' Duterte tells army destroy militants or risk Islamic State 'disease' 08/10 Philippines military: 4 Abu Sayyaf militants die in clash with Moro rebels 08/09 'Duterte's peace efforts in southern Philippines good for Sabah' 08/08 Duterte, Misuari to discuss hostage crisis in Jakarta 07/26 Philippine President Duterte calls for peace with Abu Sayyaf 07/22 Indonesia seeks help from MNLF leader to release hostages 07/21 Twin roadside bombings injure 1 in south Philippines 06/30 Muslim ex-rebels in Philippines agree on common roadmap 06/29 Federal Philippines government gets rebel group backing 06/18 Philippines deploys 5,000 troops to fight terror group Abu Sayyaf 06/17 Philippine official: Abu Sayyaf frees 4 Malaysian captives 06/08 Philippines’ Muslim south prepares for Ramadan 06/04 Turkey peace monitor lauds new Philippine leader's ties 05/27 Abu Sayyaf injures 7 troops in south Philippines 05/18 10 Indonesian hostages freed in Philippines: police 05/02 Matthew Fisher: Manhunt on for elusive, one-armed leader of Abu Sayyaf in Philippines 04/28 Abu Sayyaf: Islamic extremists or profiteering criminals? 04/26 Philippine quake injures at least 3 people 04/13 Kidnapped ex-Italian missionary freed in Philippines 04/08 Philippines probe Islamic State assassination attempt on top Saudi cleric 03/02 Gunman wounds Saudi preacher in Philippines: police 03/02 Report: Gunman fires on Philippines extremism conference 03/01 Gunman wounds Saudi preacher- police 03/01 Gunman wounds Saudi preacher, diplomat in Philippines 03/01 Prominent Saudi cleric injured in Philippines shooting 03/01 Philippine gov’t, MILF vow to protect road project 02/23 Ex-MNLF fighter killed by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines 02/20 Radio reporter murdered in the Philippines 02/18 Leftist rebel-turned-reporter killed in Philippine south 02/17 Gunmen kidnap fishing boat crew in south Philippines 02/15 Residents of Philippines south fear Daesh influence 01/18 Philippines army kills 26, overruns Abu Sayyaf camp 12/20 Philippines: 13 Abu Sayyaf, 2 troops killed in clash 12/16 Philippines: Muslim, Christian students celebrate peace 11/27 South Korea bans visits to parts of Philippines south 11/27 Philippines presses manhunt while welcoming convictions of 3 militants for abducting Americans 11/23 Philippines market fire kills 15, report says 11/02 Panthongtae shows white shirt 11/01 15 killed in Philippines market fire 11/01 Belgian man kills himself in Phuket 11/01 Over 300 seek medical help 11/01 Prayut to visit Ubon Ratchathani 11/01 At least 12 killed in Somalia hotel attack: police 11/01 Majority supports Prayut's "close country" remark: Poll 11/01 S Korean kidnapped in Philippines found dead 11/01 S. Korean seized by extremists found dead in Philippines 11/01 Fire at Philippines market kills 15 vendors, children 10/31 Fire at public maket in southern Philippines kills 15 vendors, children 10/31 Six children among 15 killed as fire rips through padlocked building in Philippines market 10/31 Fire at Philippines market kills 15 vendors, children 10/31 Fire at Philippines market kills 15 vendors, children 10/31 Philippines: six children among 15 killed in market fire : October 31, 2015, 11:41 am 10/31 Fire at Philippines market kills 15 vendors, children 10/31 Six children among 15 killed in Philippine market fire 10/31 Fire kills 15 in southern Philippines market 10/31 S. Korean kidnapped by militants found dead in southern Philippines, apparently due to illness 10/31