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Israel - Palestine


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.6 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : IDPs 150,000 to 420,000
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BBB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Israeli defense officials: Assad still has chemical weapons 04/19 Senior Israeli rabbi compares Syria atrocities to Holocaust 04/06 Syria Urges UNSC to Condemn Israel Over Attack on Palmyra 03/17 Turkey and Terrorists 01/19 Israeli police officer killed as fights break out over demolitions 01/18 Israeli military open to volunteers with medical issues 01/18 Netanyahu leads military assessment of Judea-Samaria security 01/10 Four Killed as Truck Attacker Rams Crowd in Jerusalem 01/08 4 killed in Jerusalem terror attack 01/08 Two arrested for incitement against judges who found Israeli soldier guilty 01/05 Fake news story sets off Israel-Pakistan Twitter clash 12/25 Palestinian shot dead by IDF amid clashes at Israeli-Gaza border 11/18 Rocket from Gaza lands in southern Israeli city, no injuries 10/05 Israel closes border for all Palestinians during Jewish new year 10/02 Israel to build underground barrier against Hamas 09/08 Israel: Work has begun on underground barrier to block Hamas tunnels 09/08 Israel clears troops of crimes in 2014 Gaza war 08/24 Terror suspect found in cop's home 06/10 Israel freezes Ramadan permits for Palestinians after Tel Aviv attack 06/09 Police official says Palestinians 'celebrating' terrorist attack that left 4 dead in Tel Aviv 06/09 Israel revokes Ramadan permits for Palestinians after attack 06/09 Israel beefs up troops in West Bank after Tel Aviv shooting 06/09 Tel Aviv shooting poses first test for hard-right defense minister (+video) 06/09 Israel revokes Ramzan permits for Palestinians after attack 06/09 The Latest: Israel to boost troops in West Bank after attack 06/09 Tel Aviv shooting poses first test for hard-right defense minister 06/08 2 ‘ultra-Orthodox Jewish’ gunmen kill 3 in central Tel Aviv 06/08 At least 4 dead in shooting at Tel Aviv market 06/08 Facebook 'incitement' posts lead to arrests in Israel 05/24 Israeli Man Injured in Jerusalem Stabbing Attack - Defense Forces 05/02 Israeli soldier arrested in shooting of Palestinian lying on the ground 03/29 More Jerusalem violence as Netanyahu hosts Biden 03/09 Court: Terrorism victims can seize $2.8M that had been awarded to Iran 02/26 Israeli soldier tries to fend off Palestinian stabber, kills fellow serviceman instead 02/24 Netanyahu calls security meeting after deadly Jerusalem terror attack 02/03 US condemns Israel expanding West Bank settlement bloc 01/08 4 Jewish ultra-nationalists, incl. two minors, charged with violent crimes against Palestinians 01/03 Gunman kills 2 at bar in Israeli city; manhunt underway 01/01 Gunman opens fire in Israel, kills 2 at Tel Aviv bar 01/01 Israel's Shin Bet Arrest Suspected Daesh Operatives Plotting Terror Attack 12/24 Palestinian wounded after firing on Israelis in West Bank 12/11 Israel lacks evidence against extremists in arson attack 11/10 Knife-wielding woman shot at checkpoint 11/09 Israel says Palestinian woman shot dead in attempted attack 11/09 Israel: Woman pulls knife at checkpoint, gets shot 11/09 Attacker Killed After Trying to Stab Israeli Policeman 10/12 PM orders new steps against terror 10/04 Israel launches Palestinian clampdown as fears of new intifada remain 10/04 Gaza rocket strikes southern Israel 10/04 Israel sends troops after settler couple killed in West Bank 10/02 Gunman Kills Two Israeli Parents Driving in West Bank 10/01 Israel jails two more far-right Jews without trial 08/09 Israel orders Jewish extremist jailed for 6 months without charges, trial following attacks 08/05 First Jewish suspect of violent attack detained without trial 08/05 Jewish extremist jailed for six months in Israel without trial using measure typically reserved for Palestinians 08/05 Israeli Extremist Detained Without Trial After Deadly West Bank Arson 08/04 Ya'alon orders administrative detention for Jewish extremist 08/04 First Israeli jailed without trial in sweep over West Bank arson 08/04 Firebombs thrown into home 08/03 In wake of attacks, Israel extends detention without trial to Israeli citizens 08/02 Iran mobile game simulates attack against Haifa 07/12 Israeli IDF officer shoots and kills 17-year-old Palestinian throwing stones at his car 07/03 Druze villagers kill wounded Syrian in Israeli ambulance 06/23 Israeli sympathy turns to outrage as Druze villagers attack ambulance, kill wounded Syrian 06/23 Newspaper reports that Israel built, exploded 'dirty bomb' with nuclear material in a test 06/08 Israeli leader says world silent on Gaza rocket attacks 06/07 Israel airstrikes hit Gaza after rocket attacks 06/04 Israel defense minister: Islamic Jihad behind Gaza flare-up 05/28 Israeli defense minister blames a smaller militant group in Gaza for latest escalation 05/27 Sudan shoots down Israeli drone 05/06 Saudis to Allow Israeli Jets Airspace for Strikes on Iran – Report 02/25 Israel, Lebanon calm simmering fear of war 01/29 Hezbollah's message for Israel 01/29 Iran seeks to open new 'terror front: Netanyahu 01/28 IDF Vehicle Comes Under Fire on Lebanon Border, 15 Israeli Soldiers Killed 01/28 Israel: Hezbollah 'wants to de-escalate border hostilities' 01/28 Report: Israel didn’t know Iranian general was in bombed convoy 01/21 Israel deploys Iron Dome batteries near Lebanon border 01/20 Arab cities see anti-Charlie Hebdo protests 01/16 Israeli nationalist leader in spotlight over 1996 Lebanon attack 01/06 Israeli soldiers kill West Bank Palestinian 12/16 'Palestinian suspected of acid attack on Jewish family' 12/12 Palestinian hitchhiker suspected of acid attack on Jewish family 12/12 Cops: Girl shot after knifing man 12/01 The first line of defense 11/23 Who can stop Jerusalem violence? 11/19 Reservists heading to Africa to join Ebola fight 11/18 Police: Palestinian attackers fatally shot 11/18 US Defense Secretary Rallies Troops Deploying to West Africa 11/18 Armenian troops keep on provocations on contact line 11/18 AIR DEFENSE: U.S. Army Buys Iron Dome 11/18 Georgia PM says country remains on pro-Western path 11/18 Obama orders hostage policy review in wake of 'evil' IS beheadings 11/18 Armenia violates ceasefire with Azerbaijan 11/18 EDCA oral arguments start; Saguisag says Aquino has no say on EDCA 11/18 Armenian President congratulates Sultan of Oman on National Day 11/18 OSCE monitoring held at Karabakh-Azerbaijan Line of Contact 11/18 South Africa: Defense lawyers to file for dismissal of case in the honeymoon murder trial 11/18 'I Specialize in Breaking Into Homes to Rape Housewives' 11/18 Four killed in Jerusalem synagogue terror attack 11/18