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News up to: Army Using Excessive Force Against Somali Civilians - Report 04/28 Report: Kenya, Ethiopia Using Excessive Force Against Somali Civilians 04/27 SC bins govt plea on army special powers 04/27 Centre's plea dismissed 04/27 Police violence against Native Americans in Arizona 04/27 Uganda: Police Charges Officer Who Told Museveni of Mafia in the Force 04/26 Burned-out cars & police brutality: VIDEOS capture violence in France amid presidential vote 04/24 T.I. speaks out on police brutality 04/24 With "Jungle" dismantled, migrants in Calais face police violence - report 04/24 Justices turn away appeal from Houston man shot by police 04/24 Ekpu Update: Youths Fled Ekpu Community Due To Police Brutality 04/24 Stitch by stitch, a brief history of knitting and activism 04/23 Phones and social media turn consumers into whistleblowers 04/13 Beslan school siege: Russia 'failed to prevent' 2004 massacre 04/13 Ho99o9 Gives Fierce Critique Of Racism In The Media With 'City Rejects' 04/13 Plea for army leeway in Manipur 04/12 Sacramento man accused of jaywalking tackled and punched by police 04/12 Colin Kaepernick's ex-teammates wonder why he hasn't been signed 04/11 Cops Evict Villagers to Make Way for First Lady 04/11 UN Warns EU Against Sending Asylum Seekers to Hungary Over Police Violence 04/10 Introduction to customizing pages by using Web Parts 04/08 US Judge Signs Baltimore Police Deal; Justice Department Objects 04/08 With Tanks, Grenades And Guns, Police Wage War On Rio de Janeiro's Poorest 04/07 Baltimore residents urge support of consent decree; Justice Dept. seeks delay 04/07 In blow to DOJ, federal judge approves Baltimore police reform agreement 04/07 Federal judge approves decree to reform Baltimore PD, over DOJ objection 04/07 Pepsi pulls controversial Kendall Jenner ad 04/06 Mayor who led Ferguson through turmoil is re-elected 04/05 Ferguson mayor re-elected 04/05 Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad faces backlash: 'Is this a sick joke?!' 04/05 KHRC wants probe into extra judicial killings 04/05 Kendall Jenner criticised over Pepsi advert 04/05 Divide and Conquer: NYPD Plants Undercover Cops Into Black Lives Matter Movement 04/05 Justice Department seeks delay on Baltimore police reform process 04/04 Siblings give Police 7 days to discipline officers over alleged brutality, detention 04/04 Confronting Power, Privilege, and Race in St. Louis 04/04 Ferguson, Mo., Residents Worry About Low Voter Turnout In Mayoral Election 04/04 Civil rights groups alarmed over retreat on police reforms 04/04 The Latest: Ferguson re-elects Knowles as mayor 04/04 Ferguson, Mo., Residents Worry About Low Voter Turnout In Mayoral Election 04/04 Progress Drags in Ferguson 04/03 Chechen Leaders Humiliate Critics On TV 04/03 Report: Excessive force continues at Rikers Island 04/03 Siblings give Police 7 days to discipline officers over alleged brutality, detention 04/03 'Fearless' anti-racism campaigner Darcus Howe dies 04/02 Tear gas, scuffles, projectiles flying at Paris rally against police brutality (VIDEOS) 04/02 Egypt's alternative facts 04/02 Thousands Protest Against Police Brutality in Paris After Murder of Chinese Man 04/02 The Double Standard of NYPD Leaks 03/31 ‘They come and kill us’ – France’s Chinese community decries police brutality & racism 03/30 News Roundup for March 30, 2017 03/30 Appeals court: Records of cop in Garner death aren't public 03/30 City Wins Two Cases To Keep Police Discipline Records Secret 03/30 Russian Filmmakers Urge Kremlin To Heed Young Protesters Calling For New Rally 03/29 Beijing, Paris React to 'Rising Tide of Racism' in France After Police Killing 03/29 Police high-handedness 03/29 Chinese community in France demands justice after Chinese man shot dead by police 03/29 West Ignores Paris Protests Caused by Police Killing - Zakharova 03/29 Caught In Protest Dragnet, Belarusians Accuse Police Of Brutality, Lies 03/29 Protesters and officers clash in Paris after deadly police shooting 03/28 Police, anti-brutality protesters clash in Paris for 2nd night after death of Chinese man (VIDEOS) 03/28 Now is not the time to isolate Belarus 03/28 1 injured in protest after Chinese man shot dead by Paris policeman at his home 03/27 News Roundup For March 27, 2017 03/27 Police Videos Aren't Going Away. How Can We Learn From Them? 03/25 Riot Police Arrest Hundreds At Minsk Protest, Beating Many 03/25 Lahu activist’s mentor reports ‘bullet’ threat to police 03/25 Latest Rikers brutality case fuels debate over jail's future 03/25 Teenager Calls Cops On His Mom For Confiscating His Cell Phone 03/25 Police Videos Aren't Going Away. How Can We Learn From Them? 03/25 Ottawa teen pulled over and punched in face by cop while handcuffed had rights violated: judge 03/25 Investigator who leaked chokehold officer's records resigns 03/23 UN Rights Body Should Launch Commission of Inquiry Into Kasai Violence 03/23 Pope Francis Reacts Divinely To Little Girl Snatching His Skullcap 03/22 Supreme Court Takes on Reasonable Force Case 03/22 Mapuches Protest Police Brutality 03/21 The Emergence Of The White Troll Behind A Black Face 03/21 Drugs, alcohol in blood of Paris Orly airport attacker 03/20 Trump takes credit for NFL QB's unemployment 03/20 Tear gas at Paris protest against ‘police brutality’ after alleged baton rape 03/20 Protesters march in Paris against police violence 03/19 John Singleton executive produces A&E doc 'L.A. Burning: The Riots 25 Years Later' 03/19 Molotov cocktails & tear gas: Clashes erupt at police brutality protest in Paris (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 03/19 Police use tear gas in Paris demo against police 'brutality' 03/19 Mass rally in Paris against police brutality 03/19 Thousands Protest Against Police Brutality in Central Paris 03/19 Stephen Colbert Hilariously Imagines Donald Trump's Other 'Irish' Proverbs 03/18 Congo forces targeting civilians, denying peacekeepers access - UN 03/18 Angola: Respect Women’s Right to March 03/17 Rapper Threatens to ‘Pimp’ Melania After President Trump Tweets About Snoop Dogg 03/16 Stunning Photos Show Off Cherry Blossoms Around The World 03/16 Prosecutor dismisses new Ferguson video 03/14 New Michael Brown Video in Ferguson; Climate Kids Sue Donald Trump 03/14 The Latest: Prosecutor says Ferguson video heavily edited 03/13 Documentary reignites controversy over Michael Brown's actions before Ferguson shooting 03/13 Prosecutor: Film's edit of Ferguson video distorts incident 03/13 What new video reveals about the Michael Brown shooting (+video) 03/13 WATCH: Snoop Dogg Shoots a Clown Dressed as Trump in New Music Video 03/13 Video Poses New Questions About 2014 Ferguson Police Shooting 03/13 DJ, girlfriend sentenced in Bali killing of police officer 03/13