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Egypt - Sinai

Violence in the Sinai peninsula


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News up to: Roadside bomb kills 3 policemen in Egypt's Sinai 03/25 Roadside bomb, sniper kill 4 policemen in Egypt's Sinai 03/25 Ten Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai bombings 03/23 10 Egyptian soldiers killed in bombings 03/23 Several Egyptian soldiers killed in double roadside bombing in Sinai 03/23 Ten Egyptian troops killed by bombs during Sinai fighting: spokesman 03/23 Egypt's army says fighting with Islamic extremists in central Sinai has killed 10 soldiers 03/23 Egypt says fighting in central Sinai leaves 10 soldiers dead 03/23 Egyptian soldiers killed by roadside bombs in central Sinai: military 03/23 Roadside bombs kill 10 Egyptian soldiers 03/23 Egypt Says 10 Soldiers and 15 Militants Are Killed in Sinai Fight 03/23 Egyptian Christians Say Government Is 'Apathetic' About Protecting Them From ISIS 03/22 Israel launches surprise military exercises in south 03/20 Egypt Struggles to Counter Insurgency in Sinai 03/18 Rocket siren sounds in Jordan valley, explosion heard 03/16 Netanyahu meets with Putin, raises red flags on Iran 03/09 ISIS butchering Egyptian Christians in their own homes 03/08 Egyptian Government Says 258 Coptic Christian Families Fled After ISIS Attacks 03/08 ISIS murdering Coptic Christians on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula over faith 03/06 ISIS Violence, Intimidation Escalate in Egypt's Sinai 03/02 Egypt's Sissi vows to help Coptic Christians fleeing Sinai 03/01 Amnesty says Egypt has failed to protect Christians 03/01 Watchdog: Tunnels caught Israel off-guard in 2014 Gaza war 02/28 Muslim, Christian clerics convene co-existence meeting 02/28 Sisi defends anti-IS fight after Copts flee Sinai 02/28 IS militants in north Sinai showing their strength 02/28 Egypt Gov't Deplored for Failing to Protect Fleeing Christians 02/28 Video shows beheading of sailor by ISIS-linked terrorists 02/27 IS militants abduct 4 alleged informants in Egypt, killing 2 02/27 Egypt puts off higher entry visa charges until July 1 02/27 Over 100 Families of Egyptian Christians Fled Sinai From Extremists – Archpriest 02/27 More than 100 Christian families escape Sinai after chilling ISIS threat 02/27 Egypt puts off raising entry visa price for visitors 02/26 Egypt put off plans to raise entry visa price for visitors 02/26 Egyptian Christians fearing terror flee Sinai for 4th day 02/26 Egypt says near meeting Russia's airport security demands 02/26 Egypt's Sisi orders cabinet to help resettle Sinai Christians feeing Islamic State 02/25 Copts Flee Sinai As ISIS Targets Christians 02/25 Egypt Christians flee Sinai after a spate of attacks 02/24 Egypt's Christians flee Sinai amid Islamic State killing spree 02/24 Egypt's Coptic Christians flee Sinai after deadly attacks 02/24 Egypt's Christians Face More Threats From ISIS 02/24 Christians flee Egypt's Sinai after militant killings 02/24 Copts flee Sinai after suspected Islamic State attacks 02/24 Egypt Christian Shot Dead, House Burned Down 02/24 Militants kill 2 Christians in Egypt's Sinai 02/22 Israeli army: Sinai militant fire hits Israel, no one hurt 02/20 Islamic State posts video of man it says was Egypt church bomber 02/19 Islamists murder Coptic teacher in northern Sinai 02/17 Bomb kills at least five soldiers in Northern Sinai 02/17 Teacher shot in head by radical Islamists as attacks on Christians in Egypt escalate 02/17 Egypt official: Suspected militants kill Christian in Sinai 02/16 Militants kill Christian in Egypt's Sinai, second in a week 02/16 ISIS Kill Christian in Egypt's Sinai, Second in a Week 02/16 Militants kill Christian in Egypt's Sinai, second in a week 02/16 Israeli envoy to Cairo ordered to stay home due to threats 02/14 IS executes 5 Egyptians accused of aiding army 02/11 Daesh executes five Egyptians accused of aiding army 02/11 IS group executes 5 Egyptians it accuses of spying for army 02/11 UN condemns ISIS rocket firings at Israel 02/10 IS says it fired rockets at Israel's Eilat from Egypt 02/09 Daesh claims it fired rockets at Israel's Eilat from Egypt 02/09 Israel says rockets fired from Egypt at resort town, no 02/08 Israeli military shoots down rockets fired from Egypt 02/08 Egyptian army kills 14 Daesh-linked terrorists in restive Sinai 02/06 Egypt: Egypt Army Kills 14 Militants in Central Sinai - Army Spokesman 02/06 Egyptian army kills 14 militants in central Sinai raid - spokesman 02/06 Islamic militants say 20 soldiers killed, wounded in Sinai 01/31 Back to favorite topic, Egypt's leader blasts "evil people" 01/28 Israel issues travel warning on Egypt's uprising anniversary 01/25 Hamas leader Haniyeh in Cairo to discuss fighting former ally ISIS 01/24 Israel Advises Citizens in Egypt's Sinai to Leave, Cites Attack Risk 01/24 Amnesty urges Egypt to investigate Sinai killings by police 01/23 Egyptian soldiers killed by gunmen in Sinai 01/23 Egyptian army says militants kill 5 soldiers in Sinai 01/23 Muslim Extremists Committing 'Horrific Acts Every Day' Against Christians in Egypt 01/21 Egypt police killed in attack on desert checkpoint 01/17 Gunmen kill eight police officials in southwest Egypt 01/17 Egypt says gunmen kill 8 policemen at desert checkpoint 01/16 Residents of Egypt's northern Sinai threaten protests 01/15 Israeli official: Cooperation strong with Egypt 01/11 After Sinai attack, Egypt leader says tough battle ahead 01/10 Truck bomb kills 8 police in Egypt’s Sinai 01/09 Eight Egyptian Police Killed In Attack 01/09 Egypt police station suicide attack kills eight in Sinai 01/09 Militants Attack Police Checkpoint in Sinai, and ISIS Is Suspected 01/09 Suicide bomber driving truck packed with explosives hits Egyptian security post in Sinai, killing at least 10  01/09 With big gains in N. Sinai, ISIS drives south 01/09 13 Egyptian security forces killed in militant attack in Sinai: Reports 01/09 Roadside bomb kills police officer, soldier in Egypt 12/31 Another Egyptian Leader Fails to Protect Coptic Christians 12/22 Like Past Egyptian Leaders, El-Sissi Has Failed to Protect Coptic Christians 12/19 Egypt church attack prompts fears of militant escalation 12/17 Egypt executes militant convicted in 2013 attack on police 12/15 Cairo church bombing kills 25, raises fears among Christians 12/12 Twenty-five dead and 49 wounded after bombing near Cairo Coptic church during Sunday mass 12/11 Blast inside Cairo's Coptic cathedral kills at least 20, injures 35 12/11 Cairo Church Bombing Kills 25, Raises Fears Among Christians 12/11 Bombing in Cairo church kills 25, raises fears among Christians 12/11 Blast Inside Cairo's Coptic Cathedral Kills At Least 25 People 12/11