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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Somalia: imminent execution of two children 04/29 Somaliland:Kuwaiti medical team examines 600 Somalian patients 04/29 [ 29th April 2017 ] Somalia;Minister of Information of Somalia re-assures the Media Law will be reviewed Featured 04/29 U.S. Visas Issued To Iranians Plummet By Nearly Half From Last Year 04/28 No Confirmation of Reported Changes to U.S. Immigration Policies for Somalis 04/28 Sheikh Awes Speaks Out Against New Islamist Group Al-Saadiun Bilxaq 04/28 Ahlusunah - Galmudug Power Sharing Talks Fail 04/28 Ethiopia sentences two al-Shabaab militants 04/28 KDF Airstrikes in Somalia Reportedly Killed Militants 04/28 A Somali Elder Shot Dead in Northern Galkayo City 04/28 Galmudug and Ahlu Sunna Fail to Meet in Mogadishu 04/28 EUCAP Somalia Organizes Seamanship and Engineering Course in Mogadishu 04/28 EU Maritime Capacity Building Mission Organizes CID Training Course in Hargeisa 04/28 Somalia: $100 cash grants will help 55,000 families overcome drought 04/28 Somali trader's life in South Africa 04/28 Ethiopia sentences 2 accused al-Shabab members to prison 04/28 EU Condemns the Recent Executions in Somalia 04/28 In absence of law, fates of 4,500 citizenship applicants hang in balance 04/28 Number of US Visas to Citizens of Trump Travel Ban Nations Drops 04/28 Erdogan Says West Ignores Famine in Somalia 04/28 Military Courts Executes Terror Suspects 04/28 Army Using Excessive Force Against Somali Civilians - Report 04/28 UN issues ultimatum as millions face starvation 04/28 Somalia: Halt Execution Spree Of Children In Puntland 04/28 Why Muslims are marching for climate 04/28 UN food agencies urge Governments to step up food action in African countries facing famine 04/28 Somali Lawmaker Narrowly Escapes Roadside Blast 04/28 NISA Officer Gunned Down in Somali Capital - Police 04/27 Al-Shabab shoots dead senior national security officer in Somalia 04/27 Somali Pirate Sentenced to Life Over U.S. Ashland Attack 04/27 Farmaajo Holds Talks With Host Erdogan 04/27 Somalia Envoy Urges Protection of Businessmen in South Sudan 04/27 Somalia's al Shabaab kills senior national security officer - police 04/27 Somalia Signs Agreement With Turkey in Ankara 04/27 Manufacturing Consent: UK PR Firm Hired by Saudi Arabia to Promote 'Muslim NATO' 04/27 Report: Kenya, Ethiopia Using Excessive Force Against Somali Civilians 04/27 Nigerian shot dead in S/Africa by Somalian - Union 04/27 Secret U.S. Military Documents Reveal America’s War-Fighting Footprint In Africa 04/27 ANALYSIS-Number of U.S. visas to citizens of Trump travel ban nations drops 04/27 No Confirmation of Reported Changes to US Immigration Policies for Somalis 04/27 EUCAP Somalia organizes Seamanship and Engineering course in Mogadishu and refurbishes classrooms at the Police Academy 04/27 Local EU Statement on the recent executions in Somalia 04/27 Somaliland:FM meets with Visiting European Union Ambassador Veronique Lorenzo 04/27 WHO AWD Surge Team field visit to Somali Region 04/27 ISIS weapons being captured by Canadian woman working to disarm terrorists 04/27 Fresh version of ‘A man like you’ returns to Braeburn stage 04/27 The European Union Delegation issues the following statement jointly with the EU Missions in Somalia 04/27 Ivanka Trump talks about allowing Syrian refugees into US 04/27 Militants Kill Somali Intelligence Officer Outside His Home 04/27 Farmaajo Arrives in Turkey for 5th State Visit 04/27 Mogadishu Flights Safe from Laptop Attacks - Officials 04/26 Somaliland:Nasra’s story touched Dahabshiil Chief Executive Officer, Abdirashid Duale 04/26 Somaliland:Somali tech accelerator supports entrepreneurs 04/26 In drought-hit Somalia, children also face potentially deadly measles threat 04/26 UN Launches Lifesaving Vaccination Campaign for Children Facing Measles Threat 04/26 Al-Shabaab and AU Troops Clash in Central Somalia 04/26 President Set to Meet With His Turkish Counterpart 04/26 Miraa export to Mogadishu resumes after 4-day standoff 04/26 Somali pirate sentenced to life over USS Ashland attack -Justice Dept. 04/26 Minnesota woman gets probation for supporting al-Shabab 04/26 A Glimpse on Mercy corps program achievements in ... 04/26 [ 26th April 2017 ] La Taliyaha Amniga Qaranka oo faahfaahiyey Qorshaha Amniga Qaranka Soomaaliyeed Af-Soomaali 04/26 A nation that doesn’t officially exist: on Somaliland’s campaign to build a national library in Hargeisa 04/26 NASA Will Withdraw KDF From Somalia if It Wins Vote 04/26 Somali Pirate Gets Life in Prison for Attack on US Naval Ship 04/26 Climate change deepening Horn of Africa's hunger crisis, Oxfam says 04/26 Somali Pirate Sentenced to Life in Prison for 2010 Attack on US Navy Ship 04/26 Somalia envoy urges protection of businessmen in S. Sudan 04/26 Somali pirate gets life in prison for attack on US Navy ship 04/26 About the London Somalia Conference in May, 2017 04/25 Kenya's Hunger Crisis Fuelled By History of Rural Neglect 04/25 KDF Kills 52 Al-Shabab Fighters 04/25 Djibouti: U.S. Defense Secretary Visits Strategic Base in Djibouti 04/25 Curbing Resurgence of Somali Piracy 04/25 UK Announces New Support for Somalia Security Reform 04/25 U.S. Congress Meet Over Famine, Conflict in Somalia 04/25 Save the Children Charity Alarms Somali Malnutrition 04/25 U.S. Says Its Troops in Somalia Are Non-Combat 04/25 Somali Military Court Executes Soldier for Murder 04/25 Turkish NGO Sends Aid to Drought-Hit Somalia 04/25 UN: Aid Funds to Stop Famine in Nigeria's Northeast may Dry up by June 04/25 Police - Al-Shabab Suspects Nabbed in Qoryoley Sweep 04/25 Farmaajo Appoints Banaadir Deputy Gov's And General Secretary Including 2 Women. 04/25 Court Summons ICRC After Breaching Employment Law 04/25 East Africa: Tanzania Maintains Place As Second Largest Military Spender 04/25 Somalia: U.S. Offers Training As Somalia Fights for Security 04/25 UPDATE 1-Somalia executes four it says were al Shabaab fighters behind 2016 attack 04/25 Hundreds Killed in Diarrhoea Outbreak 04/25 Somali-American Ilhan Omar on historic US election win 04/25 Officials: Mogadishu Flights Safe from Laptop Attacks 04/25 [ 25th April 2017 ] In Somalia, children also face potentially deadly measles threat Featured 04/25 EDITORIAL: Clear mystery surrounding military budget, spending 04/25 Somalia: UN launches lifesaving vaccination campaign for children facing measles threat 04/25 US Defense Secretary Mattis visits strategic Djibouti 04/24 ‘East Africa’ 04/24 US: Famine Could Be Cause of Uptick in Piracy off Somalia 04/24 Rwanda: Return Home, Zimbabwe Tells Rwandan Refugees 04/24 Al Shabaab Ambushes Govt Military Convoy Near Afgoye 04/24 UK Takes Leadership Role to Campaign for Somalia in International Level, Says Eng. Yarisow 04/24 Factional Fighting in Al-Shabaab Has Security Agencies on High Alert 04/24