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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Somaliland:We call on Ambassador Andrew Allen to withdraw his Biased Remarks -Concerned Citizens 03/27 Somaliland:We’re not a part of Somalia, Mr. Tru... 03/27 Somaliland:We call on Ambassador Andrew Allen to withdraw his Biased Remarks -Concerned Citizens 03/27 Somaliland:We’re not a part of Somalia, Mr. Trump — and don’t belong in your ban 03/27 Somalia Spirals towards Famine as Humanitarian Crisis Looms 03/27 South Sudan president accepts unilateral ceasefire 03/27 Call to Repatriate Somalia Refugees 03/27 Africa: African Press Review 27 March 2017 03/27 KDF Raid Al-Shabaab Bases, Kill 31 Terrorists 03/27 Nigerian AMISOM Police Fined U.S.$200 for Killing 2 Goats 03/27 Farmaajo Meets Museveni 5yrs After 'Wise Advice' 03/27 Explosion Kills Two People in Kenya's Border Town 03/27 Kenya says its army killed 31 extremists in Somalia 03/27 Speaker Jawari - PM Should Review His Cabinet Lineup 03/27 Twin Explosions Hit Mogadishu 03/27 IGAD Leaders Convene Special Summit On Somali Refugees 03/27 IGAD Heads of States Declare Regional Responsibility to Deal With Somali Refugee Crisis 03/27 Somali President Meets With Museveni in Kenya 03/27 IGAD Heads of States Agree to Facilitate Voluntary Return of Somali Refugees 03/27 East Africa: IGAD Summit On Somali Refugees Starts in Nairobi 03/27 IGAD Summit: UNHCR appeals for continued and strong support to Somalia and countries hosting Somali refugees 03/27 Experts Say Climate Change May Be Making African Drought Worse 03/27 IGAD Summit: UNHCR appeals for continued and strong support to Somalia and countries hosting Somali refugees 03/27 KDF raid Al-Shabaab bases, kill 31 militants 03/27 Farmaajo Asks Parliament to Drop Petition Against New Cabinet 03/27 East Africa: Military Exercises by Amisom and US Focus on Somalia Exit 03/27 Africa: Africa Can't Get Counter-Terrorism Wrong Again 03/27 Somalia: HRW - Attack On Somali Refugee Boat 'Likely War Crime' 03/27 President Returns Home After Historic Visit to Kenya 03/27 AU Team Now Gauging Somalia's Capacity in Exit Strategy 03/27 Somalia: Ethiopian Troop Withdrawal From Elbur Shocks DC 03/27 Turkish Red Crescent Assess Drought 03/27 Kenyan forces kill 31 al Shabaab militants in Somalia -statement 03/27 31 militants killed in attack by Kenya's military in Somalia 03/27 More than 30 al-Shabab Militants Killed Somali, Kenyan Officials Report 03/27 Global Health: As Cholera Spreads, Somalia Begins Vaccination Campaign 03/27 East Africa: Fighting Somali Piracy - Don't Get the Next Steps Wrong 03/27 Egyptian court jails 56 over migrant boat shipwreck 03/26 IGAD Leaders to Help Send Refugees Back Home 03/26 IGAD Summit: Refugee camp never meant to be permanent home 03/26 Yemen: Attack on Refugee Boat Likely War Crime 03/26 US troops for Libya, escalation in Somalia 03/26 HRW Highlights 'Need for Accountability' as Yemen War Enters Year 2 03/26 Egypt convicts 56 over migrant boat sinking that killed 200 03/26 Likely war crime: Alleged Saudi coalition strike on refugee boat condemned by HRW 03/26 Drought-stricken Somalia battles hunger and cholera 03/26 Alleged iPad Terror Plot Prompts US and UK to Ban Computers From Airplanes 03/26 Egypt sentences 56 over migrant boat disaster 03/26 US and UK laptop bans on some Middle East flights come into effect 03/25 More authority to act in Somalia would be "very helpful" -U.S. general 03/25 Three Somaliland Journalists Detained in One Week 03/25 Museveni vows more efforts to achieve peace in Sudan 03/25 New Somali govt could fasttrack Amisom exit 03/25 Against the Current: 'Persecuted' Norwegian Muslims Fleeing to Islamic Nations 03/25 Somali refugees return home amid new leadership 03/25 Somalia is doing well to restore peace - says Uhuru 03/25 East African bloc: Members to allow Somali refugees to work 03/25 AU team now gauging Somalia's capacity in exit strategy 03/25 Somalia's proposed new cabinet challenged by lawmakers 03/25 Somalia Asks IGAD Leaders To Help Tackle Refugee Crisis 03/25 Two months in, Trump suffers string of defeats 03/25 UN says over 100 civilians killed each month as Yemen war enters third year 03/25 New Govt Could Fast Track Amisom Exit 03/25 Call to repatriate Somalia refugees 03/25 From The ‘Nation Of Poets’ To Trump’s America, One Somali-Born Writer Is Giving Refugees A Voice 03/25 100 Yemeni civilians killed every month by Saudi coalition: OHCHR 03/25 Kenya to Reopen Border With Somalia 03/24 7mn people face starvation as Yemen heads towards man-made famine – Oxfam 03/24 Africa: Famine Crisis - Massive Funding Shortfall Threatens UN Relief for Africa's Starving 03/24 Car Bomb Kills 1, Injures 2 in Mogadishu 03/24 AfricCom chief favors more aggressive approach in Somalia 03/24 Famine risk, Alfano: "Emergency assistance from Italy for Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen" 03/24 Famine risk, Alfano: “Emergency assistance from Italy for Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen” 03/24 More authority to act in Somalia would be 'very helpful' - U.S. general 03/24 Over 100 Civilians Killed in Yemen in March, Mainly by Coalition Strikes 03/24 Say What? US Has Indications Daesh, al-Shabaab Open to Reconciliation 03/24 Car bomb near Somalia presidential palace kills 1, hurts 2 03/24 Plan to ramp up Somalia anti-terror campaign goes to Trump 03/24 Somali pirates seize trawler, likely for hijackings: Police 03/24 Food for Thought: Termites, Synthetic Milk Could Eliminate Famine 03/24 President Appeals for Famine Assistance 03/24 Police: Somali Pirates Take Over Somali Vessel to Use as Floating Base 03/24 Somalia: Security Council Extends the Mandate of UNSOM 03/24 Kenya, Somalia eye closer ties in war against terrorism 03/24 Uhuru announces direct flights to Mogadishu 03/24 Somali president pleads to UN for aid to avert famine 03/24 Kenya, Somalia Open a New Charter of Cooperation 03/24 President Kenyatta Toasts to Farmajo's Election At State Banquet 03/24 Flights Between Nairobi, Mogadishu to Relaunch in Two Weeks 03/24 Farmaajo Honored With as Kenya And Somalia Sign a 'New Chapter of Cooperation' 03/24 More aggressive approach in Somalia favored, AFRICOM chief says 03/24 In pictures: Famine threatens Somaliland 03/24 Canada Passes Anti-Islamophobia Motion In Spite Of Trolls 03/24 IGAD leaders convene special summit on Somalia’s refugees 03/24 Saudi Arabia threatens to attack Yemen's Hudaydah port 03/24 Hayatou´s At CAF Stirs Calls for New Football Officials in Somalia 03/23 Yemen and Somalia 'Months Away' From Famine 03/23 Somali President to Meet With His Kenya Counterpart 03/23 Somalia: Ten Killed in Al Shabaab Attack in Somali Port Town 03/23 Kenya, Somalia open a new charter of cooperation 03/23