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Georgia - South Ossetia


Russia-supported breakaway republic of Georgia
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.8 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 300,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: North-Ossetian authorities promise housing to relatives of victims of Beslan terror act 04/25 The Daily Vertical: Russia's Virtual Empire (Transcript) 04/20 Truck drivers of North Ossetia stop their strike and create own transport company 04/20 Truckers of North Ossetia announce termination of their protest action 04/19 The Daily Vertical: Russia's Post-Soviet Protection Racket (Transcript) 04/19 Russian Foreign Minister's Planned Visit To Abkhazia Angers Tbilisi 04/18 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of April 10-16 04/17 Mufti of North Ossetia condemns attacks on Beslan's mothers after they win case at ECtHR 04/17 Russia furious at European court’s ruling of how it handled Beslan school siege that left 330 dead 04/13 Idea to rename South Ossetia supported by 80% of voters 04/13 European Court Says Russia Failed To Protect Beslan Victims 04/13 European Rights Court Faults Russian Response to Beslan School Siege 04/13 South Ossetian Voters Rebuke the Kremlin 04/13 In North Ossetia, truck drivers' demands ignored, protestors claim 04/13 Alania re-emerges from history, Georgia pist 04/11 South Ossetia's Bibilov Wins Election, Puts Moscow In A Bind 04/11 Baku not recognizes independence of South Ossetia 04/10 Bibilov Wins South Ossetia Vote Denounced by Georgia, U.S., And EU 04/10 South Ossetia wants to join Russia like Crimea 04/10 EU Refuses to Recognize Presidential Election, Referendum in South Ossetia 04/10 Georgia's breakaway region elects new leader 04/10 NATO condemns illegitimate elections and referendum in Georgia's occupied territories - Statement by the NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu 04/10 'Logical Cooperation': Serbia to Join Russia-Led Defense Bloc in War Games 04/10 Putin Congratulates Bibilov on Election as S Ossetia President 04/10 Azerbaijan refuses to recognize election in South Ossetia 04/10 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of April 3-9 04/10 South Ossetian CEC confirms data of Anatoly Bibilov's electoral office about his victory 04/10 President Election in S. Ossetia Met Democratic Principles – Duma Observers Head 04/09 Terms Of 'Union' With Russia Dominate South Ossetian Presidential Election 04/09 All Clear: No Violations Registered at South Ossetia Presidential Election 04/09 South Ossetia to Ignore US Position Amid Republic's Presidential Elections 04/09 South Ossetia Says Bibilov Leads Vote In Election Condemned By Georgia, U.S. As 'Iillegitimate' 04/09 U.S. Condemns 'Illegitimate' Elections In Georgian Breakaway Regions 04/08 South Ossetia to Ignore US Position Amid Republic's Presidential Elections 04/08 Terms Of 'Union' With Russia Dominate South Ossetian Presidential Election 04/08 US Refuses to Recognize Results of Upcoming South Ossetia Elections 04/07 Spectators of "Aftermath" do not treat Arnold Schwarzenegger as Vitaly Kaloev 04/06 Four trucks of drivers on protest damaged in Manas 04/01 Russia Signs Military Units Inclusion Agreement With South Ossetia 04/01 Russia Signs Military Units Inclusion Agreement With South Ossetia 03/31 Dagestan: truckers’ rally disrupted 03/31 KChR’s truckers declare endless protest action 03/29 Russian UN Envoy Says Georgia May Wreck Geneva Talks on South Ossetia, Abkhazia 03/28 Dagestani truck drivers demand to cancel "Platon" system and reduce petrol excises 03/28 North-Ossetian truckers voice new demands to authorities 03/28 Coordinator of truck drivers arrested in Novorossiysk 03/28 South Ossetia to Hold Referendum on Joining Russia After April 9 Election 03/24 Russia, S Ossetia to Sign Additional Agreement on Armed Forces Cooperation Soon 03/21 South-Ossetian SC not to reconsider decision on Eduard Kokoity's claim 03/20 Putin Gives Green Light For Incorporating Some South Ossetian Units Into Russian Army 03/20 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events on March 13-19 03/20 U.S. 'Condemns' Russian Move To Integrate Breakaway Georgian Region's Military 03/15 Moscow Moves to Absorb Rebel Georgian Region's Military 03/14 Putin approves army deal with Georgia's South Ossetia 03/14 Moscow Moves To Incorporate Breakaway Georgian Region's Military 03/14 Putin Orders to Sign Agreement to Include S Ossetia Divisions in Russian Army 03/14 The Complications Of Living In Russia-Occupied South Ossetia 03/13 Kokoity’s supporters protest despite promises 03/13 Russian Gov't Approves Draft Bill to Include S Ossetia Divisions in Russian Army 03/13 Along A Shifting Border, Georgia And Russia Maintain An Uneasy Peace 03/13 Army units of South Ossetia to join Russian armed forces 03/13 Pardoned treason prisoner freed in Russia 03/12 Abkhazian President Says Confident of Peaceful Conduct of Sunday's Elections 03/11 Russia and Ossetia to unite their armies 03/10 Former South Ossetian Leader To Appeal Election Ban 03/09 "Garage" Museum to exhibit paintings of artists of southern Russia at first triennial exposition 03/09 Kokoity appeals against refusal to register him at election of head of South Ossetia 03/09 Political analysts state growth of tension in North Ossetia 03/08 North-Ossetian authorities deny involvement in organizing rally in Vladikavkaz 03/06 Kokoity rejected registration as candidate for presidency in South Ossetia 03/04 Statement by the NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu on developments along administrative boundary lines in Georgia 02/28 Moscow Dismisses 'Speculations' About Review of Abkhazia, South Ossetia Status 02/28 ‘Still looking for Iraqi WMDs?’ & other most memorable quotes from Vitaly Churkin 02/20 Universal demands to allow screening "Fifty Shades Darker" in Vladikavkaz 02/18 Alleged coordinators of “death groups” detained in North Ossetia 02/17 U.S. Condemns South Ossetia Name-Change Referendum 02/15 ‘Hope they didn’t twist reality’ – Russian man whose loss inspired US movie 02/11 Debt of Dagestani enterprises for electricity exceeds half billion roubles 02/10 Tbilisi Blasts South Ossetia For Jailing Georgian Man 02/06 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of January 30 to February 5 02/06 The Daily Vertical: Playing Putin's Border Game (Transcript) 02/06 Georgian women released from South-Ossetian SIZO 02/04 Georgian Leader Congratulates Abkhazia, Ossetia With EU Parliament Visa Decision 02/02 Residents of South Ossetia complain about being forced to visit meeting in support of Tibilov 02/01 Freedom House recognizes South Ossetia and Azerbaijan as non-free 02/01 Passes to frontier zone cancelled for citizens of South Ossetia 01/28 "Electrozink" is preparing for modernization 01/24 North Ossetia had no victims of armed conflict in Q4 2016 01/18 ECtHR awards compensation of 19,500 euros for torture at North-Ossetian police 01/17 Georgia Condemns Russian Demolition Of Church, Polish Cemetery In Abkhazia 01/11 The Daily Vertical: Putin's New Year (Transcript) 01/09 Returning home to find your house in a 'different country' 01/09 U.S. Senators Conclude Georgia Visit Pledging Tougher Russia Sanctions 01/02 U.S. Senator McCain Visits Georgia's Breakaway Region Frontier 01/01 Georgia Considers Referendum on Renaming South Ossetia to Alania Illegitimate 12/30 Tech failure, human error main theories for Tu-154 crash, not terrorism – Russian transport minister 12/26 Belarusian FM In Tbilisi To Open Embassy 12/20 New Russian-Language Websites Offer Reality Check For Local Audiences 12/19 Russia's Surprising Friends & Alllies 12/15 EU Monitoring Mission In Georgia Prolonged Until December 2018 12/12