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Crackdowns on protests in Lhasa
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 80.3 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BBB

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Geneva building in protest before China rights meeting 10/22 Tibetans protest at UN against China rights abuses 10/22 West criticises, China defends human rights record at UN 10/22 Tibet: A Wave of Self-Immolations 10/22 Tibetan protest at UN against China ‘rights abuses’ 10/22 China crackdown under scrutiny at UN rights review 10/22 China's new leadership should use 'common sense': Dalai Lama 10/21 Tibetan poet gives voice to dead protesters in new book 10/17 On The Observers: Tibetan villages revolt against imposition of Chinese flags 10/10 Tibet: Chinese police 'fired into protesters' 10/09 China: End “outrageous” police violence against Tibetan protesters 10/09 Chinese police fire on Tibetan protesters: rights groups 10/09 Activists: Chinese Police Fire on Protesters in Tibet, Wounding Dozens 10/08 Chinese security forces shoot at Tibetan protesters: rights group 10/08 World Briefing | Asia: China: Police Fire on Tibetan Protesters, Report Says 10/08 Chinese Police Open Fire on Peaceful Protesters in Tibet 10/08 Stick to path of non-violence says Tibetan PM-in-exile 10/02 Dalai Lama weighs in on Myanmar... 10/02 Tibetan Dies After Setting Himself on Fire to Protest Chinese Policies 09/29 Dalai Lama appeals to Myanmar monks to respect Muslims 09/18 Suu Kyi meets Dalai Lama, risking China's ire 09/17 Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi meets Dalai Lama, risking China's ire 09/15 The “Patriotic Education” of Tibet 08/21 Entertainment Industry Leads Outcry Against Russia 08/11 Entertainment world leads outcry against Russia 08/10 Tibetan Sets Himself on Fire at Buddhist Shrine 08/06 Tibetan monk burns himself to death in Nepal 08/06 Tibetan exile burns himself to death in Nepal 08/06 Tibetan Buddhism art exhibition held in Heilongjiang 07/25 Tibetan monk sets himself on fire, report says 07/21 Tibetan dies after self-immolation, reports say 07/21 Tibetans Losing Patience with Peaceful Protest 07/17 Tibet's National Spirit Advisor 07/16 Americans protest against Zimmerman acquittal 07/16