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Crackdowns on protests in Lhasa
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 80.3 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BBB

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News up to: Tibetan survivors of self-immolations face brutal fate: Rights group 03/20 Tibetan Protest Marks 2008 Massacre 03/18 China's top court makes dealing with terror crimes its priority 03/12 China says Dalai Lama less and less influential, but must reincarnate 03/11 Chinese politician criticises Dalai Lama for saying he may not reincarnate 03/11 Tibetan Uprising Day: Stir outside Chinese embassy 03/10 India police detain Tibetan protesters outside Chinese Embassy on anniversary of 1959 uprising 03/10 Protests mark Tibet Uprising Day in India Nepal 03/10 Indian Police Detain Tibetan Protesters 03/10 Tibetan Uprising Day: Stir outside Chinese embassy 03/10 Tibetan Self-immolates in Ngaba 03/08 China says progress being made on India border talks 03/07 Geneva rights summit draws world attention 02/24 PM Modi`s visit to Arunachal: China summons Indian envoy to lodge protest 02/21 China protests at Indian PM's visit to disputed border region 02/21 China protests Modi’s visit to disputed border region 02/21 China protests Modi's visit to disputed border region 02/20 China protests PM Modi`s visit to disputed border region 02/20 China protests Indian PM's visit to disputed border region : February 20, 2015, 9:19 pm 02/20 Obama condemns extremists' exploitation of religion 02/06 Obama Meets With Dalai Lama in Washington Despite China’s Concerns 02/05 Obama, Dalai Lama to appear in public; move set to rile China 02/01 US President to appear in public with Dalai Lama, move sure to anger Beijing 01/31 China offers up to $50K in cash for terror tips in Tibet 01/31 China offers up to $50K in cash reward for terrorism-related tips in Tibet 01/31 15 Communist officials punished for aiding Dalai Lama in Tibet 01/28 Communist cadres in Tibet punished for helping Dalai Lama 01/28 China punishes officials in Tibet for joining independence groups, supporting Dalai Lama 01/28 Dalai Lama calls China a 'great' nation 01/27 Japan in a spot over Arunachal 01/19 Tibetans to resolve issue with China through dialogue 01/06 Prominent Tibetan Writer Takes on Facebook 12/30 Tibetan activist claims Facebook deleted post showing monk's protest 12/29 Police fire on Tibetans after self-immolations in Sichuan: rights group 12/26 Tibetan protests reported in China's Sichuan 12/26 Tibetan Monk Injured Amid Clashes With China's Police: Rights Group 12/26 Tibetan woman sets herself on fire in Sichuan town 12/23 Peshawar attack united nation against terrorism: Altaf 12/19 Tibetan Burns Himself to Death in China: Reports 12/16 'I may be the last Dalai Lama' 12/16 Freed Mongol dissident Hada says he was tortured in jail, remains under house arrest 12/15 Long-jailed Chinese dissident says was tortured in jail 12/15 China releases one of its longest-serving political prisoners, relative says 12/09 China Reportedly Releases Long-Serving Dissident 12/09 Mongol dissident Hada freed but in poor health, family says 12/09 DMK To Lead Road, Rail Roko Against Karnataka's Cauvery Dam Plans 11/24 Heads buried in sand in climate change protest ahead of Brisbane G20 summit 11/14 Tibetans unfurl banner in G20 protest 11/13 China to Punish Communist Officials Who Support Dalai Lama 11/05 Concerning The Current Wave of "Protest Demonstrations" Against His Holiness the Dalai Lama 11/03 China does not rule out Tibet visit by U.N. rights chief 10/23 UN Right Chief Talking to China About Tibet Visit 10/16 Address grievances in Tibet parliament-in-exile tells China 10/10 Reaction to Scots' vote, Uygur scholar's jailing show why China's different 09/27 Uighur Scholar's Life Sentence in China Will Chill Dissent: Experts 09/25 Spiritual leaders should make 21st century age of peace and compassion, says Dalai Lama 09/22 Group: Tibetan student dies after self-immolation 09/22 Scottish reverbations: Who might push for independence next? 09/22 Tibetan student burns to death in first self-immolation since April 09/21 Tibetan Student Self-immolates in Protest Against China 09/21 Tibetans stage protest outside Taj Palace 09/19 Tibetans stage protest against Chinese president's visit outside hotel 09/19 China-India Border Standoff Continues as Leaders Hold Summit 09/18 Tibetan activist Tenzin Tsundue detained by the police 09/17 Pro-Tibet activists protest Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to India 09/17 Pollution fears prompt protests against chemical plants and incinerators 09/17 Worry, mystification in China over Scotland independence vote 09/15 Tenzin Gyatso sera-t-il le dernier dalaï-lama? 09/12 Another Tibetan Reportedly Close to Death from Chinese Police Beating 09/11 COUNTER-TERRORISM: China Confronts Its Angry Ethnics 08/31 NDTV in Tibet: A Visit to Dalai Lama's Palace in Lhasa 08/25 Tibetan Deaths in Chinese Police Custody Draw International Scrutiny 08/22 Tibetan rights group claims five dead after unarmed protesters shot by police 08/21 Tibet group says 3 more dead after police shooting 08/21 Reports: 5 Tibetans Dead After Police Fire on Protestors 08/21 Five Tibetans confirmed killed after police open fire on protesters 08/20 Tibet group says 3 more dead after police shooting 08/20 Three more Tibetans die from shooting by Chinese police: rights group 08/20 Rights groups say two dead following Tibetan protests 08/19 2 killed in Tibet after police open fire on protesters, rights groups say 08/19 Tibetan groups say 2 dead after police shooting 08/18 Free Tibet: Fake Twitter Accounts Spread Chinese Propaganda 07/22 Over 5000 foreigners converge to listen to Dalai Lama 07/11 Resolving Conflicts in Artificial States 07/09 Champika’s Daily Mirror Says Dalai Lama Statement On Sri Lanka Anti-Muslim Violence Misleading 07/08 Dalai Lama issues plea to Buddhists in Myanmar, Sri Lanka 07/07 In Pictures: Dalai Lama leads peace prayers 07/07 Resolving Conflicts in Artificial States 07/07 Dalai Lama urges Buddhists to halt Muslim violence 07/06 Dalai Lama urges end to anti-Muslim violence 07/06 Tibet awaits Dalai Lamas return Sangay 07/06 Tibetan writers released from prison in China 07/02 Rock stars and celebrities get in a mess over Tibet and Palestinian cause 06/19 Chinese Foreign Minister's Visit: Tibetans Stage Protest 06/08 Tibetan Government in Exile Launches Awareness Campaign 06/05 Tibet Leaders Bid to Revive Drive for Autonomy from China 06/04 China fills stadium with 7,000 people to watch 55 be convicted of murder, separatism and terrorism 05/28 Dalai Lama congratulates Modi 05/17 Tibet propaganda boss vows to 'seal' internet to stop separatists 05/14 Complexity and conflict in Assam's 'Bodoland' 05/10