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News up to: 55 Stunning Images Of Muslim Women Protesting Around The World 03/27 Conservation jobs help alleviate poverty in Xinjiang 03/23 Xinjiang Man Sues Government Over Seized Giant Iron Meteorite 03/23 Blackwater founder to open bases in Xinjiang 03/22 Herdsman and government in court over found meteorite 03/22 Man accused of swallowing 60 pills to smuggle cocaine into China 03/22 Security situation in China's Xinjiang can worsen: New report 03/21 Scientists use remote sensing technology to detect underground Great Wall remains 03/20 Spring coming with festive Novruz holiday 03/20 Xinjiang to close 117 small coal mines in 2017 03/18 China Mulls Terror Response After Islamic State Threat 03/18 Winter sports begin Chinese 'spring' 03/18 Officials warn of global religious extremism threat to China 03/18 What do Islamic State and Tibet have to do with China’s crackdown in Xinjiang? 03/18 'No beards, no veils': Uighur life in China's Xinjiang 03/17 Result of CBA semifinals 03/17 Chinese traveller visits both ends of the globe - at the age of four 03/16 The Uighur pop singer trying to build bridges 03/16 Rising Uygur deputy and her two sessions 03/16 China corridor protest 03/16 A girl’s best friend: man asks for sweetheart’s hand with a 33-tonne ‘meteorite’ 03/15 Man proposes to girlfriend with 33-ton meteorite 03/15 'China-Pakistan economic corridor challenge to India's sovereignty' 03/15 Chinese Officials Warn of Global Religious Extremism Threat 03/13 China's Xinjiang resolutely fights terrorism as risks remain: officials 03/13 Five years on, why are China’s political stars shying from the limelight? 03/13 China shuts doors to overseas media in corridors of power 03/12 Xinjiang resolutely fights terrorism as risks remain: officials 03/12 China's Communist Party hardens rhetoric on Islam 03/12 Why China’s Hui Muslims fear they’re next to face crackdown on religion 03/11 Xinjiang herdsmen transfer their herds to spring pastures 03/11 Xi wants building "great wall of iron" for troubled Xinjiang 03/11 Xinjiang separatists biggest challenge to China’s security, stability, says official 03/10 Xi calls for building "great wall of iron" for safeguarding social stability in Xinjiang 03/10 Xinjiang separatists are China’s ‘most prominent’ challenge: official 03/10 Xi calls for building "great wall of iron" for Xinjiang's stability 03/10 China Focus: Belt and Road Initiative drives globalization 03/10 Xi calls for ‘great wall of iron’ to safeguard restive Xinjiang 03/10 Internet Trolls Spy on Chinese Social Networks for the US 03/10 Xinjiang to launch anti-extremism regulation 03/09 Pakistan takes measures to strengthen maritime security: Beijing Review 03/09 Seven teachers from Gwadar city arrived in China for four-month training 03/07 Communist Party boss of China’s Muslim region points to Trump ban in battle vs religious extremism 03/07 CPEC becomes center-point of transit trade routes 03/07 Restive Chinese region offers rewards to recruit more police 03/07 Hard-Pressed in Mideast, Daesh Threatens to 'Spill Rivers of Blood' in China 03/06 Liberals seeking a comeback take aim at their own party 03/06 ISIL threatens to shed rivers of blood in China 03/06 Xinjiang to recruit 3,000 policemen 03/06 How Terrorism Could Derail China's 'One Belt, One Road' 03/06 Tea party parallel? Liberals taking aim at their own party 03/04 China May Have to Get off Sidelines in Middle East 03/04 Uygur factory girl fights poverty from Great Hall of the People 03/04 Why China displayed military might in Xinjiang 03/03 Uighur IS fighters vow blood will "flow in rivers" in China 03/03 Isis Uighurs threaten ‘rivers of blood’ in China 03/02 Uighur Islamic State fighters vow blood will 'flow in rivers' in China 03/02 Uighur ISIS militants vow blood will 'flow in rivers' in China 03/02 Will Shed Blood Like Rivers: Latest ISIS Video Has China Worried 03/02 Anti-terror 'security state' in Xinjiang 03/01 ISIL video threatens China with 'rivers of bloodshed' 03/01 Bloody Islamic State video puts China in cross hairs 03/01 Local Industry and the CPEC Promise 03/01 Thawed spring in Xinjiang 03/01 Islamic State Video Threatens China With Homegrown Fighters 03/01 Islamic State militants from China vow to return home and "shed blood like rivers" 03/01 Uighur IS fighters vow blood will 'flow in rivers' in China 03/01 Opinion: Focusing on religious oppression in China misses the big picture 02/28 China holds mass police rally in Xinjiang as hundreds sent to anti-terror "frontline" 02/28 Rumors of New Generation Chinese Fighting Vehicle Explode After Photo Appears 02/28 Air forces join Xinjiang counter-terror drills 02/28 Chinese police hold 'anti-terror' rallies in Xinjiang 02/28 Frost in Xinjiang 02/28 Xinjiang deploys over 10,000 armed police in latest show of force after terror attacks 02/28 Tea culture in Kashgar, northwest China 02/27 Faster train route links NW China logistics hub to Kazakhstan 02/25 Land rush around Pakistan's Gwadar port triggered by Chinese investment 02/23 Xinjiang’s Party chief secretly investigates how the region is maintaining stability 02/23 Chinese city in restive Xinjiang offers huge rewards for anti-terror tips 02/22 Environmental indicators given more weight than GDP in official performance assessments 02/22 Police in China's restive Xinjiang to track cars by GPS 02/21 Region in China’s restive Xinjiang orders tracking of vehicles as anti-terror measure 02/21 Prefecture in China's Xinjiang to track cars by satellite 02/21 Baloch, Sindhi activists hold anti-CPEC protest outside Chinese embassy in 02/21 Region in China's restive Xinjiang to track vehicles as anti-terror measure 02/21 China makes Beidou navigation mandatory in cars in Xinjiang 02/21 Dreamlike E'min River at sunset 02/21 Chinese police to track cars in Xinjiang in terror crackdown 02/21 Chinese Security Forces Rally in Xinjiang in a Show of Power 02/20 China Holds Massive Military Rallies in Xinjiang After Spate of Violence 02/20 Acting on a whim and a prayer 02/20 China stages another mass show of military force in restive Xinjiang 02/19 China stages another mass anti-terror rally in Xinjiang 02/19 China issues blue alert for cold wave 02/19 China Holds Massive Military Rallies in Xinjiang After Spate of Violence 02/19 Xi calls for overall national security outlook 02/18 Chinese president calls for broad-brush strategy on national security 02/17 Massive show of force staged in China’s Xinjiang region after terrorist attack 02/17 Pakistan to export seafood to Xinjiang via land 02/17 Xi calls for overall national security outlook 02/17