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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 112.5 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 960,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 44 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating C
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Improved

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News up to: Zim a Big Prison, Says #ThisFlag Movement Pastor Mawarire 02/19 Africa: Zimbabwe Football Boss Chiyangwa and CAF's Hayatou War Escalates 02/19 Africa: Time for Issa Hayatou to Go 02/19 Grace Mugabe Criticised for Saying Her Husband's Corpse Will Rule the Country 02/19 Former Vice President Mujuru Accuses Zanu-PF of Infiltrating Her Party 02/19 Reserve Bank Governor Mangudya's Roadmap Faces Hurdles 02/19 Grace Mugabe Insulted Voters 02/19 Zanu-PF Youths Arrested Over Chitungwiza Violence 02/19 Kereke's Apology Does Not Cleanse Gono 02/19 24 Feb, 2017 | Afghanistan in Zimbabwe ZIM. vs. AFG 02/19 Zimbabwe's Mugabe says he is people's choice for 2018 election 02/19 Zimbabwe's President Mugabe says party, people see no replacement for him at 2018 election 02/19 Grace Mugabe's Corpse Comments an Insult - Opposition 02/19 Who Is Malema?, Mugabe Asks 02/19 Mugabe, 92, says Zimbabweans see no replacement for him 02/19 As Mugabe turns 93, an anxious Zimbabwe wonders who's next 02/19 Turning 93, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe rules out retirement 02/19 Turning 93, Zimbabwe's Mugabe rules out retirement 02/19 19 Feb, 2017 | Afghanistan in Zimbabwe afg. vs. ZIM. 238/9. 50.0 overs. 184/10. 42.1 overs 02/19 Zimbabwe: First Lady Says Zanu-PF's Power-Hungry Bigwigs Should Retire With Mugabe 02/18 Robert Mugabe's Wife Says he Could Run in Election 'As a Corpse' 02/18 Patients feel the pinch as Zimbabwe doctors strike 02/18 Inside the psych ward: Can Britain's most dangerous criminals really be rehabilitated? 02/18 Health Specialists Join Doctors Strike 02/17 NAMA Awards Ready to Roar 02/17 Thousands of Mozambican Refugees Stranded at Border 02/17 Parliament Urged Govt to Cut Civil Service Wage Bill to 70% 02/17 Man, 26, Kills Friend 'To Harvest Body Parts' 02/17 Security Opens Up on Chiadzwa Diamond Mines Atrocities 02/17 Tropical cyclone kills 7 in southern Mozambique 02/17 Mugabe's Govt Threatens to Fire Striking Doctors 02/17 Here They Come - Govt to Roll Out 10, 20 Bond Notes 02/17 Reserve Bank Sets Up U.S$70 Million Nostro Facility 02/17 Addressing Saturday Night Live Trump, Zimbabwe Skit 02/17 'So Many People Dying' - Horror Tales From Zimbabwe's Hospitals 02/17 Mozambique: Cyclone Dineo - Over 200 Cases of Cholera Reported 02/17 Zimbabwe will vote for Mugabe even when he's dead: wife 02/17 21 Feb, 2017 | Afghanistan in Zimbabwe ZIM. vs. AFG 02/17 Nation Worried About SADC, AU Endorsements - Tsvangirai 02/17 Mugabe's wife says he could run in election 'as a corpse' 02/17 Asa delivers mixed quarter as Trojan weighs on performance 02/17 Kenya Airways to begin direct flights to Zimbabwe in May 02/17 Book reveals why Mugabe became a despot 02/17 Girls in Africa: one way that more of them are attending school 02/17 Even a dead Robert Mugabe could stand in Zimbabwe election - wife 02/17 Namutebi beats Zimbabwe weather to win three silvers, one bronze 02/17 Season of More Arrests Beckons 02/16 Nation Expects Good Maize Harvest 02/16 Doctors Down Tools Over Low Salaries, Poor Working Conditions 02/16 Mental Health Services Remain in Dire Shortage Across the Country 02/16 State Security Minister Mohadi's Firm Taken to Court 02/16 Outspoken Minister Moyo Turns Heat On Anti-Corruption Body 02/16 Mujuru's Party a Rainless Cloud? 02/16 Joice Mujuru Must Redeem Herself 02/16 Central Bank Firefights Liquidity Crisis 02/16 Rugare Gumbo - Fighter or Rebel Without Cause? 02/16 Current Account Deficit to Narrow - Report 02/16 Gloomy Prospects for Tourism 02/16 CAF Champions League - CAPS United in Lesotho Draw 02/16 Firms Fight National Revenue Authority Garnishee Orders 02/16 CEOs Face Tricky Terrain 02/16 Mujuru Party Demise Weakens Opposition 02/16 Diamond Firm Wins Case Against Mole 02/16 FEATURE-Zimbabwe hit by allegations of bias in food aid 02/16 Doctors Down Their Tools Over Low Pay, Poor Working Conditions 02/16 National Social Security Authority to Buy Diamond Firm Shares 02/16 Stock Exchange Should Put Its House in Order 02/16 Turning Our Mining Resources Into Blessings 02/16 Stock Exchange Should Foster Confidence 02/16 Firm Targets 200 000 Tonnes for Winter Wheat 02/16 Banker Vingirai Flexes Muscle Within Financial Services Firm 02/16 FEATURE-Zimbabwe hit by allegations of bias in food aid 02/16 Directors' Fees Could Come Under Spotlight 02/16 Differences Rock Govt, Business and Labour Ahead of Conference 02/16 Comparing your sex life with others can kill your libido 02/16 American Humour Versus Nation's Foreign Reputation 02/16 16 Feb, 2017 | Afghanistan in Zimbabwe afg. vs. ZIM. 215/10. 49.2 overs. 99/4. 27.2 overs 02/16 The Mugabe succession and its challenges 02/16 Malan, Ssamula start strong in Zimbabwe 02/16 Armyworms threaten southern Africa food supply: UN agency 02/16 How ‘ego’ and conspiracy theories led to Boko Haram killings, destruction 02/16 19 Feb, 2017 | Afghanistan in Zimbabwe ZIM. vs. AFG 02/15 On a South African farm, despair over armyworm attack 02/15 Regional Emergency Meeting for emerging pests and diseases kicks off in Harare, Zimbabwe 02/15 16 Feb, 2017 | Afghanistan in Zimbabwe ZIM. vs. AFG 02/15 Regional Emergency Meeting for emerging pests and diseases kicks off in Harare, Zimbabwe 02/15 Mugabe's Ex-VP Mujuru 'Fights for Political Survival' 02/15 Textile Firm's U.S.$2 Million Misclassified Goods Impounded 02/15 Musician Berita's Got Surprises for Her Fans 02/15 Man Accused of Raping Patient at Mental Health Facility 02/15 Lion Mauls Woman At Game Park - Report 02/15 Govt, Zambia in Joint Kariba Dam Rehab 02/15 Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Sets Tough Terms for Mujuru 02/15 Does Ruling Party Have 'Spies' in Mujuru Party? 02/15 Africa: Nation Hosts Emergency Meeting On Armyworm Infestation 02/15 Zimbabwe banks holding $120 million in cash - central bank 02/15 Zimbabwe: Domestic Violence Cases Up 20% 02/15 FEATURE-Zimbabwe's street vendors use card payments, cars to stay ahead 02/14 4 Family Members Die in Well 02/14 Zimbabwe: Civil Servants Reject Health Insurance Scheme 02/14