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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 112.5 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 960,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 44 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating C
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Improved

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News up to: Zimbabweans suspicious of new 'bond coins' 12/22 Mugabe Fires More Ministers 12/22 Zimbabweans sceptical of new bond coins 12/22 Robert Mugabe Dismisses More Government Officials in Zimbabwe 12/22 Govt to Relax Investment Laws 12/22 Seven More Ministers Fired 12/22 Zim Workers Urged to Regularise SA Permits 12/22 Arcadia Hosts Burnout 12/22 Mugabe fires more cabinet ministers 12/22 Musendo - Star in the Making 12/22 It's Tsvangirai Who Needs Prayers 12/22 Zimbabwe Entering the Post-Mugabe Era? 12/22 Raydizz Victorious At Hip-Hop Awards 12/22 Zimbabwe: Commandos Graduate 12/22 Unity Accord Created Harmony 12/22 CIMAS Unveils Emergency Air Ambulance 12/22 Afrasia Engages Imara Capital Finance 12/22 CVR, Zinara to Introduce Vehicle Monitoring System 12/22 RBZ Monitoring Suspicious Transactions 12/22 Four Brothers - Lost Musical Heroes 12/22 Eddie Cross Faces Contempt Charges 12/22 The Strengths of Religious Sculpture 12/22 Africa: 'Virtual Stampede' of States Rush to Join Arms Trade Treaty 12/22 Zimbabwe: Govt Fails to Pay Teachers' Bonuses 12/21 SA Named World's Leading Safari Destination for 2014 12/21 Zimbabwe: Upsurge in Diabetes - Luxurious Lifestyles to Blame 12/21 Mushekwi Faces Uncertain Future 12/21 Goche Gunfire Reports - a Pack of Lies 12/21 Gold, Diamonds to Drive Mining Growth 12/21 De Jonge Slips Into Dangerous Waters 12/21 Vic Falls Town Drags Residents to Court 12/21 Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Put Me in Jail, Dabengwa 12/21 Khama Billiat Not Worried 12/21 Zera Expects Fuel Prices to Go Down 12/21 Zimbabwe: Human Rights Abuses Ring Alarm Bells 12/20 Open Forum | Where Is Zim Opposition? 12/20 Zimbabwe: Does Currency Regime Matter? 12/20 Zupco to Present Debt Settlement Plan 12/20 Zimbabwe: Military Veterans Take Over Zanu-PF 12/20 Zimbabwe: Cabinet Reshuffle a Damp Squib 12/20 Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Congress - - the Rise and Triumph of the Securocratic State 12/20 Zimbabwe: Chinamasa's US$6bn Budget Dream 12/20 Mphoko Haunted By His CIO Past 12/20 Could Next Year Be Zim's Watershed? 12/20 Africa: Africa's Youth Must Take Up Challenge to Develop Africa 12/20 Mnangagwa Apologises to Deputy Minister 12/20 Central Bank to Keep Amount of Bond Coins Low 12/20 ZC Line Up Whatmore 12/20 Davis Cup Team Inspired 12/20 Kuwengwa Speaks On Ansa 12/20 Outrage As Chinos Voted Rights Defender 12/20 Zimbabwe: President Promotes 32 Officers 12/20 FBZ Pulls Plug On Tetrad Deal 12/20 'Don't Let Renovated Facilities Lie Idle' 12/20 Negative Investor Sentiment Hits ZSE 12/20 Russia to Halt Ruble Slide, Increase Energy Ties With China: US Expert 12/20 Furore over Zim baby elephant move 12/20 Industrial Growth Top Priority, Says Mphoko 12/20 Why Zimbabwe, Uganda could be birds of a feather in 2015 12/20 'Paddington' Launch a Big Hit 12/20 A Sense of Déjà Vu 12/19 ZEC Awaits Proclamation 12/19 Of Raindrops, Weevils, Poisonous Pesticide 12/19 Our Hands Are Tied, Says Makarau 12/19 Govt to Create HIV Programme for Gays 12/19 Media Commissioner Calls for Reforms 12/19 Spirit Embassy's Prophet Angel Battling Brain Tumour 12/19 Zimbabwe Can Save Up to 300MW of Electricity Per Day 12/19 Bond Coins Won't Exceed U.S.$50 Million - RBZ 12/19 14 Zim Schools Among Africa's Top 100 12/19 UN: ‘Virtual stampede’ of states rush to join Arms Trade Treaty 12/19 Mnangagwa to Engage MDCs On Peace 12/19 Africa: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2014 12/19 Switzerland Resumes Zimbabwe Development Aid As Sanctions Lifted 12/19 Economy Has Great Potential - VP Mphoko 12/19 Chief Blasts Justice System 12/19 Nigeria less prosperous than Zimbabwe, Niger, others – Report 12/19 Zimbabwe issues coins for Christmas 12/19 Is Christmas Postponed? 12/19 Doctors Approach Court Over Salary Dispute 12/18 Minister Honours Recognised National Teams, Athletes 12/18 Chombo Blasts Mutasa Over Zuma Appeal 12/18 Morgan Tsvangirai's End of Year Message to the People of Zimbabwe 12/18 Teenage Pregnancies - the Sad Reality 12/18 Patients in Danger As ARVs Run Out 12/18 Two Jesuses in One House Equals Antichrist 12/18 Land Woes - Time to Go Vertical 12/18 Infrastructure Sharing Takes Centre Stage 12/18 Zim Diplomats Unpaid for 20 Months 12/18 Zimbabwe, Zambia get $275mn for urgent Kariba Dam repair 12/18 Zimbabwe: Legislators Clash Over Hefty Defence Budget 12/18 The 1873 Network - Battle of Ideas - Status of the VPs 12/18 Anger As Army Gets Bonus and Teachers Snubbed 12/18 Zimbabwe: Anti-Gay Legislation Could Defeat Goal to End Aids in Zimbabwe By 2015 12/18 Zim: The clock is ticking for The Crocodile 12/18 Paddington Bear is on a mission to heal British-Zimbabwe relations 12/18 Hunting Season Income Goes Down 12/18 Cricket-Zimbabwe axe coach eight weeks from World Cup 12/18 Cut The Illogic & Reduce Fuel Prices NOW!!! 12/18 Zimbabwe's sacked vice president not allowed to find new job: report 12/17