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Korean ship, abducts skipper, crewman 10/21 'Abu Sayyaf' attacks ship, abducts captain and crewman 10/21 South Korean ship`s captain snatched off the Philippines: Army 10/21 Sino the times : Rodrigo Duterte’s impetuous pivot 10/19 Philippine police van mows down people during violent anti-U.S. military protest 10/19 Tough Philippine Fight Against Muslim Rebels Raises Tension, Earns Popular Support 10/14 Tough Philippine Fight Against Rebels Raises Tension, Support 10/14 Govt still working on release of hostages: Defense minister 10/11 Suspected Malaysian terrorist arrested in Philippines 10/09 Three Indonesian hostages freed by Abu Sayyaf return to families 10/08 How Much Damage Can Duterte Do to the U.S.-Philippine Relationship? 10/06 TNI chief upbeat about release of remaining Abu Sayyaf hostages 10/05 Freed RI hostages to return home following recovery 10/05 Three more Indonesian hostages released by Abu Sayyaf 10/02 Southern Philippines rebels free three Indonesian hostages 10/02 3 Indonesian hostages released in southern Philippines 10/02 Will Duterte's offensive against Islamist militants in the Philippines backfire? 09/30 No ransom paid for kidnapped Indonesian sailors: Govt 09/30 Freed hostages to meet their families: Minister 09/26 Released hostages make quiet return to Indonesia 09/26 Four more Abu Sayyaf hostages in process of returning home: Wiranto 09/24 20 Abu Sayyaf militants surrender in Philippines 09/23 Norwegian returns home after yearlong captivity Philippines 09/23 Week in pictures: From FARC peace deal to Yemen bombing 09/23 One more Indonesian hostage freed by Abu Sayyaf 09/22