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Recent articles: Four more Abu Sayyaf hostages in process of returning home: Wiranto 09/24 20 Abu Sayyaf militants surrender in Philippines 09/23 Norwegian returns home after yearlong captivity Philippines 09/23 Week in pictures: From FARC peace deal to Yemen bombing 09/23 One more Indonesian hostage freed by Abu Sayyaf 09/22 Islamist militants free Indonesian in southern Philippines 09/22 Stop talking about ransoms, minister demands 09/20 Philippines: Threats against journalists denounced 09/20 Released hostages to go through health screening before returning home 09/20 Three Indonesian hostages freed by Abu Sayyaf, fourth to follow 09/19 Philippine militant group frees Norwegian hostage 09/19 Freed Hostage Tells of Ordeal at the Hands of Abu Sayyaf 09/19 Freed Norwegian, 3 Indonesian hostages handed to Philippines 09/18 Three Indonesians freed by militant Abu Sayyaf group: Philippine military spokesman 09/18 Ex-hostage tells of terror as friends beheaded in Philippines 09/18 Norwegian says his Philippine kidnapping was 'devastating' 09/18 Philippines: Abu Sayyaf frees three Indonesian hostages 09/18 Freed Norwegian hostage headed to Philippine army base 09/18 Norwegian and Indonesian hostages savour first day of freedom in Philippines 09/18 Hostages, including Norwegian held for a year, freed in Philippines 09/18 Philippine Abu Sayyaf militants free Norwegian hostage 09/17 Duterte: Philippine militants 'hungry' for caliphate 09/17 Abu Sayyaf extremists free Norwegian hostage in Philippines 09/17 Abu Sayyaf Militants Release Norwegian Hostage in Philippines 09/17 Militants in southern Philippines free Norwegian hostage 09/17 Abu Sayyaf frees Norwegian hostage Kjartan Sekkingstad 09/17 Philippine militant group frees Norwegian hostage 09/17 Norwegian hostage in Philippines freed after one year 09/17 Islamist militants release Norwegian hostage in southern Philippines 09/17 Norwegian hostage, held by militants in the Philippines, is free 09/16 Philippines is not 'little brown brother' of U.S.: foreign minister 09/15 Philippines firmly committed but not the “little brown brother” of US, foreign minister says 09/15 Duterte Calls on U.S. to Withdraw Its Military Advisers From Philippines 09/13 Duterte wants US forces out of southern Philippines 09/13 Philippine president urges withdrawal of US special forces 09/13 Philippine Leader: U.S. Special Forces 'Have to Go' 09/12 Duterte wants U.S. troops out of southern Philippines 09/12 Duterte says he wants U.S. special forces out of southern Philippines 09/12 Duterte Wants US Forces Out of South Philippines 09/12 Philippine President Wants US Special Forces to Leave South of Country 09/12 Three people on fishing boat kidnapped off Malaysia: official 09/11 Philippines: Duterte warns more bombings likely 09/10 Jokowi, Duterte firm friends 09/10 Abu Sayyaf gunmen on the run with Malaysian captives 09/09 Jokowi to welcome Duterte in Jakarta this afternoon 09/09 Duterte: Indonesia can chase pirates into Philippine waters 09/09 Philippines positions naval blockade against Abu Sayyaf 09/08 I’ll eat you alive, Philippine president tells militants 09/07 ‘I will eat you alive, raw’: Philippines’ Duterte vows to ‘tear apart’ Islamic militants over deadly attacks 09/06 Duterte warns Abu Sayyaf: I will eat you alive, literally 09/06 ‘I will eat you alive’: Philippines leader Duterte vows revenge on ISIS affiliate 09/06 Philippines eyes 14 percent defense budget rise to secure seas, fight rebels 09/05 Philippine Bomb Attack Tests Fight Against Muslim Rebels 09/05 Philippine police hunt four people after Davao City bombing 09/04 Philippines' Duterte rallies troops in time of 'crisis' after deadly blast 09/04 Philippines: 3 sought in deadly bombing 09/04 After Deadly Blast, Philippines' Duterte Rallies Troops 09/04 Philippines blast: 3 suspects sought 09/04 Abu Sayyaf group blamed for Philippines market bombing 09/03 Abu Sayyaf Islamists behind Philippine bombing: Mayor 09/03 Philippines blames IS-linked Abu Sayyaf for bomb in Duterte’s Davao 09/03 Philippines president declares 'state of lawlessness' after bomb attack 09/03 Philippines blast: Islamists suspected 09/03 Philippines: 'state of lawlessness' after Davao blast 09/03 Philippine government blames Islamic militants for deadly market blast 09/03 Rodrigo Duterte declares 'state of lawlessness' after Philippine blast kills 14 09/03 Philippines president declares 'state of lawlessness,' 14 dead in explosion claimed by Abu Sayyaf 09/03 Duterte declares 'state of lawlessness' after bomb kills 14 09/03 Philippines declares 'state of lawlessness' after deadly blast 09/03 Philippines declares 'state of lawlessness' after bomb attack 09/03 Philippines: Duterte home city attack blamed on Abu Sayyaf 09/03 Philippine blast kills 12, hurts 24 in president's hometown 09/03 Duterte declares "state of lawlessness" in S. Philippines after explosion 09/03 Philippine blast leaves 10 dead, several wounded in market 09/02 Powerful explosion in Philippines kills 12 and wounds at least 24 in president’s hometown 09/02 Philippine blast kills 12, wounds 24 in President Duterte’s hometown 09/02 Blast in Philippine President's hometown kills 12 09/02 Philippines market bomb attack in President Rodrigo Duterte's home city kills 12  09/02 Philippines: 12 dead, 24 wounded in blast at night market 09/02 Blast in Philippine president's hometown kills dozens 09/02 Philippine leader declares 'state of lawlessness' after bombing 09/02 Philippine leader declares 'state of lawlessness' after bomb 09/02 Duterte declares "state of lawlessness" in S. Philippines after explosion 09/02 Philippine leader declares 'state of lawlessness' after bomb 09/02 Explosion Rocks Philippine President Duterte's Hometown 09/02 Philippine Leader Rejects Emergency Power Against Extremists 08/31 15 Philippine Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Abu Sayyaf Militants 08/30 Philippine military steps up Abu Sayyaf offensive after 15 troops killed in assault 08/30 15 Philippine troops killed in clash with Abu Sayyaf rebels 08/29 Philippine soldiers killed in clashes with Abu Sayyaf 08/29 Hostage escapees return home; request privacy 08/29 Philippine troops kill 11 Islamist militants 08/26 11 Islamist militants killed in gun battle with troops 08/26 Philippines kills 11 Abu Sayyaf militants after beheading 08/26 Duterte spills secret: P50M paid to Abu Sayyaf 08/26 Philippines military kills at least 6 Abu Sayyaf militants after beheading 08/26 Philippine commandos kill 11 militants in Jolo 08/26 President of Philippines vows to destroy terrorist group Abu Sayyaf after beheading 08/25 Philippine leader orders extremists crushed after beheading 08/25 Trilateral agreement against Abu Sayyaf threat in force: Defense Minister 08/24