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Untold story behind hostage rescue 05/04 Abu Sayyaf hostages make video plea 05/03 Filipino militants threaten 3 hostages after beheading 1 05/03 Indonesia-Philippines leaders' communication key in the release of hostages 05/03 Philippine militants threaten hostages in video warning 05/03 C.Java hostage’s family ‘excited’ at his release 05/03 Matthew Fisher: If Filipinos know the mystery terrorist who beheaded John Ridsdel, they’re not saying 05/03 ‘We will behead this all anytime’: Full transcript of new Abu Sayyaf video showing three hostages 05/02 10 Indonesian hostages freed in Philippines: police 05/02 Govt shifts focus to saving four remaining Indonesian captives 05/02 “Thank you for having released our brother...” 05/02 Philippines ‘pleased’ with release of 10 Indonesians 05/02 Cambodia sending students home early to cope with heat wave 05/02 Abu Sayyaf captives back on Indonesian soil 05/02 No ransom paid for release of 10 Indonesians, negotiator claims 05/02 Philippine gov’t ‘pleased’ with Abu Sayyaf release of 10 Indonesians 05/02 Family elated after Abu Sayyaf hostage’s release 05/02 Govt discusses release of 4 captured sailors 05/02 Matthew Fisher: Visit the southern Philippines at your peril 05/02 Militants free 10 Indonesian hostages in south Philippines 05/01 Philippine Abu Sayyaf rebels free 10 Indonesian hostages who are crew of a Taiwanese-owned tugboat 05/01 Militants free 10 Indonesian hostages in south Philippines 05/01 Philippine militants free 10 Indonesian hostages 05/01 Philippines: Abu Sayyaf frees 10 Indonesian captives 05/01 Islamist militant rebels release 10 Indonesian hostages in Philippines 05/01 Militants free 10 Indonesian hostages in south Philippines 05/01 Abu Sayyaf Releases 10 Indonesian Sailors Held Hostage in Philippines 05/01 10 Indonesian hostages in Philippines released by Abu Sayyaf terror group 05/01 Indonesian sailors freed by Philippines terror group Abu Sayyaf 05/01 Philippine Island rebels free 10 Indonesia hostages 05/01 Pressure to rescue Abu Sayyaf hostages demands discretion 04/30 Fisher: After Canadian hostage beheaded, $1M reportedly paid to terrorists for 10 Indonesian sailors 04/30 ALGERIA: Something To Die For 04/29 ATTRITION: The Air War Against ISIL 04/29 ARMOR: What Colombia And Iraq Have In Common 04/29 KOREA: Contamination Reaching Critical Levels 04/28 WARPLANES: The Other Russian Gunship Goes To War 04/28 SPECIAL OPERATIONS: What Makes It All So Special 04/28 Canada's Justin Trudeau wants the world to stop paying ransoms to terrorists 04/28 After hostage beheading, is Philippines facing IS threat? 04/28 Pacquiao shocked as Islamic militants plan to kidnap him or his children 04/28 ELECTRONIC WEAPONS: Russia Opens Up 04/28 US beefs up surveillance over Islamic State in Libya 04/28 Pacquiao Presses Senatorial Campaign Despite Kidnap Threat 04/28 Facing skepticism, military leaders say Islamic State strategy is making headway 04/28 Matthew Fisher: Manhunt on for elusive, one-armed leader of Abu Sayyaf in Philippines 04/28 Philippine troops hunt extremists who beheaded Canadian 04/27 Head of state: 'Smash' militants 04/27 MURPHY'S LAW: The Lessons Of Iraq 04/27 WARPLANES: Giving The Infantry Their Own Bomber Aircraft 04/27 SPECIAL OPERATIONS: The Tunisian Revelations 04/27 INDIA-PAKISTAN: Unfriendly Persuasion 04/27 Q&A: What you need to know about the Abu Sayyaf group 04/27 Philippines checking if headless body is that of Canadian 04/27 Philippines: 'Foreigner beheaded despite cash offer' 04/27 Aquino: Canadian's killers also plotted to kidnap Pacquiao 04/27 Philippines president says Abyu Sayyaf terrorists had plotted to kidnap boxing star Manny Pacquiao 04/27 Matthew Fisher: Don’t criticize leaders for harrowing decisions on ransom demands 04/27 Philippines President vows to 'neutralize' Islamist militants after beheading 04/27 'Cold-blooded': Trudeau condemns beheading of Canadian 04/26 Analysts: Philippine Beheading for Money, Not Religion 04/26 Indonesia to Hold Regional Talks After Kidnappings at Sea 04/26 Philippines: Killers of Canadian 'will' be tracked down 04/26 Indonesia wants hostages freed ASAP, without ransom payment 04/26 Germany Pays Islamic Terrorists Ransom For Kidnapped Hostages 04/26 Philippine troops hunt down extremists who beheaded Canadian 04/26 Canadian man decapitated by Philippine extremists 04/26 Canadian hostage killed by Islamist militants in Philippines 04/26 Trudeau outrage at Philippines murder 04/26 After Canadian beheaded, Philippines military pressured to save 20 hostages 04/26 Who are the Abu Sayyaf group? 04/26 Abu Sayyaf: Extremists or profiteers? 04/26 Abu Sayyaf Militants Thriving as Hostage-Takers in Philippines 04/26