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Rebels in southern Phillipines See summary

Recent articles: New Evidence Reveals Turkish Government Is Directly Funding ISIS 07/31 Report: Seized USB Drives Reveal Turkey's Links to ISIL 07/26 Philippine police blame fatal bombing on Abu Sayyaf 07/25 Bomb packed with nails kills 1 and wounds 8 others in southern Philippines 07/23 Bomb kills 1, wounds 8 others in Philippines 07/23 Teen kidnap victim flees Abu Sayyaf in Philippines south 07/21 Abu Sayyaf frees 18-year-old kidnap victim in Sulu 07/20 Army discovers abandoned Abu Sayyaf camp in Sulu 07/19 Cops link Abu Sayyaf to Sulu blast 07/19 U.S. delivers Iraqi antiquities seized in raid on Islamic State 07/15 Philippines: Abu Sayyaf frees kidnapped teacher 07/12 Philippine police kill five suspects in gun battle 07/12 11 civilians hurt in suspected Islamist attack in Philippines 07/06 PHILIPPINES: An Offer You Cannot Refuse 07/04 AFP: Rebels, lawless armed groups diminished during Catapang’s watch 07/03 Capsized Philippines ferry death toll rises to 38; 15 missing 07/02 All aboard capsized Philippine ferry accounted for; 45 dead 07/02 Philippines slams Abu Sayyaf threat to behead hostages 06/27 Abu Sayyaf threaten to behead hostages in video 06/25 Abu Sayyaf militants kill 2 soldiers, wound 3 in bomb attacks in southern Philippines 06/24 Militant bombings kill 2 soldiers in southern Philippines 06/24 Two Philippine soldiers killed in Islamist militant attack 06/23 Wanted Abu Sayyaf suspect arrested in Philippines south 06/23 3 Abu Sayyaf group members arrested in Palawan — military 06/20 US govt lists NPA, Abu Sayyaf, JI among foreign terrorist organizations in PHL 06/19 Troops thwart Abu Sayyaf bomb plot in Basilan 06/17 Will whack a mole strategy succeed? 06/17 Is whack-a-mole strategy working vs. terrorists? 06/16 Abu Sayyaf militants kill 1 Filipino soldier, wound 8 others with pipe bomb attack on convoy 06/16 Does killing militant leaders work? 06/16 Militants' pipe bomb kills Filipino soldier, wounds 8 others 06/16 Militants' pipe bomb kills Filipino soldier, wounds 8 others 06/16 Fresh clashes erupt in Philippines south 06/12 'Wives of IS leaders pass info to avoid intercepts' 06/10 US intelligence seizes data on Islamic State leadership structure 06/09 US Intelligence Seizes Data on Islamic State Leadership Structure - Reports 06/08 27k residents displaced, without water after Abu Sayyaf attack in Basilan 06/08 Are ISIS wives key players? 06/08 Abu Sayyaf member arrested in Sulu – AFP 06/07 Abu Sayyaf beheads CAFGU member in Basilan attack 06/06 15 wounded in 2 explosions at police camp in restive southern Philippines 05/30 15 wounded in 2 explosions in restive southern Philippines 05/30 SYRIA: The Triumph Of The Will To Die 05/26 Unlicensed pistol leads to arrest of Abu Sayyaf member in Sulu 05/25 Philippines army says Abu Sayyaf kidnapper shot dead 05/22 Abu Sayyaf contact kidnap victims’ kin  —report 05/22 15 years later, priest’s martyrdom by Abu Sayyaf in Basilan remembered 05/22 Islamic State: How it is Run 05/22 US citizens warned vs travel to Sulu, parts of Mindanao 05/21 Islamic State: How it is run 05/21 AFP confirms death of suspected Abu Sayyaf Group member in Sulu 05/21 2 Events Showcase Obama's Failed Strategy 05/20 Suspected Abu Sayyaf member killed in Sulu encounter 05/20 Ramadi rings 'alarm bells' for Obama 05/20 Night raid in Syria: The special-forces op that killed Islamic State's money man 05/20 The significance of killing ISIL's oil man 05/20 Syria Operation Was Highly Successful, Official Says 05/19 U.S. names ISIS commander killed in raid 05/19 U.S. government releases real name of Islamic State commander killed in raid 05/19 The US-ISIS cooperation 05/19 US sends interrogation team to Iraq to question Islamic State detainee 05/19 U.S. Probes Whether Killed ISIS Leader Abu Sayyaf Held American Hostage Kayla Mueller 05/19 As tenacious and clever as they are savage, can ANYONE stop ISIS tearing the Middle East apart? 05/19 US official discloses real name of dead Islamic State leader 05/19 John Kerry confident Islamic State takeover of Ramadi will be reversed 05/18 Ex-cop with alleged Sayyaf links nabbed in Sabah 05/18 Could leader’s wife help defeat ISIS? 05/18 ISIS shows off spoils of Ramadi victory 05/18 U.S. to question Islamic State leader's wife on hostages, officials say 05/18 Is the death of Abu Sayyaf a crucial blow to ISIS? 05/18 US raid in Syria killed 32 IS members, including 4 leaders: monitor 05/17 US commandos kill top IS leader in Syria raid 05/17 US commandos fought Islamic State militants hand to hand during raid 05/17 US Special Ops raid killing five ISIS chiefs had to be coordinated with Syria and Russia 05/17 Monitor Says U.S. Raid In Syria Killed 32 IS Members, Including Four Leaders 05/17 Lawmakers praise Islamic State raid, seek long-term strategy 05/17 4 ISIS Leaders Reportedly Among 32 Killed In U.S. Raid, Airstrikes 05/17 Iraqi Soldiers, Police Killed in IS Battle for Ramadi 05/17 U.S. kills key ISIS figure 05/17 IS 'withdraws' from Syria's Palmyra 05/17 A Raid Doesn't Make Up for Loss of Ramadi 05/17 Islamic State Captures Iraq's Ramadi 05/17 US raid inside eastern Syria kills 32 ISIL terrorists 05/17 Why the risky raid to get 'Abu Sayyaf' in Syria? Who was he? (+video) 05/17 First on CNN: An ISIS commander dies in U.S. raid 05/16 Abu Sayyaf, an ISIS Leader, Killed by Special Forces, U.S. Says 05/16 U.S. troops kill senior Islamic State leader in Syrian raid 05/16 US Special Forces Kill IS Commander in Syria, Capture Wife 05/16 Abu Sayyaf had oversight of illicit oil, gas operations 05/16 US special forces in Syria raid 05/16 First US ground operation in Syria kills ISIS oil chief - as Islamists advance on three new fronts 05/16 US Raid on Syrian Territory Not Coordinated With Assad's Government 05/16 US special forces kill senior IS leader in Syria: Pentagon : May 16, 2015, 6:08 pm 05/16 Syrian Army Kill ISIL 'Oil Minister' in Eastern Syria 05/16 US special forces kill ISIL's Abu Sayyaf in Syria raid 05/16 First US ground operation in Syria kills ISIS oil chief 05/16 Special forces kill senior Islamic State leader during raid inside Syria, US says 05/16 US Special forces kill ISIS Commander Abu Sayyaf in Syria 05/16 In Syria, US commandos kill senior ISIS leader 05/16 US Military Kill ISIL Commander in Raid On Syrian Territory – Pentagon 05/16