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Bahrain statement 03/19 Daughter of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov shows off fashion collection  03/18 Govt has taken steps to explore job markets in foreign countries: Report 03/18 Chechnya's first daughter shows off fashion collection 03/18 Persian Gulf Arab states, US 'to hold war games in Kuwait' 03/18 Bahrain police clash with protesters after funeral of activist who died in custody (VIDEO) 03/18 Iran pilgrims to join this year's hajj: Saudi Arabia 03/17 Iran pilgrims to join this year's Haj: Saudi Arabia 03/17 State Department Terrorist Designations of Ahmad Hasan Yusuf and Alsayed Murtadha Majeed Ramadhan Alawi 03/17 Bahrain clashes after Shiite inmate's funeral: witnesses 03/17 ‘Arming Saudi Arabia & Bahrain risks complicity with war crimes’ – Amnesty to Trump 03/16 WRAPUP 2-Fed rate hikes could spell end to global easing 03/16 Law on 5 per cent VAT passed in UAE; house rents set to rise 03/15 Africa: CAF Election - Who Is Ghana Football Backing? 03/15 Jokowi wants Indonesia in 40th place on doing business index 03/15 Mideast naval coalition making massive drug busts 03/15 Officials say pirates hijack freighter in latest test for Trump 03/14 UAE passport among world's most powerful again 03/14 Mugabe Chartered Plane For At Least U.S.$1 Million - Report 03/13 Egyptian troops to Bahrain and UAE for Gulf war games 03/13 Egyptian troops to Bahrain and UAR for Gulf war games 03/13 Two people die every day on UAE roads 03/12 Revealed: Most powerful passport in the Gulf region 03/12 Alcohol bottles found inside car tyre, smuggling gang busted 03/09 Truxtun crew evacuates Pakistani sailor in evening rescue 03/09 Qatar's ruler meets Iranian minister in latest Gulf visit 03/08 UAE weather: temperatures set to rise 03/07 In nine countries, rapists go free if they marry their victims: how bad laws fuel sexual violence ‘epidemic’ 03/06 Rain hits parts of UAE, rough winds forecasted 03/06 Iran Denies Running 'Terror Cell' in Bahrain, Slams Accusations as 'Blame Game' 03/06 Bahrain seeks dissolution of secular opposition party 03/06 Bahrain Moves to Dissolve Major Opposition Group 03/06 Bahrain: Activist’s Family Targeted 03/06 Royal Australian Ship Interdicts 800 Kilograms of Narcotics in Arabian Sea 03/06 FM spokesman rejects Bahraini officials' latest anti-Iran claims 03/06 Air India Express crew member found dead in Kerala 03/05 Bahraini FM: Azerbaijan has turned into one of most important countries on world arena 03/05 Bahrain advances military trials for suspected militants 03/05 New York Man Arrested for Trying to Join Daesh in Syria 03/05 See Gulf Air run on London roads 03/05 Bahrain parliament approves military trials for civilians 03/05 Bahrain’s Parliament Approves Military Trials for Civilians 03/05 Pakistan’s share in meat market is only 8% 03/05 Bahrain approves military trials for civilians 03/05 Bahrain uncovers terror cell with Germany-based leader, says chief prosecutor 03/04 Bahrain uncovers Iran-linked militant group behind attacks on security 03/04 Bahrain Discovers 'Terrorist Cell' Planning to Kill Security Forces Members 03/04 Bahrain says 25 arrested in bust of Iran-linked terror cell 03/04 Sudarsan Pattnaik invited to Bahrain to conduct sand art workshop for teachers 03/04 Clouds loom over UAE skies, chance of rain? 03/04 Hyderabad: After being divorced on WhatsApp, these two Muslim women are fighting back! 03/04 Bahrain: 'Terrorist cell' plotting attacks uncovered 03/04 Bahrain uncovers terror cell with Germany-based leader, says chief prosecutor 03/04 This 10-year-old Dubai student reads 100 books a year 03/03 Fire breaks out at Donald Trump's hotel 03/03 UAE betrays US military in favor of Russia 03/03 ATK unit contracted for U.S. AIM-9P Sidewinder missile motors 03/03 US, Iraq, Pakistan Conduct VBSS Exercise 03/02 UAE citizens, residents to get multiple-entry visas to India 03/02 Sheikh Mohammed names new Dubai Police chief 03/01


Protests began in February 2011. In March, Saudi forces moved in and emergency rule was declared.