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Peace has been signed but challenges remain. See summary

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reuters.com Grenade attack kills child, wounds his father in Burundi's capital 02/14
timeslive.co.za Two ruling party loyalists 'executed' in Burundi 02/13
globalsecurity.org Pro-government Burundians protest Rwanda's meddling 02/13
reuters.com Chad appoints new prime minister two months before election 02/13
foxnews.com Burundi government has nationwide protests against Rwanda 02/13
allafrica.com President Gets Message From Burundi Counterpart 02/13
reuters.com Gunmen kill two in Burundi as marchers rally against Rwanda 02/13
allafrica.com Rwanda: Kigali to Relocate Burundian Refugees 02/13
allafrica.com UN Secretary-General Envoy Praises Operations to Fight Rebels in DRC 02/12
allafrica.com Diplomat Defends Dialogue in Burundi Conflict 02/12
bbc.co.uk Rwanda seeks to expel Burundi refugees 02/12
allafrica.com Is Rwanda Stoking Ethnic Fires in Burundi? 02/12
upi.com Rwanda prepares to relocate 70,000 Burundian refugees 02/12
aljazeera.com Rwanda to relocate Burundian refugees after warnings 02/12
hosted.ap.org Rwanda plans to relocate Burundian refugees 02/12
reuters.com Rwanda to send Burundi refugees to other countries after U.S. warning 02/12
csmonitor.com Burundi government sponsors mass protests against Rwanda 02/12
reuters.com U.N. mission sends Burundi officers home over unrest 02/11
nation.co.ke UN to probe Burundi mass graves 02/11
nzherald.co.nz France consulting on new UN resolution on Burundi violence 02/11
allafrica.com Congo-Kinshasa: U.S. Warns of Chaos If Kabila Declines to Surrender Power 02/11
allafrica.com ICGLR Secretary Considers Burundi Situation Worrying 02/10
voanews.com US: Political Crisis Building in Democratic Republic of Congo 02/10
allafrica.com Time Has Not Run Out in DR Congo 02/10
telegraph.co.uk US accuses Rwanda of stoking violence in Burundi 02/10
modernghana.com UN wants to send experts for Burundi mass graves probe 02/10
allafrica.com Tanzania: Burundi Accused of Hunting Refugees in Tanzania Camps 02/09
af.reuters.com Burundi's tax revenue falls in Q4 2015, political violence cited 02/09
allafrica.com Africa: 10.4 Miilion Citizens of Burundi Abandoned By Africa 02/09
af.reuters.com Burundi's tax revenue falls in Q4 2015, political violence cited 02/09
impunitywatch.com Mass Graves Found in Burundi? 02/09
allafrica.com Africa: What Is Behind Pierre Nkurunziza's Defiance? 02/09
allafrica.com Chief of Staff Wishes for Progress in Great Lakes Region Process 02/09
allafrica.com Intel Vows to Sell Conflict-Free Mineral Products 02/08
timeslive.co.za SA urged to be ‘more vocal on rape as a weapon of war in Burundi’ 02/08
allafrica.com Africa: AU Leaders Abandon Plans to Send Troops Into Burundi 02/08
theeastafrican.co.ke Fear of cholera, floods as Burundi refugees pack Tanzania camps 02/08
modernghana.com Four killed, including child, in Burundi grenade attacks 02/07
bbc.co.uk Four killed in Burundi grenade attack 02/07
reuters.com Burundi grenade attacks kill four, including a child 02/07
sudantribune.com Sudan appeals for US and Germany to pressure rebels to engage in “serious talks” 02/07
timeslive.co.za Rwanda recruiting refugees to oust Burundi president: UN 02/05
cp-africa.com Belgium To Join Burundi’s Peacekeeping Mission 02/05
dw.com Rugurika: 'Burundi is in a state of civil war' 02/05
timeslive.co.za Burundi mass graves a lie: foreign minister 02/05
aljazeera.com Burundi accused of hunting refugees in Tanzania camps 02/05
theeastafrican.co.ke Burundi rebels say trained by Rwandan military -UN experts 02/04
bbc.co.uk Rwanda denies training Burundi rebels 02/04
bbc.co.uk Grenade blasts rock Burundi's capital 02/03
foxnews.com Police: 8 wounded in Burundi grenade attacks 02/03
allafrica.com Africa: Resolutions of the First Pan African Colloquium Held At the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, January 13-15, 2016 02/03
reuters.com Exclusive: Burundi rebels say trained by Rwandan military - U.N. experts 02/03
allafrica.com Tanzania: Govt Earmarks Mwisa Camp for Burundian Army Deserters 02/02
allafrica.com EALA Declines to Summon Rwanda Over Rebel Claims 02/02
reuters.com At least one killed in more violence in Burundi 02/02
cp-africa.com Nigerian President Calls For an End To War in Africa 02/02
allafrica.com Burundi: AU Defers Deployment of Peacekeepers for Burundi 02/01
timeslive.co.za AU leaders buckle as Burundi blusters on 02/01
allafrica.com Africa: UNSC Is in a Better Position to Resolve Burundi Political Turmoil 02/01
upi.com African Union abandons plan to send peacekeepers to conflict-stricken Burundi 02/01
allafrica.com Africa: War, Conflicts in Africa Must Stop Now - Buhari 02/01
allafrica.com Africa: At African Union Peace and Security Council, Ban Discusses Burundi, South Sudan and Counter-Terrorism 02/01
nzherald.co.nz Burundi's public universities suspend breakfast over money 02/01
bbc.co.uk Has African Union let down Burundi? 02/01
modernghana.com African Union force for Burundi in doubt amid government refusal 01/31
aljazeera.com African Union decides against peacekeepers for Burundi 01/31
bbc.co.uk AU abandons Burundi peacekeeper plan 01/31
france24.com Burundi government refusal blocks African Union plan to deploy troops 01/31
modernghana.com African Union force for Burundi on hold amid government refusal 01/31
modernghana.com Deploying AU force without Burundi approval 'unimaginable' 01/31
voanews.com AU Summit Ends Without Burundi Action 01/31
dw.com Burundi rejects African Union plans to deploy peacekeeping forces 01/31
theeastafrican.co.ke EALA declines to summon Rwanda over rebel claims 01/30
reuters.com Some African states oppose AU peace force for Burundi: Gambian president 01/30
modernghana.com UN backs Burundi force as Africa leaders debate troops 01/30
france24.com Amnesty says dozens buried in Burundi mass graves 01/30
globalsecurity.org UN's Ban Presses African Union for Peacekeepers in Burundi 01/30
modernghana.com Burundi: Satellite evidence supports witness accounts of mass graves 01/29
nzherald.co.nz Arrests, allegations of mass graves in Burundi unrest 01/29
cnn.com 2 Western journalists arrested amid mass grave allegations 01/29
foxnews.com France says it suspends security cooperation with Burundi 01/29
reuters.com Burundi keeps seat on security body, complicating peacekeeper plan 01/29
allafrica.com Africa: Mo Ibrahim Urges AU to Address Burundi, South Sudan Crises 01/29
allafrica.com Africa: Mugabe's AU Term Ends, Leaves Burundi Burning 01/29
reuters.com Burundi police detain British, French journalists in raids 01/29
france24.com French and British journalists released after arrest in Burundi 01/29
nzherald.co.nz France says it suspends security cooperation with Burundi 01/29
foxnews.com 2 journalists among 17 arrested in Burundi security sweep 01/29
bbc.co.uk 'Mass graves' detected in Burundi 01/29
un.org At African Union Peace and Security Council, Ban discusses Burundi, South Sudan and counter-terrorism 01/29
stripes.com Rights group: Dozens were put in mass graves in Burundi 01/29
globalsecurity.org Burundi - nobody to the rescue? 01/29
dw.com African leaders face major issues at AU summit 01/29
allafrica.com Building a Network of African Humanitarians 01/28
allafrica.com Africa: Open Letter to AU Peace and Security Council Heads of State 01/28
africa-newsroom.com 26th AU Summit: The African Union must adopt an emergency plan for Burundi to avoid the outbreak of an open conflict 01/28
modernghana.com 26th AU Summit: The African Union must adopt an emergency plan for Burundi to avoid the outbreak of an open conflict 01/28
vanguardngr.com African leaders to vote on Burundi force at annual summit 01/28
npr.org Satellite Images Indicate Mass Graves In Burundi, Amnesty Says 01/28
modernghana.com Burundi opposition urges support for AU intervention force 01/28


From the CIA World Factbook:

Burundi's first democratically elected president was assassinated in October 1993 after only 100 days in office, triggering widespread ethnic violence between Hutu and Tutsi factions. More than 200,000 Burundians perished during the conflict that spanned almost a dozen years. Hundreds of thousands of Burundians were internally displaced or became refugees in neighboring countries. An internationally brokered power-sharing agreement between the Tutsi-dominated government and the Hutu rebels in 2003 paved the way for a transition process that led to an integrated defense force, established a new constitution in 2005, and elected a majority Hutu government in 2005. The new government, led by President Pierre Nkurunziza, signed a South African brokered ceasefire with the country's last rebel group in September of 2006 but still faces many challenges.