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bbc.co.uk Haiti: Jovenel Moise confirmed winner of presidential election 01/03
voanews.com Jovenel Moise to Clinch Haiti Presidency; Poll Fraud Ruled Out 01/03
voanews.com Haiti Postpones Release of Official Election Results 12/29
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nzherald.co.nz Moise wins Haiti presidential election in preliminary tally 11/29
feeds.latimes.com Jovenel Moise, candidate backed by former leader, wins Haiti's presidential election 11/29
dw.com Moise wins Haiti election in first round 11/29
reuters.com Violence in Haiti as losers reject presidential vote results 11/29
upi.com Businessman Jovenel Moïse wins Haiti's presidential election 11/29
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foxnews.com Moise says he's ready for tests facing Haiti's next leader 11/29
af.reuters.com Businessman Moise wins Haiti election in first round - provisional results 11/28
foxnews.com Haiti: Jovenel Moise apparently wins presidential vote 11/28
voanews.com Provisional Results: Moise Wins Haiti Election in First Round 11/28
bbc.co.uk Haiti presidential election 'won by Jovenel Moise' 11/28
france24.com Moise wins Haiti presidential vote in first round, provisional results show 11/28
nzherald.co.nz AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America, Caribbean 11/25
nzherald.co.nz Haiti nears end of lengthy vote tabulation in election redo 11/25
reuters.com Haiti police clash with demonstrators ahead of election results 11/22
france24.com Rival parties claim victory in Haiti’s presidential election 11/22
aljazeera.com Tension mounts as Haiti awaits election results 11/22
foxnews.com For 2nd day, Haiti police scatter rock-throwing protesters 11/22
af.reuters.com Tensions mount as Haiti waits on re-run election results 11/21
foxnews.com Haiti election body starts slow process of tabulating votes 11/21
voanews.com Fire Engulfs a Central Market Near Haiti’s Capital 11/21
dw.com Early Haiti election returns indicate close race between Moise and Narcisse 11/21
foxnews.com Haiti tabulating votes as factions claim victory, fraud 11/21
dw.com Early Haiti election returns indicate close race between Moise and Narcisse 11/21
bbc.co.uk Haiti's delayed presidential election to take place 11/20
nzherald.co.nz After lengthy drift, Haiti votes for new leader 11/20
aljazeera.com After hurricane, Haiti to hold long-awaited vote 11/20
reuters.com Haiti holds long-awaited vote still reeling from hurricane 11/20
dw.com Haiti finally votes after year-long power vacuum 11/20
af.reuters.com Reeling from hurricane, Haiti stages long-awaited election 11/20
foxnews.com After lengthy drift, Haiti votes for new leader 11/19
voanews.com Haiti, Still Dealing With Hurricane Aftermath, Votes for President on Sunday 11/18
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video.aljazeera.com Hurricane Matthew: Haiti's frustration grows amid slow UN aid delivery 10/16
reuters.com Haiti to hold presidential vote in November, after hurricane delay 10/14
nzherald.co.nz Haiti council says presidential vote redo to be held Nov. 20 10/14
npr.org Haiti Presidential Election Rescheduled For November 10/14
dw.com Haiti to hold presidential election redo in late November 10/14
npr.org To Be An American, Says Haitian-American, Means You Have A Voice 10/11
cnn.com 'Apocalyptic situation' after Hurricane Matthew 10/11
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wnyc.org Haitian Election Postponed as Death Toll Rises After Hurricane Matthew 10/07
voanews.com Hurricane Matthew Stirs Up Political Dust Storm 10/07
stripes.com Hurricane Matthew could be the strongest storm to hit US since 2005 10/06
dnaindia.com Hurricane Matthew: Death toll rises to 39, Southeast US braces for the storm 10/06
thehindu.com Hurricane Matthew ravages Haiti, kills 140 10/06
nytimes.com Haiti Says More Than 100 Died in Hurricane Matthew 10/06
globalsecurity.org Haiti officials postpone election amid destruction by hurricane 10/06
euronews.com Hurricane Matthew forces Haiti to postpone presidential election 10/06
bbc.co.uk Hurricane Matthew: Florida warned of 'direct hit' 10/06
bbc.co.uk Hurricane Matthew: Struggle to reach worst-hit parts of Haiti as Florida braces for storm's arrival 10/05
nbcnews.com Hurricane-Slammed Haiti Cleans Up as Matthew Eyes Bahamas 10/05
npr.org Haiti's Presidential Election Delayed In Wake Of Hurricane 10/05