Turkey - PKK

Kurdish Separatist group active in Turkey. Also known as the KGK. See summary

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dw.com Lawyers for detained German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel to take case to Ankara top court 03/29
foxnews.com Reports: Kurdish militant dies as bomb explodes prematurely 03/29
globalsecurity.org Turkey to Use Assault Drones in Operations Against Kurdistan Workers' Party 03/29
voanews.com US Secretary of State to Visit Ankara at a Critical Time 03/29
sputniknews.com Ankara Calls Use of Banner Urging for Erdogan's Murder in Bern 'Unacceptable' 03/27
today.az Erdogan criticizes Swiss government over PKK rally 03/27
today.az 41 PKK terrorists killed in Turkey, northern Iraq 03/27
pbs.org Turmoil and terrorism breed economic uncertainty for Turkey 03/27
dnaindia.com Turkey summons Swiss envoy over anti-Erdogan protest in Bern - Anadolu 03/25
sputniknews.com Kurdish Artist Gets Three Years in Jail for Painting Turkish Forces' Destruction 03/25
aina.org Turkey Kills 6 PKK Militants in Northern Iraq 03/25
stripes.com The race to Raqqa could cost Trump Turkey 03/25
today.az Soldier martyred in PKK attack in southeast Turkey 03/23
sputniknews.com Turkey Refuses to Work Alongside PKK, PYD in Raqqa Liberation - Deputy PM 03/23
dnaindia.com One Turkish soldier killed, four wounded in clashes with Kurdish militants - army 03/23
aina.org Russia Deals Major Blow to Turkey's Syria Policy 03/23
sputniknews.com Turkey Expects Russia to Close Syrian Kurds' Office in Moscow - Foreign Ministry 03/23
voanews.com Battling IS, Kurdish Fighters Court Russia And US to Forge New Future 03/22
voanews.com Russia Deals Major Blow to Turkey's Syria Policy 03/22
foxnews.com Amid tensions, Kurds celebrate spring festival in Turkey 03/21
telegraph.co.uk Russia 'to train US-allied Kurds in Syria' 03/21
voanews.com Kurdish Activists Arrested in Turkey Ahead of Nowruz Celebrations 03/20
reuters.com Anger and frustration in Kurdish southeast to shape Turkey's referendum 03/20
aljazeera.com Russia strikes deal with Syrian Kurds to set up base 03/20
sputniknews.com Turkey 'Hears Footsteps of Fascism' Reviving in Germany – Deputy Prime Minister 03/20
aina.org Human Rights Watch Calls on Syrian Kurds and KRG to Release Political Prisoners 03/19
today.az Turkey condemns Germany allowing terrorist PKK rally 03/19
dw.com Turkey's Erdogan decries Merkel over 'Nazi measures' as row thunders on 03/19
aljazeera.com Displacement and insecurity in Diyarbakir 03/19
dw.com Turkey summons German envoy over Kurdish rally in Frankfurt 03/19
france24.com Ankara denounces pro-Kurdish demonstration in Germany 03/19
globalsecurity.org Turkey Threatens Another Rally In Germany, Escalating Tensions Further 03/19
globalsecurity.org Turkey summons German ambassador over Frankfurt PKK rally 'scandal' 03/19
sputniknews.com Turkey Condemns PKK Rally in Germany 03/19
dnaindia.com Kurds rally in Frankfurt for 'democracy in Turkey' 03/18
reuters.com Thousands of Kurds protest against Turkey's Erdogan in Frankfurt 03/18
dnaindia.com Turkey detains 740 suspects in operations against Kurdish militants - Anadolu 03/18
dnaindia.com Kurdish supporters in Frankfurt protest against Erdogan 03/18
sputniknews.com Thousands of Kurds Protest Against Erdogan in Germany 03/18
dw.com Kurdish supporters hold new year rally in Frankfurt 03/18
bbc.co.uk Germany Turkey: 30,000 Kurds in Frankfurt anti-Erdogan protest 03/18
dw.com Thousands of Kurds protest Turkey in Frankfurt 03/18
dw.com German media 'only marginally competent' in Turkey reporting 03/18
rt.com Thousands of Kurds protest Erdogan, Turkish referendum in Germany’s Frankfurt (PHOTOS, VIDEO) 03/18
sputniknews.com Iraqi Kurdistan's President Urges PKK to Leave City of Sinjar 03/17
rt.com ‘Frau Hitler’: Turkish newspaper depicts Merkel as infamous Nazi dictator 03/17
sputniknews.com Turkey Launches Anti-PKK Operation in Country's Eastern Tunceli Province 03/17
reuters.com Merkel says does not intend to trade provocations with Turkey 03/16
aina.org Kurdish Internal Disputes Escalate Across Syria and Iraq 03/16
aljazeera.com Explosion hits security convoy in southeast Turkey 03/15
cnn.com The West's obsession with ISIS has not helped Syria 03/15
aljazeera.com The US must heed Turkish concerns in Syria 03/15
voanews.com Explosion on Highway Kills 2 Soldiers in Southeast Turkey 03/15
reuters.com Two Turkish soldiers killed in southeast after Kurdish militants detonate mine: DHA 03/15
dnaindia.com Two Turkish soldiers killed in southeast after Kurdish militants detonate mine - DHA 03/15
sputniknews.com Kurdistan Worker’s Party Establishes Military Base Near Iraq’s Refugee Camp 03/15
globalsecurity.org Clashes Between Rival Iraqi Kurds Fuel Fears of Proxy War 03/14
aina.org Five Kurdish Militants Killed Fighting ISIS in Northern Syria 03/14
today.az Turkish PM warns Europe against meddling in affairs 03/12
sputniknews.com Turkey Eliminates Four PKK Militants in Country's Southeast 03/11
zeenews.india.com Turkish military says 71 Kurdish militants killed in Syria in last week 03/10
bbc.co.uk Turkey-PKK conflict 'has killed 2,000' since truce collapsed - UN 03/10
rt.com Germany bans over 30 Kurdish symbols, incl. flag of US-backed Syrian militia fighting ISIS – report 03/10
reuters.com Turkey seeks to build Syrian military cooperation with Russia 03/10
aina.org UN Accuses Turkey of 'Serious' Abuses in Kurdish Region 03/10
dw.com UN report: Turkey guilty of 'serious' abuses in Kurdish region 03/10
sputniknews.com Turkish Forces Eliminated 90 PKK, PYD Militants in Turkey, Syria Over 7 Days 03/10
sputniknews.com Turkey Eliminates 19 PKK Militants Including Senior Commander 03/09
huffingtonpost.com Turkey Wants Trump To Change Obama's Policies On Syria And A Failed 2016 Coup 03/09
reuters.com Syria says Turkey shelled its forces, causing deaths 03/09
today.az Turkey neutralizes 19 terrorists in its south-eastern provinces 03/09
globalsecurity.org Turkey warns US on Raqqah push with Kurdish help 03/09
rt.com Turkey ‘significantly’ stepping up spying in Germany – Berlin 03/08
today.az Turkey: 10 PKK terrorists killed in anti-terror ops 03/08
telegraph.co.uk Trump administration considers deploying up to 1,000 'reserve' troops for Islamic State fight 03/08
sputniknews.com Turkey Detains US Consulate Employee Over Alleged Links to PKK for 2nd Time 03/07
globalsecurity.org Armed Forces Chiefs Meet in Turkey Over Syrian Kurdish Tensions 03/07
reuters.com Syrian government forces take over positions from U.S.-backed militia in northern Syria: militia spokesman 03/06
cpj.org Blog: Turkey Crackdown Chronicle: Week of March 5 03/06
aina.org Massive Security Operation Launched in Turkey's South-east 03/06
aina.org UN Says 66,000 Displaced in 5 Months in North Syria Fighting 03/05
rt.com Erdogan slams German towns for ‘aiding and abetting terror’ after Turkish rallies axed 03/04
stripes.com Turkey’s Erdogan says arrested journalist is ‘German spy’ 03/04
hosted.ap.org Turkey's Erdogan says arrested journalist is 'German spy' 03/03
dw.com Erdogan says Yucel was a PKK plant with German support 03/03
aina.org Iraqi Kurds, PKK Fight Proxy Battle in North Iraq 03/03
aina.org Yazidis Flee Fighting Between Rival Kurdish Factions 03/03
dw.com Erdogan says Yucel was a PKK plant with German support 03/03
reuters.com Erdogan says German journalist held in Turkey was agent and PKK member 03/03
aina.org Yezidis Call on Kurdish Parties to Fight ISIS, Not Each Other 03/03
aina.org Turkey Asks US to Force Kurd Fighters to Quit Syrian Town 03/03
globalsecurity.org Turkey-backed Kurds clash with PKK branch in N Iraq 03/03
today.az 'Turkey will hit PKK/PYD in Manbij unless it retreats' 03/03
aljazeera.com Rival Kurdish groups clash in Iraq's Sinjar region 03/03
reuters.com Intra-Kurdish clashes break out in Iraq's Sinjar region: security sources 03/03
dnaindia.com US-allied militia agrees to hand villages to Syrian govt 03/02
stripes.com Turkey asks US to force Kurd fighters to quit Syrian town 03/02
globalsecurity.org Turkey tells Kurds to leave Syria's Manbij or face attack 03/02
reuters.com Turkey, Syrian rebels attack U.S.-backed militia : militia official 03/01
sputniknews.com Turkish Forces Destroy 16 PKK Targets in Northern Iraq 03/01


Kurdistan is a term used to describe areas traditionally inhabited by members of the Kurdish ethnic group in eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, and northern Syria. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), now known as the People's Congress of Kurdistan or Kongra-Gel (KGK) was formed on November 27, 1978, with the stated goals of claiming rights for the Kurdish minority and independence from Turkey. The group began an armed insurgency in 1984. It is considered a terrorist organization by the US Department of State.

In 1999, when its leader Abdullah Ocalan was captured, the PKK said it would proceed with peaceful tactics. In 2004, the group declared an end to the ceasefire.

Recently, Iran has been conducting military operations against the Iranian wing of the PKK, the PJAK. Syria, however, has been accused of harboring and supporting PKK members, which may be linked to deteriorated relations between the two countries following Turkey's criticism of Syria's response to internal dissent.