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Recent articles: Nepal: Madhesi leaders likely join new government 07/30 Communist Party chair Dahal to urge Oli's UML to join new government in making 07/28 Federal Alliance hints at joining new govt in Nepal 07/28 Maoist to make bid to bring all parties on board to form govt 07/27 Nepal will decide what's best for it: Prachanda 07/26 PM Nepal resigns, China says hopes for stability 07/26 Nepali president seeks consensus candidate for new PM 07/25 Nepal likely to form consensus government within seven days of Oli resigning 07/25 India Hopes Nepal PM Resignation Will Pave Way for Warmer Ties 07/25 Nepal PM appears set to lose no-confidence vote as allies depart 07/24 Nepal prime minister resigns ahead of no-confidence vote 07/24 Nepal Prime Minister Oli resigns ahead of no-trust motion 07/24 Nepal’s prime minister ‘forced to resign’ after losing majority support 07/24 Nepal's Oli resigns as prime minister 07/24 Nepal's prime minister resigns after losing majority support 07/24 Nepal's prime minister resigns just before no confidence vote 07/24 Nepal PM KP Oli resigns, says 'am being punished' 07/24 Nepali PM likely to lose no-confidence vote after former rebel Maoists abandon coalition 07/24 Nepali PM KP Sharma Oli appears likely to lose no-confidence vote 07/24 Nepal PM Oli to resign, may not face trust vote 07/24 Nepal PM KP Oli appears set to lose no-confidence vote as allies depart 07/24 Nepal: PM KP Sharma Oli appears set to lose no-confidence vote as allies depart 07/24 CPN (Maoist Centre) chairman Prachanda all set to become new Nepal PM 07/24 Nepal’s Oli resigns as prime minister 07/24 Oli’s fall is good news for India 07/24 Nepal's Prime Minister Resigns, Triggering Political and Economic Uncertainty 07/24 After Oli Steps Down, Prachanda Set to Return as Nepal PM 07/24 Nepal exit, Delhi hope 07/24 Shuffling the deckchairs? 07/19 Nepal in limbo as rival camps speed up legal consultations 07/17 Nepal Madhesis not to join new govt, will back new coalition 07/17 Nepal: Riding on 'constitutional complexities', PM Oli will face floor test, refuses to resign 07/15 Nepal's PM KP Sharma Oli refuses to resign, will face floor test 07/15 No good neighbourly relations at cost of national security:Oli 07/14 Embattled Nepali PM expected to face no-confidence motion 07/13 No-confidence motion filed against Nepal prime minister 07/13 No-confidence motion tabled against Nepal PM Oli 07/13 Nepal: Prime Minister KP Oli refuses to budge after Maoists pull support 07/13 Embattled Nepali PM KP Sharma Oli expected to face no-confidence motion 07/13 Key coalition partner withdraws support for Nepal government 07/12 Nepal govt in crisis as Maoists withdraw support 07/12 Maoists trigger fresh Nepal crisis with bid for new government 07/12 Maoists pull out of KP Oli-led coalition government in Nepal 07/12 Nepal govt in crisis as Maoist party withdraws support 07/12 Embattled Nepal PM Refuses to Budge After Maoists Pull Support 07/12 NEPAL: State silence on Ganga Maya Adhikari screams murder 07/09 Nepal set to start probe into civil war crimes 06/24 Fearing arrest, Prachanda cancels Australia visit 06/24 Maoist rebels in Nepal hope justice will be served 10 years after end of civil war 06/24 Former Nepal PM and Maoist leader launches new party 06/12 Hardline Maoists torch five towers of telecom company in Nepal 06/11 Nepal police arrest scores of Maoist splinter group members over nationwide strike 06/09 Strike shuts down schools, markets and transport in Nepal 06/08 Nepal's ex-King, PM may face probe for their role in civil war 06/06 Nepal PM Oli says ready to quit if it benefits nation 06/02 Rescue revives fear of kidnap gangs 05/29 Samajwadi Party a `one family party` sans ideology: BJP MP 05/18 Rights groups slam Nepal deal on war crimes amnesty 05/13 Rights groups slam Nepal’s deal with Maoist rebels to withdraw civil war cases and offer amnesty 05/13 The crisis in Nepal 05/10 Nepal crisis averted as Maoists remain in coalition 05/05 Nepal's Oli govt survives after Maoists take U-turn 05/05 Maoists Prompt Nepal Crisis by Announcing Plans for New Government 05/04 Isolated Nepal PM not ready to go after Maoists call for change 05/04 What became of 1,400 people who disappeared in Nepal? 04/27 The Role of Ex-Rebel Parties in Building Peace 04/15 Is Nepal Still Unsafe Because of Maoists? 04/08 Nepal risks fresh turmoil over flawed constitution – ICG 04/05 Nepal risks fresh turmoil over flawed constitution – ICG 04/04 Nepal hopes PM Oli's China trip can boost bilateral ties 03/21 Prachanda: Nepal's era of change after 'People's War' 02/21 Nepal Maoists mark 20th anniversary of the start of the civil war 02/13 No peace for Nepal’s ex-child soldiers, 20 years after war 02/12 Nepal's former PM Koirala dies at 77 02/09 Sushil Koirala, former Nepalese prime minister, dies aged 76 02/09 Nepal's major three party leaders meet Madhesi leaders 02/01 Nepal's former prime minister Baburam Bhattarai forms new political party 01/25 14 Indian schools in Nepal threatened with closure for following CBSE courses 01/08 Q&A: Nepal's Maoists and forgotten promises 01/08 Nepal's major parties form task force to end crisis 01/05 India using ``underground outfits`` to bully Nepal: Prachanda 01/05 Nepal parties, Madhesis meet to end crisis 01/03 Talks between Madhesis, Nepal government end inconclusively 12/05 Indian tourist bus torched in Nepal 11/30 40 held in Nepal for trying to enforce strike against 'India's blockade' 11/29 40 held for enforcing strike agst 'India's blockade' in Nepal 11/29 Indian news channels 'switched off' in Nepal by protestors 11/29 Nepal Maoists burn Indian embassy vehicle, officials say accident 11/28 Nepalese parties agree to advance Constitution amendment bill to accomodate Madhesi's demands 11/23 Nepalese outfits fuel anti-India sentiments as Kathmandu moves closer to Beijing 11/13 Nepal can resolve issues, no need of India's concern: Maoists 11/08 Blog: India needs its neighbourhood policy back 11/08 Nepal deputy PM accuses India of trying to annex Terai 11/07 Nepal deputy PM CP Mainali accuses India of trying to annex Terai 11/07 Nepal PM expands Cabinet, appoints three new deputies 11/05 Nepal’s Contested Constitution Deepens Crisis at Home and With India 11/04 Prachanda-led Maoist party in Nepal facing another split 11/03 Nepal may get an AAP as Maoists split again 11/03 Voting begins to elect president in Nepal 10/28 Bidhya Bhandari elected Nepal's first female president 10/28