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resolve crisis through dialogue 01/27 Nepal's polarised leaders chit-chat at India's R-Day function 01/26 Nepal's ruling parties request opposition for talks 01/26 Nepal to vote on Constitution, opposition calls for protests 01/25 Nepal lawmakers to vote on charter despite opposition fury 01/25 Nepal’s Constitutional Standoff Threatens Its Transition 01/25 Nepal plunges into turmoil as politicians scuffle over constitution 01/23 Civil unrest set to continue as Nepal fails to agree on constitution 01/23 Nepal constitution logjam remains, lawmakers intensify stir 01/23 Nepal fails to meet constitution deadline amid protests 01/23 Politicians scuffle over constitution as Nepal plunges into turmoil 01/23 Nepal parliament chaos as constitution deadline passes : January 23, 2015, 11:13 pm 01/23 REFILE-Nepal plunges into turmoil as politicians scuffle over constitution 01/22 Chaos in Nepal Parl as deadline for new constitution nears 01/22 Nepal Parliament adjourned as deadline ends for new Constitution 01/22 NEPAL-2NDLD CONSTITUTION 2 L 01/22 Nepal Parl adjourned as deadline ends for new Constitution 01/22 Lawmakers in Nepal Fail to Agree on New Constitution 01/22 Final push for Nepal constitution as deadline looms 01/22 Nepal's long wait for a constitution 01/21 Parliament scuffle scuppers Nepali constitution hopes 01/21 Maoists apologise for Constituent Assembly brawl in Nepal 01/21 Nepal MPs brawl as anger over constitution boils over 01/20 Brawl in Nepal parliament as clock ticks on new constitution 01/20 Nepal violence over new constitution 01/20 Video: Mass brawl breaks out in Nepal's parliament as MPs clash over new constitution 01/20 Nepal lawmakers clash over new constitution 01/20 Nepal to miss constitution deadline amid continuing confusion 01/20 Constitutional punch-up in Nepal parliament 01/20 Watch: Fighting breaks out in Nepal parliament in constitution row 01/20 Nepal Maoist leader regrets Constituent Assembly chaos 01/20 India expects Nepals leaders to 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12/09 No Nepal constitution without consensus, says Prachanda 12/06 Nepal Maoist breakaway calls for 'people's retaliation' 12/02 Nepal starts power sharing talks amid constitution deadlock 12/01 Maoist Rebels Kill 13 Indian Paramilitary Troops 12/01 Basil Fernando - A life dedicated to human rights 11/28 Maoists arms making unit busted in Bihar 11/27 Nepal media critical of Modi 11/26 PM Narendra Modi calls for drafting of Nepal's Constitution by early next year 11/25 India, Nepal ink nine deals; Modi inaugurates trauma centre, bus service 11/25 India-Nepal ties have strengthened since my last visit: PM Modi 11/25 PM Modi Pushes Nepal to Frame Constitution Early 11/25 PM Modi calls for timely drafting of Nepal constitution 11/25 PM-LD NEPAL 2 LAST 11/25 India, Nepal ink nine deals; Modi inaugurates trauma centre, bus service (Roundup) 11/24 Nepal Maoist party splits 11/23 PM Modi`s visit to Janakpur cancelled after protests by opposition parties in Nepal 11/20 Nepal parties reject joint proposal on drafting Constitution 11/19 Nepal's constitution drafting process gets stalled 11/19 Modi's visit to Janakpur in Nepal axed 11/19 Nepal's constitution drafting process gets stalled 11/18