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Part two 05/26 One month after quake, Nepal struggles to overcome trauma 05/24 Maoists call Bihar-Jharkhand bandh from Monday 05/24 Kerala to appeal against HC verdict on Maoists 05/23 Person can’t be taken into custody just because he is a Maoist Kerala HC rules 05/22 Fragile in Every Sense of the Word – Nepal’s Political Crisis 05/18 TN cops refuse to produce Maoist leader before court 05/18 Nepal quake may bring parties closer to form government 05/17 Woman Maoist commander killed on Jharkhand-Bihar border 05/17 No more police custody of five Maoists arrested in Coimbatore rules Madras HC 05/14 As Modi reaches out to children in Maoist heartland spotlight on govt-run schools of hope 05/10 Maoist guerillas take 250 villagers hostage in India 05/09 After quake, Nepal parties mull national government 05/08 Maoists call for boycott of PMs visit to Chhattisgarh 05/08 CoBRA jawan injured in Jharkhand Maoist encounter 05/06 Maoists to protest PM Modis visit to Chhattisgarh 05/05 Top Maoist 4 other cadres held in Coimbatore 05/04 Quake devastation 'can help Nepal's Maoists stage a comeback' 05/04 Nepal parties agree to allow all to distribute relief supplies 05/03 Political parties should come together after quake: Prachanda 05/02 Nepalese Army gets image boost from quake relief work 04/30 Nepalese army gets image boost from quake relief work 04/29 Nepal earthquake: How India and China vie for influence 04/28 Quake also devastates impoverished Nepal’s economy 04/27 Poverty, terrain will make rebuilding of Nepal more difficult 04/27 The pedal-powered Allo leaf industry of Nepal's foothills 04/25 Maoist call Bihar-Jharkhand bandh on Saturday 04/23 Mastermind convicted in 2009 murder of Nepali journalist Uma Singh 04/23 35 Maoists killed 15 injured in April 11 attack in Chhattisgarh Surrendered Maoist claims 04/21 Maoists launch tactical counter-offensive in Jharkhand 04/18 Dont use Army against Maoists says VK Singh 04/14 BSF head constable killed in Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh 04/13