Venezuela - protests

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Recent articles: Maduro Offers to Discuss Venezuelan Future in Organization of American States 03/29 A neighborly rebuke to a wayward Venezuela 03/29 OAS Prods Venezuela Toward Dialogue, Easing Suspension Threat 03/29 Regional governments urge solutions to Venezuela's crisis 03/28 US Wants Venezuela's Cooperation, Not Its Suspension From OAS 03/28 US not seeking immediate suspension of Venezuela from regional bloc - US official 03/28 Venezuela pushes back against OAS suspension warnings 03/27 Venezuela pushes back against OAS suspension warnings 03/27 Caracas Demands Suspension of OAS Session on Venezuelan Crisis Situation 03/27 Venezuela Seeks to Stymie OAS Meeting, Vows ‘Severe' Response 03/27 Venezuela to begin assemblying Hyundai Cars in 2018 03/26 Venezuela’s hospitals face crisis as meds run low 03/26 Venezuela pleads to UN for help as medicine supplies dry up 03/25 Venezuela's Maduro asks U.N. to help ease medicine shortages 03/25 Venezuela’s President Asks UN for Help With Medical Supplies 03/25 Venezuela has severe medicine shortage 03/25 Colombia official says Venezuela raid may be tied to crisis 03/24 U.S., 13 Other Nations Demand Venezuela Hold Elections, Free Political Prisoners 03/24 Colombia official says Venezuela raid may be tied to crisis 03/24 Canada joins 13 nations calling on Venezuela to release political prisoners and return to democracy 03/24 Venezuela asks the UN to help boost supply of medicines 03/24 Venezuela seeks UN help in boosting medicine supplies 03/24 Maduro's awkward TV shows raise hackles amid Venezuela crisis 03/23 Colombia accuses Venezuela of incursion in border row 03/23 Angry Colombia says Venezuela sent troops into its territory 03/23 Venezuela to withdraw troops after Colombia border crossing 03/23 Nations urge Venezuela on elections; diplomacy still favoured tool 03/23 Nations urge Venezuela on elections, warn of diplomatic 'last resort' 03/23 Motorists line up for scarce petrol in oil-rich Venezuela 03/22 Venezuelans line up for gasoline as OPEC nation's oil industry struggles 03/22 In Time of Crisis, Venezuelans Help the Hungry 03/22 Crisis-hit Venezuela halts publication of another major indicator 03/21 Relatives of Venezuelan Political Prisoners Beg OAS for Help 03/20 Trump Expresses Concern Over Venezuela's Crisis in Talks With Chilean President 03/19 'Bread war': Venezuela arrests brownie and croissant bakers in effort to tackle food shortages  03/17 Venezuelan Authorities Prolong Economic Emergency for 6th Time 03/16 Venezuela arrests brownie and croissant bakers in "bread war" 03/16 Venezuela’s Parliament Passes Humanitarian Crisis Resolution – Parliament Head 03/15 OAS head urges bloc suspend Venezuela over elections 03/14 Venezuelans top list of U.S. asylum seekers as thousands flee 03/14 Women in Conflict Panel at American University 03/08 Is populism really retreating in Latin America? 03/04 Film 'La Soledad' Is a Window Into Venezuela's Devastation 03/03 Venezuela's foreign reserves tank to $10.5 billion, official report shows 03/02 Venezuela's foreign reserves, mostly in gold, down to $10.5B 03/02 Options for U.S. Policy in Venezuela 03/02 US Senate adopts resolution on crisis in Venezuela 02/28 AP Analysis: Why Venezuelans have lost hope life will change 02/23 Venezuela protests over skier's expulsion from France 02/23 Venezuela's Crisis, Measured By Drastic Weight Loss 02/23 Venezuelan food crisis reflected in weight loss 02/21 Study: Venezuelans lost 19 lbs. on average over past year due to lack of food 02/20 Venezuela: 75% of population lost 19 pounds amid crisis 02/19 Backed by Trump Venezuelans march to demand release of Lopez 02/18 Venezuelans to protest for opposition leader's release 02/17 Venezuela's top court upholds opposition leader's 14-year prison sentence 02/17 Venezuela Supreme Court upholds sentence for opposition leader 02/16 Venezuelan court upholds sentence against opposition leader 02/16 Leopoldo Lopez: Venezuela court upholds 14-year prison sentence 02/16 Venezuelans mostly apathetic after drug trafficking allegations against VP 02/15 Venezuelan vice president in hot water over drug trafficking allegations 02/15 Trump calls for 'immediate' release of Venezuela's political prisoner Leopoldo Lopez 02/15 Pope willing to meet sides in Venezuela crisis: envoy 02/14 Venezuela now leads US asylum requests as crisis deepens 02/12 Donald Trump's state visit to UK may be moved from London to Brexit heartland amid security concerns 02/11 Venezuelan girl's diphtheria death highlights country's health crisis 02/10 Venezuelans killing flamingos and anteaters to stave off hunger amid mounting food crisis 02/10 Venezuela falls behind on oil-for-loan deals with China, Russia 02/09 Congressional Group Urges Visa Ban for Venezuelan Officials 02/08 Venezuela, Russia cement ties during high-profile Moscow meetings 02/06 Moscow Warns Against 'Destructive External Interference' in Venezuelan Affairs 02/04 Peru to Give Visas to Thousands of Crisis-weary Venezuelans 02/03 Israel to allow Venezuelan converts to immigrate 01/31 Venezuela demands apology over Colombia VP's 'xenophobic' remarks 01/27 Venezuela opposition promises renewed street movement 01/26 For Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, A Second Life On The Small Screen 01/24 Venezuela's Economic Woes Will Deepen, IMF Predicts 01/24 Venezuelan parliament leader rejects negotiations with Maduro 01/24 For Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, A Second Life On The Small Screen 01/24 Venezuela's Opposition Revives Push to End Maduro's Rule 01/23 Why has Venezuela's opposition struggled to spark change? 01/20 Venezuela Faces Uncertain Future As ‘Failing State’ Enters Second Year Of Economic Crisis 01/17 Venezuela debuts new banknotes amid soaring inflation 01/16 Venezuela releases new banknotes in bid to ease cash crisis 01/16 Venezuela: Opposition attacks Maduro over Supreme Court address 01/15 Rex Tillerson Has A Long, Troubled History With Venezuela 01/15 100-bolivar notes get extension as Venezuela crisis continues 01/15 Venezuela holds military exercises as US extends 'national emergency' order 01/14 Venezuela's Maduro oversees military drill to guard 'socialist fatherland' 01/14 Venezuela Arrests Anti-Maduro Politicians in Sweep 01/12 Venezuela opposition rules further crisis talks with government 01/12 Venezuelan opposition demands Maduro comply with previous agreements 01/11 With New Vice President, Venezuela’s Crisis Takes a Troubling Turn 01/11 Venezuela's opposition tries again to unseat Maduro 01/10 Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro threatens opposition over 'coup' attempt 01/10 Venezuela's opposition passes anti-Maduro motion 01/10 Nicolas Maduro critic: Venezuela wage increase a 'scam' 01/09 Venezuela hikes minimum wage 50% 01/09 Venzuelan government raises minimum wage by 50 percent 01/09 Venezuela Congress says Maduro 'abandoned post'; Congress called 'disobedient' 01/09