Yemen - rebellion

Rebellion against President Saleh's rule. See summary

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President Saleh has ruled Yemen since 1978, presiding over the unification of North and South Yemen in 1990, a civil war in 1994, and ongoing fighting with the Houthi tribe. In 2011, popular sentiment began to demand his ouster. Troops fired on protesters, killing many. In May 2011, the Hashid tribe, from which Saleh himself comes, switched to opposing his rule as well.

On June 3rd Saleh was wounded in a bombing and was taken to Saudi Arabia for hospitalization. On July 7th a prerecorded message aired on T.V., where Saleh announced he would not step down. Saleh turned down several proposals and now the opposition says it is too late and demands he relinquish power immediately with no conditions. He has recently tried accepting propositions granting him a time frame and immunity for his family.

Secretary of State, Clinton, stated that his rule cannot be maintained through this conflict, though the U.S. once supported the president as an ally in a key territory of al Qaida action. Oil revenues in Yemen continue to decrease, diminishing the central government’s resources and lessening its reach over the country. Yemen continues to fall into economic ruin.